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Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelidsurgery is growing in popularity in Asian countries as well as in North America. Fifty per cent of the Asian population has no crease in their eyelid. Unlike Caucasian eyelid surgery patients, most Asian eyelid patients are young women and a growing number of Asian men that are seeking out surgery that will give them a double eyelid, or divide the lid into two areas .

Double eyelid, or a creased eyelid A double eyelid, or a creased eyelid, is sought after by patients that find that their crease is not sufficient or asymmetrical.

Creating a crease in an Asian eyelid is done in either of two ways. It is done either with an incision, or by the placement of sutures without an incision. Suture blepharoplasty is done by passing certain sutures in the eyelid with only local sedation.

bladeless blepharoplasty You and Dr. Myint may decide that a bladeless blepharoplasty may be more appropriate. This newly formed eyelid crease is created by using a laser to make the incision.

The procedure usually takes an hour and the sutures are removed a week later. You are able to go back to a normal routine in a week.

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Asian eyelid surgery  

Asian eyelid surgery, also known as “double eyelid surgery”, is a type of cosmetic surgery where the skin around the eye is reshaped (blepha...

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