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STAYING AT HOME vs LIVING IN COMMUNITY For so many of the issues seniors face while living at home, Community living can offers a positive alternative. Consider them side by side and see how community living could be the wise choice for you and your family.



Isolation from friends;

The warm company of people enjoying

inability to participate

similar cultural, social, educational and

in favourite activities

entertainment opportunities

Reliance on others'

Consider conveniently located

availability to get to

community living facilities, where not

and from

only Train and bus service but Daily

appointments and

needs are walkable such as shops,


Medical, Library. Share car availability could be an big advantage.

By Pravin Vaghani


ou hired a CFP for financial planning and a broker for share market. You have consulted a doctor for your health, a psychiatrist for your stress management and a dietician for your diet. At gym your exercise routine is prepared by a fitness instructor. But, have you searched for your retirement lifestyle planner? If not, Here is your lifestyle ready planned for you. Have you been on a cruise? How wonderful the life is on a cruise ship? No worries. A smorgasbord of breakfast, lunch and dinner is ready every day. Walk around the ship and take part in your choice of exercise, games, entertainment, swimming, dancing, etc. Attend education classes and learn something new every day. At every port, your off-shore excursion is organised. No worries. You are in a secure environment. And what a pleasure it was to have dinner with the captain of the ship, chatting with him and listening to his experiences at the sea? You didn’t have to know who built or owned the ship. You didn’t have to know who did the planning of everything and who did the hard work of shopping of grocery, cooking,

cleaning, washing, etc. You just enjoyed the life. And you wish you had that lifestyle all the time. But the few number of days you had booked were over and you had to get off the cruise ship. So sad! How would you like to be a part owner of a cruise ship so that you don’t have to get off it? Can you make that lifestyle of a cruise to be permanent part of your life? Yes, you can. That lifestyle is Jeevan Dhara Living. This lifestyle reservation is being done so that you could aboard the cruise ship Jeevan Dhara going to be parked right here in Melbourne in Tarneit Junction near Tarneit Station. Jeevan Dhara Living is Coming to Reality Jeevan Dhara, Australia’s First Indian food based, co-operative community luxurious lifestyle Retirement living concept, for the Financially Independent Indian Silvers is now going to be a reality. Many of us have showed strong desire to live Jeevan Dhara lifestyle but faced challenge on how this dream could become a reality. Tarneit Junction developers have undertaken the challenge to bring Jeevan Dhara dream into a reality and decided to Incorporate and build Jeevan Dhara living concept as a part of their over $250

Cooking &Eating

Food cooked by others, Dining with

alone; pre-packaged

friends; freshly prepared hot cuisine

meals; difficulty

made from fresh supplies;

following special

accommodations for special diets, lower

dietary guidelines

food costs

Greater difficulty with

Affordable Housekeeping, linen service

household chores and

and maintenance options available by

maintenance as age

professional staff

Anxiety over whether help will be available immediately.

Emergency call system provisions. Some can have Medical centre or visiting doctor planned in the community living

Limited or no access to

Daily fitness opportunities available to

adequate exercise

help maximize mobility, strength and

programs and

overall health. Group living encourages


and motivates people to live healthy and Longer

Greater dependence

Appropriate, cost effective food and

on family for

health support provided by a skilled

assistance with daily

staff, which makes true independence

tasks; feeling like a



Most houses / units

Many come with Age friendly facilities

have steps, stairs.

such as easy ramps, wider doors and

They do not have

toilets for easy wheel chair access,

railings in Toilets

larger electrical switches, Toilets with hand rails, wider corridors and Lifts etc.

million dollars project at culture based living is substantial difference in Tarneit. Mr. Sunil Kumar and planned, which will offers quality of life. Many of our seniors have been cravingan foralternative the dream community half is of clear our lifeisfor his wife Dr.Rekha Kumar, tomany living for second What that many decades. Now and culturepeople based living is planned, the developers of“Jeevan TarneitDhara” Australia’s seniors, first whoIndian wantfood a better enjoy living in Junction themselves are tomanylife. They nowant longer have toThey no retirement which will offers an alternative seniors, who a better life. longer havevillages to worry– 94 planning live Jeevan about daily chores, enjoy your per cent peopleand who about dailyto chores, safety and security;worry they can choose new interests, friendsofcompany Dhara lifestyle. safety and security; they can live in retirement villages explore each day's with new activities for keeping their mind and body fit for longer and happier life. Many of our seniors choose new interests, enjoy indicate village life meets or Community living lifestyle can make a substantial difference in quality of life. have been craving for the your friends company and exceeds their expectations. dream community living explore each day's with new Community living provide What is clear is that people enjoy living in retirement villages – 94 per cent of people who live in for second half of our life activities for keeping their fit for purpose housing that retirement villages indicate village life meets or exceeds their expectations. Community living provide for many decades. Now mind and body fit for longer enables people to live in fit for purpose housing that enables people to live in secure environment as they desire post “Jeevan Dhara” Australia’s and happier life. Community secure environment as they retirement. first Indian food and living lifestyle can make a desire post retirement. - (03) 9095 6220, 0421 677 082

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