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Prestigeous battles...


County of Alameda, California Web | Graphic designer

• Website development and design 1 year experience at Ernst & Young


2013 - 2014

Graphic designer | Production Artist


10th grade 12th grade


A child prodigy at drawing and sketching.....winning almost 60 awards.


That’s me

• Making print ready materials like brochures, advertisements, newsletters and slipsheets • Flash scripting and storyboarding


First place in Fashion designing at Rampa Artistique Magnum Opus



2010 - 2012 SWOT

As a freelancer Logos


Branding and ReBranding

AnnA university

Editorial illustrations 2018 - 2012


Part of college soccer team and soccer clubs

BRAIN popping up....

Digital Paintings




Designing Web


Part of Lions Club “Dream of Peace” wing posters

Visual communication


Automobile SWOT analysis for majors like Ford, CAT, GM, Delphi, Eaton. Making Brochures and graphs regarding the audit plan done at Ernst and Young.


Pr Ae

Worked with over 8 firms in the Fortune 100 with their BPI brochures

2012 - 2013

Startup Village-(Webdome) Digital Painting

Web Designer with Dreamveaver, HTML, CSS and javascript CMS (Wordpress)

Multimedia Education Chronicle @ School of DESIGN


Fl • Coveted Superstar Award at the extra miler award ceremony at EY for client satisfaction. • Lean Six sigma certification at a young age.

Bachelor in Engineering.



believe that creativity comes from the perception of the world around us. I am a good artist with a perfect blend of software skills to produce the finest outputs in art that works hard for itself.


The Adventures of SHOBIN THOMAS


(408) 784-2548

2012 - 2013

4409 Valley Ave. Apt F, Pleasanton, California, Zip: 94566



My favourite sports stars ... -)

These works were directly done with a black pen without a primary sketch....

Rick after Ernst & Young retirement...........


Rick is a charming person who always loved a place beside his swimming pool enjoying the cool ocean currents...His twin dogs Timmy and Kruger are his integral parts..His passions include golfing and surfing on which he is pretty good at........




Bulb + Energy


Carolyn after Ernst & Young retirement........... Kevin



Carolyn is a keen observer and a crazy customer of historical books.. her passion for artefacts led her to buy the 1891 pratts model car at the berkshire auction.. Maybe we have a realtime tomb raider sometime in future....

Design Experiments

SWOT analysis simplification in automobiles

Unidentified Person Database Identification (Futuristic plan) Convert photo of the person to .PNG

A steering model Initial Case Problems: Many of such kind to be made for each Financial Year, with difficulties to compare data and space restrictions.


face recognition Employee detail in location found. after matching with all QR codes.... :-)

Can be implemented by the Google Glass

First phase

In this phase, all the 3 were stacked together so that all the companies could be easily evaluated with prior 3 performances.

Underwater Aquarium plan brochure - Image project

Done for: BMW GM Ford Delphi Eaton CAT

A worthy try

It’s important to include both positive and negative space when designing this formation. If there wasn’t a white border going around the logo, the random black and white pixels would be placed right against the faces. Of course, I’m sure someone will come up with a great design that ignores this technique, but I’ll just do it this way for now. After overlaying these faces on top of the color map of the QR code, we get this. Then we physically count the number of 8 pixel cells that are obscured by the faces. Since we’re doing a Version 6 QR code, about 51 of these cells can be covered up. It looks like this graphic is okay, so we move onto the next step: putting a real QR code in this thing. That’s all well and good, but what if you want to put a logo in a QR code that a little bit larger than what would ‘normally’ be permitted? What if, for example, you wanted to tread into the timing area on the top and left side of a QR code? This is where design comes in. If these faces already has alternating black and white pixels, like the AT&T ‘Death Star Logo’ for example, it’s fairly easy to have these faces overlap the timing pattern.

QR code formation with some of my colleagues that worked almost well at times........a good try indeed.

Important achievements • Presented a paper on malware peer to peer networks on a national level symposium

• Got the most coveted award at Ernst & Young, the SUPERSTAR award at the extra-miler award ceremony at a very young age

• Was awarded Whizkid-2001 for painting, sketching and essay writing • National level recognition by CBSE on painting competion on DISASTER MANAGEMENT • Completed Colman (arty) painting workshop/ Hobby classes training

Engineering days

School days

1 year

• Was a part of graduate hire program to train on firm EY branding • Was given the lean

Final grades

Multimedia Studies

six sigma training for leadership inculcation.

• Worked on the prestigeous SWOT project including the biggest automobile giants worldwide. • Part of Dream of peace wing of the Lions club International

• Underwater ventura brochure shortlisted for the best brochure

• Best Designer award at Rampa Artistique fashion designing

• Made a fully flash website “Scarycat” with AS 2.0

This is the story of my adventures. All the characters and events in my expedition diary are true and real. So beware of creative monsters gulping you........and if not... hope to see you soon... :-)))

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