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Tr a n s fo r m in g L i ves

Carecall is a 24 hour telemonitoring service for older and vulnerable people in the Stockport area. It can be used for customers who may have a medical condition, such as epilepsy or diabetes or used Friendly staff to support independence, security and peace of mind. Emergencies are responded to within minutes by arranging help from a nominated friend, your doctor, emergency services or from fully trained, friendly mobile wardens. The Carecall service has also been endorsed by Greater Manchester Police as an early alert to bogus callers. Technology has progressed considerably and we are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a variety of sensors tailored to individual need so that an enhanced level of service can be provided: Smoke detectors – that alert our Telemonitoring Centre when smoke is detected. This sensor is either ‘reactive’ because it is triggered when something happens like a home fire or ‘preventative’ if someone is becoming forgetful when cooking.

Smoke detectors

Call Carecall on freephone 0500 130 585

Fall detector – a sensor worn around the waist which indicates when someone has fallen. Flood detectors – a sensor fitted in either the kitchen or bathroom to detect overflow of water.

Flood detectors

Wandering client sensors – infra red door sensors are fitted to door exits to alert the Telemonitoring Centre when the client is leaving the property. Key safes – we now provide and fit Supra key safes which: • provide reliable access for carers, home helps, nurses, paramedics and the emergency services; • works hand in hand with Carecall services to allow access when the alarm is activated; • prevents forced entry which may cause further expense for a new door; and • functions during power cuts. All the above sensors will automatically alert staff who will respond appropriately. Any combination of sensors can be fitted in order to tailor individual needs.

Key safes

Call Carecall on freephone 0500 130 585

What equipment is required? Carecall’s unit is simply connected to a standard BT socket and power point in your home. The unit has an inbuilt microphone and a powerful loud speaker enables you to be heard at a distance.

Easy to use

Is it easy to use? Once the equipment is installed within your home, you will be taken through the instructions until you fully understand how it works. You will be given a pendant to wear around your neck. By pressing the alarm button on the unit or the pendant, your personal code is instantly recognised by the Telemonitoring Centre’s computer and a two way speech link is set up with the Centre.

Carecall staff are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide help and advice should you need it.

24 hour support

Call Carecall on freephone 0500 130 585

How much does it cost? One off installation charge


Key safe


Unit, pendant, monitoring and response

£5.19* per week

Unit, pendant, monitoring, response and up to three sensors

£8.18* per week

Unit, pendant, monitoring, response and up to six sensors

£9.89* per week

* Subject to inflation.

All prices correct at time of printing - March 2012.

How do I apply for the Carecall service? Contact our Telemonitoring Centre by: Freephone:

0500 130 585


Write to:

Carecall, Unit 9 Southside, Bredbury Industrial Estate, Stockport SK6 2SP

Call Carecall on freephone 0500 130 585

Customer feedback

“ As a carer for my disabled father the Carecall service is invaluable, staff are friendly and efficient.

“ A fantastic service. I was able to return to work knowing help for my husband was at the touch of a button.

“ Please thank the call handler for reassuring my aunt, liaising with the carers and keeping her informed... much appreciated.

“ Very grateful for the assistance provided.

This leaflet gives you information about our Carecall service. If you would like a copy in large print, Braille, on audiotape or CD, please contact the Social Inclusion Team on 0161 474 2860 or email

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861/March 2012

Call Carecall on freephone 0500 130 585

Carecall leaflet 2012  
Carecall leaflet 2012  

A leaflet describing the service offered by carecall.