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Break from everything &

enjoy the joys

By Shilpa Dhanrthia


elbourne, 25 October: Labour leader and leader of opposition in Victoria, Hon. Daniel Andrews, today announced Labour will build an, ‘Indian Precinct’ in Melbourne, if elected to govern Victoria on 29 October, when Victoria goes to polls to elect a new government. The surprise Diwali gift was announced by Hon. Daniel Andrews at the Federation Square Diwali event, organised by the Celebrate India. Melbourne: Have you ever picked up a book you read as a kid and felt some sentences leap at you? As an ardent lover of the printed word I often find myself picking up books I read aeons ago and revising sections as if I am meant to take a test. Recently I found myself thumbing through one of the most evocative narrations I have ever read – Alice in Wonderland. In today’s turbo-charged world it’s difficult to keep pace. We live in a world fed by social media that constantly inundates us with glimpses into other

people’s lives, sometimes making us feel like we don’t measure up. The hurrier I go the behinder I get - Lewis Carroll coined phrases that are as relevant today as they were in 1865 (the year the book was written). March is the month of Holi, a festival with a lot of associated mythological legends and folklore. Notable is the legend where Hiranyakshyap tried to kill his devout son Prahalad by asking his sister Holika to enter a blazing pyre with Prahalad. - (03) 9884 8096, 0421 677 082

She had the boon to remain unaffected by fire yet perished while the young boy remained unscathed. Hence; Holi is celebrated as the victory of pure faith and goodness over evil. My favourite lore is the one where Krishna smears colour on Radha’s face just so they could appear to be of the same colour for once. So the festival also came to embody the spirit of love. Holi is celebrated with fervour across India and among Indians living overseas. It’s popularly known as the festival of colours and is a day spent frolicking with loved ones and eating sumptuous food. This Holi let’s get together with our loved ones. Meet friends whom we haven’t met in a while owing to our busy schedules. Spread some cheer because we all need it. This is the perfect excuse to take a break from everything and celebrate the small joys. The time to get ahead by going slower, calmer and steadier. Team Gaura wishes you all a happy and colourful Holi. May your lives be filled with good cheer and laughter. Holi Hai!

SAT March 2017  
SAT March 2017