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Official Media Guide


International te natio Conference Management, Inc


International te natio Conference Management, Inc

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The power of a huge marketing campaign in one magazine Stand out at the Expo when you advertise in the Official Show Magazine and Resource Guide. Let buyers know you will be in the show before they arrive, direct them to you during the show, and make sure they remember you after the event!

What’s Hot, What’s Not Check out the exhibitor list as well as check out our stage schedules....what more could you want.

Tips, Tricks, and Teasers Our list of up and coming seminars and speakers include some incredible talent and a chance for you to get hip with what’s hot.

International Conference Management


International te natio Conference Management, Inc

have questions?

If you have questions about designing your ad, ideas, concepts, or questions about purchasing space please call the IMAGE Expo! You can reach us at (877) 219-3976 or (512) 249-5303. You can also email

Make sure you address the email with IMAGE Expo Logo *company name* so we know what to do with your email!!!

submitting files

All artwork and materials must be received by the deadline. Please send via email or on a

CD-ROM. Label all materials with your company name, city, and telephone number. If ad materials are not received, your ad will be typeset using your company name, booth number and telephone number. IMAGE Expo and its agents accept no responsibility for poor output quality due to improperly submitted materials.

< All ads must be CMYK, at least 300 dpi, with a bleed to be sized in the correct ad dimensions. < Acceptable file formats are TIFF, PDF, JPG, INDD, or EPS. Convert EPS files to outlines before sending. < Files can also be submitted in InDesign CS3 or Illustrator CS3. Embedded photos or graphics must be specified as CMYK.

full a e v a h d l u all ads sho

ad dimensions



Full Page 9” x 10”

Full Page - Back Cover 9” x 10” w/ room for mailing address

$795 1/2 Page-Horiz. 8.5” x 4.75”


We cannot accept ads, logos or images in MS Word, Publisher or Powerpoint files, or in any format other than those outlined above.





1/2 Page-Vert. 4” x 9.5”

1/3 Page-Vert. 2.75” x 9.5”

1/3 Page-Horiz. 8.5” x 3”

1/4 Page 4.75” x 4”


International te natio Conference Management, Inc

advertising < Professional, glossy, full-color magazines have a longer shelf life than any other printed piece. < Show guides are mailed to pre-registered attendees before the show. This is your chance to generate sales before the show, as well as let your target customer know why they should come see you and not your competitor at this event. Decision- makers who attend business-to-business expos use the guide to plan their visit, since visiting every booth is rarely an option. Direct mail marketing remains the #1 method by which attendees learn about exhibitions, according to The Center for Exhibition Research (CEIR). < Every exhibitor and attendee at the Expo receives a copy of the show guide. Your full-color ad gives you the edge in promoting your products and services. This gives the attendee added incentive to visit your booth. Save money by using the show guide as your flyer. It is easier to walk away from an event with a comprehensive reference < than a bag full of loose flyers.

marketing IMAGE Expo spends thousands of dollars marketing the event. The investment of marketing, from direct mail to radio, < directs potential attendees to our web site. Our web site,, receives approximately 100,000 hits per month, of which seven to ten thousand are unique visitors. Once the show guide goes online, you receive the benefit of IMAGE Expoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s entire marketing campaign! < Exhibitors advertising in the Official Show Magazine & Resource Guide will be visible online for 30 days. As soon as the guide is ready for publication, it is uploaded to our web site, which gives you 2-3 weeks of online exposure before the show and up to a week after the event. In addition, a link to the show guide is used in our e-blast reminders to pre-registered attendees. They see your ad all the way up to the show.

lead retrieve $500

package it up any other way!

Our lead retrieval system alone is a great bargain at $500! Most companies charge double that...this is the most effective tool for gaining HOT leads!

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One Third Page in magazine

One Third Page in magazine

Ful Page in magazine

Double-Spread in magazine

(1) Email Evite Blast

(2) Email Evite Blasts

Lobby Banner

Lobby Banner

Lead List

Lead List

(1) Email Evite Blast

(2) Email Evite Blasts

Cost: $2195

Cost: $2985

Lead List

Concourse Signage

Savings: $300

Savings: $711

Cost: $4125

Lead List

Savings: $670

Cost: $6455 Savings: $1440


enhanced listing $195 ... or free with ad


Enhanced listings are placed in our show magazine in our resource guide seciont, and are organized by cateogry. If you would like to purchase a resource listing WITHOUT an ad, it costs $195. Enhanced listings are available free for those who purchase a quarter-page ad or larger. If you would like a second or third resource listing under additional categories, please inquire about pricing!

512-249-5303 13740 N. Highway 183, Bldg. I Austin, TX 78750 IMAGE Expo is a beauty and fashion trade show that brings together salon, spa, esthetic, and fashion businesses to network so they can create the most amazing B2B event ever!

EMAIL IT! Company Name: __________________________________________________________________ Company Address: ________________________________________________________________ (One address only...)

category o Advertising & Marketing o Boutique Items o Clothing o Cosmetics & Makeup

Company Phone #: ______________________ Website: _________________________________

o Equipment o Fashion o Furniture

Company Description (150 words or less): IMAGE Expo reserves the right to edit for space: ______

o Hair Care


o Nail Care/Color


Payment Information: Authorize to International Conference Management, Inc

Type of Card: Amer.X VISA MC CVC Code _________ Exp. Date _________

Credit Card #:

Cost Breakdown

Name as it is on Card:

Package Price $

Enhanced Listing $ Billing Address of Card:

Lead Retrieval $ Sponsorship Add-ons $ ________________________ $

Authorization Signature:

______________________ $ ______________________ $


Total $


International te natio Conference Management, Inc

13740 Hwy. 183, Bldg. I


Austin, TX 78750




512.249.5336 fax

o Health & Wellness

o Salon & Spas o Skin Care o Trade Publication

Exhibitor Marketing Manual  

The Exhibitor Marketing Manual for International Conference Management's the IMAGE Expo (which I am the lead creative director for)

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