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SCHOOL 2011, graduated from Aalbæk Skole Special in enviromentally friendly architecture 2014, graduated from Frederikshavn Gymnasium Physics, Math, English, Danish, History as top subjects

S Ø R E N HØJBJERRE Student Aarhus



B a ch e l o r 4 th H A B Unit




architecture Architecture

programme semester I O N 2/3D

D E S C R I B T I O N Architecture has been a part of my life since before I knew the term existed, but exploring different sides of my creativity has been iportant in order to make sure I made the right choice as to what I was going to spend my life on. The following describes my schooling into relevant employment.

January 2015 - June 2015 Rødding Højskole Design and Innovation as main subject September 1st 2017 - present Aarhus School of Architecture Habitation as main subject

RELEVANT EMPLOYMENT 2008 Internship with Tegnestuen, Skagen

While still in public school I recieved an offer to intern at an actual architecture firm. Here I got an early taste on what architecture is on a practical scale.

2015 Album-cover graphic designer for muscian Anders Graae In a competetion with my fellow student on Rødding Højskole, we each drew up three

suggestions for album covers for the muscian Anders Graae. From my three suggestions, two of them were choosen.

2017-present Board-membership as Economical Chairman in the Council of the Architecture Students In my time as board member I have been introduced to the political and social side of



Phone no. +45 22969814 Email

educating oneself on Aarhus School of Architecture. During the current board’s admi nistration the Council has recieved economical support from both the school and the Ministery of Education.


My resume


My resume