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23rd October 2013

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11 year old boy kicked his grandmother. Police was called to go to a house in the Palm Beach area were a 11 year old boy kicked his grandmother in her leg out of rage. Police has spoken to the boy to cool down and also to the parents to try and get him some help as this will only get worst if no one does anything about it.

Stolen I-Phone found via tracking system. Why people still steal smart phones is still a mystery to us knowing that the phone can be traced world wide, however police was called to intervene when a tourist via his i-pad tracked his stolen phone to a pickup in the area of Sero Blanco, when the owner of the pickup showed up he asked� what’s going on here� and the tourist that lost his phone remembered the owner of the pickup from the burger place he last saw his i-phone, nervously when the police asked if he was an owner of an i-phone he admitted that he does have one and he found it at the burger place on the floor. Police is busy with their investigation


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Another try to burn down a home failed A serious situation lifted it’s ugly head again when the authorities was called in the neighborhood of Esmeralda were unknown people once again tried to burn down a home, thankful for neighbors on the alert who interrupted the actions and called the authorities, police will follow up with this case.

(Public complain) if there is no importation tax of fruits & vegetables why is it getting more expensive day by day?

One of our readers sent us an e-mail with this question as he is trying to eat healthier but the prices and not cooperating with his wallet. The main question is who is controlling these prices? Are the supermarkets and fruit stands on a free for all? There is a known face that Arubians have started to take health more seriously, are these store owners taking advantage of this? 3

Shoco News

Is the tram helping sales downtown?

We walked and spoke to some store owners and the feed back was amazing, they are happy with the how downtown turned out, but are very disappointed with sales and the tram only makes certain stops, one store owner told us” we just see the money passing by” a solution could be for the tram drivers to make sure everyone comes off and inform them of a pick up back time or even the schedule so the customers can feel more relax to shop and not to feel like they would be left behind.

17 year old boy tried to out run police,but got caught! A 17 year old boy who the police stoped last week on a quartracer, was caught yesterday afternoon again breaking the rules, he tried to outrun the police,but was caught on a construction site hidding in a bobcat on this construction site, looks like it’s 2 strikes your out for this 17 year old boy .


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