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Birthday Greetings

Answer She is standing on 4 “pods” used for: 

Stacking training in preparation for conformation dog shows

Advanced canine balance training and core strengthening

5” diameter balance pods, perfect for all sizes of dog paws

Can be used with the flat side down (less challenging) or the dome-side down (more challenging)

Sensory bumps on dome side for neural stimulation and grip capability

February 23, 2001 Duke

ShoGun’s Rockin in Rhythm

Henry ShoGun’s Facinating Rhythm March 15, 2002 Libby

ShoGun’s Dawns Early Light


ShoGun’s Proudly We Hail March 25, 2004

Maggie T ShoGun’s Gloria Hallelujah Oliver

ShoGun’s No Guts No Gloria


ShoGun’s Blaze of Glory Quigley

If you are interested, these are available from The Wizard of Paws owned by Sharon Gross Saunders, a Clumber owner. Her web site may be found at:

What Is Charlotte Doing? Charlotte is ShoGun's Count Your Blessings owned by Chris Saint.


her weight,is now parasite free, and is now an indoor cat. And the amazing thing is she adores Henry and Wilson. And they adore her. Who'd have thought it? She purrs and rubs up and down their legs, curls up with them, and tolerates being licked all over and poked at. Here are some pictures of the crew together r/peaches I don't have too many with Henry Clumber because he is such a whirling dervish it’s hard to get him to sit still for a picture, and when I sneak off to get the camera he moves (and I don't leave my camera sitting around for fear it will get broken). And amazingly enough this new found cat harmony is transfering to our other two indoor cats. So Henry and Wilson are learning to be cat lovers in their senior years :) I guess it just took the right kitty to convince them.”

Henry And Wilson Update Henry is Shogun’s Facinating Rhythm and Wilson is his 11 year old Sussex buddy. Last year they went to live with Paula Chmura, her cats and birds in Pensacola, FL. Here is the latest from Paula from her own pen. You may have seen this previously on a chat list.

“When Henry and Wilson came here to Florida they wanted to eat our two cats. I have been working dilligently with them and they have gotten somewhat better as long as the kitties don't run - then all bets are off. We have just made peace in the house by cordoning off certain rooms with baby gates that the cats can hang out in, and then locking the dogs in my room at night so the cats can roam at will. It works pretty well. Well, fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when our neighbor’s cat showed up on our doorstep a walking skeleton. We started feeding her because we felt so sorry for her. The neighbors were being forclosed on and we spoke to them and they gave us the cat (Peaches). Long story short, we vetted her out, she has doubled


the second time out for Keely and the first for Sarah. This video was made from clips supplied courtesy of Joanna. Thanks, for taking them, John.

Clumbers Do It All I know you’ve heard that before, but usually it means Conformation, Hunting, Tracking, Agility or Obedience. Well Emmet, ShoGun’s Im It N Thats That, is adding another venue to his bag of tricks, UKC Weight Pulling. Here he is in a training session. His owner Gabe Marquart says it may take a while but Emmet will be a real challenger someday. Be sure to check the printing on the harness.

Our Latest Addition Introducing our latest ShoGun dog; Stella, ShoGun’s Stella D’oro, which means “star of gold”. Stella was born 1/31/11 to Millie, CH ShoGun's Thurly Modern Millie, owned by Keely Doyle and sired by Buddy, CH ShoGun's Double Your Fun, owned by Chris and Tracy Lundergan.

YouTube Video In case you haven’t seen it yet, you can see a video of Keely, ShoGun's Cherokee Lady Feather of Snow, owned by John and Joanna Lee and Sarah, ShoGun's Pistol Packin' Palin, owned by the one and only Christie Janusiewicz at =Fv4S2dDtJGM . I believe this was


When to Treat Your Dog at Home and When to Call the Vet By: AKC Emergencies Emergencies for your dog can happen at any time. Some are minor, while others can be life threatening. In the November/December 2010 issue of American Kennel Club's AKC Family Dog contributor and veterinarian Jeff Grognet, DVM offers advice on what you can treat at home and when you should bring your dog to the veterinarian. Among them: Eyes: Any eye problem your dog has needs to be seen by a veterinarian. Most people can't tell if their dog has a scratch that will heal on its own, or glaucoma which will cause vision loss very quickly. Vomiting and diarrhea: Sudden, mild vomiting is common and can be treated at home, as long as the dog is not inactive and lethargic and the vomiting stops. Withhold food and water for 12 hours. Once the 12 hours have gone by, offer your dog water. If he can hold the water down for two hours, offer some bland food. Diarrhea can be treated at home by withholding only food. "Whenever vomiting or diarrhea continues, or the dog is depressed, or if the dog is under 16 weeks old or is a senior, it's time for a veterinary visit," says Dr. Grognet. "These dogs are fragile and a little dehydration can make them ill." Bloat: Bloat happens to a dog when the stomach begins swelling with air and rotating, which closes off the entrance and exit. Symptoms of bloat include drooling, trying to vomit, anxiety, pacing, and a swollen belly. This disease is very dangerous and needs immediate treatment from your veterinarian. Allergic reactions: Your dog might have an allergic reaction from insect bites or stings, food, or medications. What most commonly happens is the muzzle and eyelids will swell. While this is uncomfortable for your pooch, it is not dangerous. He may also develop hives on his body which are very


itchy, but also not dangerous. Consult your vet on how to keep your dog comfortable during an allergic reaction. In addition, the article offers a list of items dog owners should have on hand. Among them: g.

irritated skin, or rubbing at his eyes or ears. -style. Legal Disclaimer If your pet is showing any signs of distress or you suspect your pet is seriously ill, CONTACT YOUR VETERINARIAN immediately.

Name Tags for the National Specialty For those attending the 2011 National Specialty, we will be happy to supply you with a name badge. These will be 4� wide by 3� high supplied in clear plastic holders held on by a supplied clip or lanyard. The current plan is to have your first name/nickname in large letters in one color and your last name in a smaller font of another color. We also hope to have the Specialty logo included. These will be delivered to you in Orlando. If you desire a Name Tag, send us the name you wish shown on it to


Land of Dori, ShoGun's Nileea Swingin On A Star When Lyle and Susan Hall built their new home in Thompson, ND they didn’t forget their dogs. Here is a quote from Susan “We have a nice dog area/ Lyle's wood working shop that is attached to the house and we really enjoy it when the weather is cold and windy.” The following photos, supplied by the Halls, will give you some idea of what a great place they have. Note that, as one photo shows, work is still in progress.


Charlotte Group 2 in Puppy Match

Charlotte, ShoGun's Count Your Blessings posing after her puppy match Group 2 and her owner Chris Saint. Nice smile Chris. Thanks Lyle and Susan for providing such a nice environment for all your dogs and good luck in all your activities with them.

Concluding Note That’s all for this issue. Thanks to all who have contributed. We look forward to the next saga of Bing’s antics. Remember, we can only publish when we have material supplied by YOU. The more you give us, the more frequently we will publish.



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