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The Bronze Finch

The Bronze Finch provides businesses with professional and uniquely modern design that meet and surpasses the current trends of the industry. Our focus is on providing business professionals with a vision in the most creative and distinctive way possible. Whether it is an artfully crafted brochure or rack card, stunningly professional branding, a dramatic lobby entrance, or an innovative web page, we can guarantee we’ll surpass the expectations of both you and your clients.

The Bronze


As a Portfolio Client, you will receive discounted rates, more personal attention, and free evaluations on any area of your business and marketing that you request. You also receive additional exposure while being listed on our website as an example of the results we get for our clients. In return, all we ask is that by the end of your first three months with us, you review us on at least three approved online directories; and let us make you a huge success we can brag about! Why Monthly Maintenance? Stale websites are overlooked by search engines! Every month, your website should have new information whether this is product, service changes, or a blog. This keeps your listings current, fresh and at the top of the list! As a portfolio client, we can help you keep your website fresh and moving. If your website doesn’t need its content to change, this could be a great chance for your business to finally have a professional blog or social media presence! If you are committed to enhancing your identity, you will not find a better value than our portfolio client package. With this you’ll receive a new design or a redesign of your current look...a new and fresh website with development, innovative design, and the research that goes into making your business competitive among your competitors.


Portfolio Client: Branding packages are available for businesses who are starting up or are looking to change their digital marketing strategy. This includes a 15 page website, 1 year of hosting including 6 changes per month, a logo, 1000 business cards and design, and 3 hours of photography. Available in quarterly payments


Just the Basics: 5 pages for your website, Free Basic SEO, Site Analytics, and 5 stock photos, 1 year of hosting including 6 changes per month. Half Down, Half on Completion

Is it time for a new website? If your website is over 2 years old the odds are it needs a refresh at a minimum and it may be less expensive to build a new website depending on the platform it was designed on. If your website is done completely or largely in Flash and your homepage and key pages have all Flash you probably need a new website. In a nutshell a Flash website is invisible to Google, Bing, and other search engines and will not rank well. If the information architecture and website design practices are out of date it absolutely affects your search rankings and it is often easier to do a new design than to fix an poor one. Let’s face it, it looks dated. This is much like deciding to remodel a house, there is no absolute need for it, it’s just time for a new look or an update.

What Your Website Says about


Now more than ever, millions of people have access to your online presence, and whether you like it or not, they’ll immediately judge you upon your site design. What does your website design say about the person or business you are? All too often the impression you think you’re giving is very different to the one you actually are. Think of just three words or traits you want to exude when people see your website design (words such as ‘organized’, ‘friendly’, ‘accomplished’ etc.). With those traits in mind, now take a good look at your website homepage. Is it an adequate reflection? Your priorities are clearly visible to every potential customer that visits your site and can therefore reveal a great deal about you like: • • • • • •

your business priorities how your organization is run whether you focus on your customers if you are easy to deal with whether you pay attention to detail if you are trustworthy

stop outspending. start outsmarting. Are you sending out a ‘message’ to your potential customers or practically posting a great big sign that says something far less desirable.

The Bronze


Can web users find your website? These days, most consumers go straight to the computer (or mobile phone) first to research the items and services they would like or need, and typically their search begins on a search engine. For small and midsize businesses to thrive online, your website absolutely must appear in the search engines. If your site needs optimization, ask about becoming a portfolio client today to get SEO Services at deeply discounted rate! Your brand’s first impression is crystallized in your logo. If you don’t have one, we can help you! Often you will need to establish or revitalize your online image. If your website needs work, ask about becoming a portfolio client today to get top quality design at deeply discounted rates! Capturing what makes you better than all your competition in a single image empowers you to dominate the attention of your target market. For a customer to choose you, they have to SEE you, UNDERSTAND you, and REMEMBER you. Does your logo do that? We can make that happen. Your Logo is the key to ingenious branding.

Your competitors already have great websites. Or they’re developing one. An out-of-date site means your prospects will not call you and you won’t know why. Can you afford that? Your competitors are improving their sites as you read this. It’s time to get this essential infrastructure up and running to be sure you’re maximizing every potential lead.


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WHY BRANDING MATTERS Small business owners do not realize how pivotal a strong brand presence can be. Branding is far more than a logo design and website. If you compare two brands, for example a hotel and a restaurant in a resort town, the message the branding portrays should reflect the consumer’s lifestyle choices. A restaurant brand should suggest healthy living and clean, light food. A hotel’s main demographic in a resort town wants luxury and relaxation. Your brand however, needs to be flexible enough to change over time. Just 1 percent of Facebook users engage with branding. Less than 1 percent of Facebook users actually engage with brands they like on

A BRAND ISN’T A the social networking site. PHYSICAL THING It is suggested that what It’s not your logo. consumers want from a It’s not your product. It’s brand on a networking the culmination of every site — such as exclusive experience your customer has deals and contact with had with your brand. other customers — is in opposition to what marketing A BRAND IS A PROMISE. It defines what you professionals believed — that offer, communicates consumers want information why you’re different about new products. Your social media position should and gives a compelling reason to do business with you enforce and connect what instead of your competition. your brand is and what your customers say. Companies can deliberately position themselves in the It isn’t all about the marketplace or they can let company brand, it is the market do it for them. about you. How can you Either way, perceptions make sure, especially if you are created and are a young professional, reputations are that your ‘personal branding’ built that affect the sales over digital networks is up to cycle, and the ability to scratch? build lasting client If you’re an established business, how can you recreate the experience and re-emerge in the market to your customers?


YOUR BRAND IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE BUSINESS ASSET How you develop and nurture it is the difference between growing your business or merely existing.


We start by working with you to translate your business goals into concrete marketing objectives. By defining what is important to your business at the onset we help ensure we are aligned on what is needed to ensure your program, project or campaign is a success. Brand strategy Photography Positioning and messaging Product launch planning Integrated marketing communications strategies Advertising creative services Broadcast and print creative services Outdoor Advertising Planning Event support Corporate Event Planning Video production Digital advertising creative services Web strategic planning Web design and content development Search engine marketing E-mail creative and campaign management Mobile marketing Social media marketing Corporate Identity Graphic & Publication Design

The current economy is making a lot of companies tighten their belts. Limited staffing and restricted budgets have deterred us. You’re wondering how in the world to promote your business, and how you can afford a strategic creative firm like us? With experience we are able to target your audience faster and with a stronger advantage than ‘the other guy’. You may be paying a little more up front, but in the long run you’ll sleep better at night because we’ve done all the ‘nitty things’ for you, and we can actually save you money! No more being fee’d to death! With us, you are resourcing an entire group of talent, whereas your current marketing and design strategist is only fluent in one business area. We are bringing you the experience of sales, marketing, design, and technology. You’ll be freeing up time and resources to concentrate on your business, and we’ll be offering you a broad range of integrated services to help push your company forward. Your business survival depends on the ability to effectively promote your services as well as keep costs down. For your next campaign, we can be the perfect solution to help make the difference in your bottom line.

the bronze finch. (317) 372-7148 Atlanta, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Duluth, Alpharetta, and Peachtree City

Pricing •

$1200 for 5 pages, Free Basic SEO, site analytics, & 5 stock photos

$3500 for 15 pages, FREE Basic SEO services, site analytics, & usage of 10 stock photos

$30 per month hosting fee

$65 per month hosting + 6 changes per month

$60 per hour logo design (estimated is 4-7 hours)

$60 per hour for additional marketing materials, branding, and publication design

$165 per month or $1100 one time for on-line booking, registration, or shopping carts

$265 per hour for on-site photography shoots and product photography

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