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Anti-Social Behaviour

Race / hate incidents A guide to dealing with harrassment

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ASB will be tackled not tolerated

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with the Social Landlords Crime and Nuisance Group

Accessing our services This leaflet gives you information about Anti-Social Behaviour. If you would like a copy in large print, Braille, on audiotape or CD, please contact the Social Inclusion Team on 0161 474 2860, email: inclusion@stockporthomes. org, text: 07891 949 399 or fax: 0161 474 2869.


Anti-Social Behaviour - A guide to dealing with harassment

What is a hate incident? Stockport Homes defines a race / hate related incident as:


any type of behaviour or action that is carried out against another person on the grounds of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, social class or age. All reports of racial harassment and hate related behaviour received by Stockport Homes are sensitively investigated. Stockport Homes treat all racist or other hate incidents very seriously and will take prompt and effective action wherever possible. Stockport Homes has a separate but complimentary policy and procedure for dealing with such incidents.


Anti-Social Behaviour - A guide to dealing with harassment


Our approach Stockport Homes is committed to ensuring that good tenancy relations are maintained on all of its estates. It is also committed to ensuring that customers and leaseholders enjoy their right to peace, quiet and security in their own homes. Stockport Homes will take positive action in conjunction with its partners where appropriate to deal with disruptive tenants and any other persons causing nuisance or harassment on its estates or on any of its dwellings.

Tell us about it There is no need to suffer in silence or to be subjected to this type of behaviour in your community / home. Stockport Homes encourages you to report this to the police via: • telephoning Greater Manchester Police on  0161 872 5050; • reporting it online via Greater Manchester Police website ; or • telephoning Dennis Bishop, Race Relations Officer on  0161 856 9662.


Anti-Social Behaviour - A guide to dealing with harassment

Tell us about it Stockport Homes have a dedicated and specialist Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Team to deal with your complaint. You can contact the team on  0161 218 1498. Your complaint will be treated in the strictest of confidence. No action will be taken without your consent.

What will happen? One of Stockport Homes’ dedicated ASB Officers will contact you within 24 hours and arrange to meet with you to agree an action plan which may include a range of solutions. These may include involving Stockport Homes’ specialist Witness Support Team, additional security measures, referrals to other support areas and legal action taken against perpetrators where appropriate. In extreme circumstances Stockport Homes may consider temporary accommodation to protect you and your family. Stockport Homes believes that the health and wellbeing of your family is our responsibility. Each customer of Stockport Homes has the right to a quiet enjoyment of his / her home. This right will be respected and protected. Anti-Social Behaviour - A guide to dealing with harassment


Legal action If the incident/s are appropriate for legal action and only if you are willing to support action, Stockport Homes can apply to the courts for one or all of the following: • An Injunction - A legal order for people aged 18 years or more which prevents the perpetrator from participating in certain acts. It prohibits them from causing you or your family distress. • An Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) - This is usually used in younger perpetrators but can be used for anyone aged 10 years or older. It prevents them from acting in an anti social manner or from causing you harassment, alarm or distress. • A Possession Order - This will involve Stockport Homes taking back possession of a property with a court order. This can only happen if the perpetrator is a Stockport Homes tenant. The judge must assess the evidence presented and decide whether it is reasonable for the perpertrator to continue to occupy the premises. Stockport Homes has an overall policy for how it will deal with ASB and a summary is available on request.


Anti-Social Behaviour - A guide to dealing with harassment

CASE STUDY Positive Action Stockport Homes is committed to tackling hate crime. Detailed below is an example of the positive action Stockport Homes can take when hate crime is reported. In August 2009 Stockport Homes received a complaint from a customer in Adswood. They alleged that they had been the victims of hate incidents, including hate crime, since 2008. They had been too afraid of repercussions to report this. It was only once the family fled the property they informed Stockport Homes of the situation. A full investigation was launched and the ASB Team and Witness Support Officer supported the customer application for an interim ASBO on the youth concerned.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Team We also secured an injuction with the power of arrest attached against his Grandfather who was part of the ASB. Stockport Homes recognises that all residents have the right to the peaceful enjoyment of their home. Equally every resident has a responsibility not to interfere with their neighbours right to the peaceful enjoyment of their home. We are committed to ensuring that residents are able to enjoy peace, quiet and security in and around their homes, and will take any action necessary to deal with problems of ASB.

Anti-Social Behaviour - A guide to dealing with harassment


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Ref: 784/February 2011

ASB - A guide to dealing with harassment  

ASB will be tackled not tolerated. Race hate incidents