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Pressure Transducer For Brake Chamber

You should have a look at our 8530B series of piezoresistive pressure transducer. One particular iteration of the 8530B, the 8530B-2KM37, was designed specifically for automotive brake-line pressure measurements in Anti-Lock-Braking systems. It is temperature-compensated between 0 and 200 F, but is capable of being used between -65 and 250 F. The 8530B-2KM37 also features a removable cable to simplify installation. If you won't be measuring up to 2,000 p.s.i. with your system, the 8530B is also available in 200-, 500-, and 1000-p.s.i. ranges. "M37" denotes the detachable-cable option described previously and it is available on most of the rest of our pressure transducers, including the 8530B.

PE Sensor PE sensors determine the electric power possibilities brought on by applying mechanized force to a piezoelectric materials. Our PE sensors are utilized in a number of pressure-sensing, shock detection and machine monitoring, structural dynamics, car dynamics and lower ability apps. PE sensor for transforming minor oscillations and stress of things under way of measuring into electric power signals with the piezoelectric impact of their elements choose applications in numerous area. Piezoelectric accelerometer, piezoelectric force sensors, and PE sensors are the instance of PE sensors.

Dynamic Pressure Sensor Dynamic Pressure Sensor contain low pressure measurements, high pressure tranient measurements. Dynamic Pressure Sensor can measure a wide array of many different high strength sound pressure and top level dynamic pressure sensor activities. Dynamic Pressure Sensor can work as Acoustic Sensors (Microphones). They're designed to measure fast pressure variations, surges and dynamic blasts.

High Pressure Tranient Measurements  

PE sensor ( determine the electronic ability brought on by applying mechanical pressure to...

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