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ORANGE! My Side of the Colour Wheel.

Daniel Eatock

Sophie Costello Portfolio 1 Semester 2 Graphic Design Year 1

My two allocated letters from the Helvetica Bold Condensed typeface, transferred and cut out onto Lino. Providing an ‘X’ height, Ascende and decender space with 3mm above and below to produce a John Bull set.

I practised making a typeface with different materials. I also used cut outs of the textures from my mark making sheets to create serifs and horizontal strokes on a printed out typeface.

Next I decided to use a self-made stencil with mark makings over the top to create a typeface from the negative space. I used paint with a circle shape craft sponge and scrunched up paper.

Mark Making Typeface

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

Evidence of Given Designers. 5/ Marlene Dumas

- Her painting mostly portray nudes in suggestive positions. - The colours are often very similar. - The images are often hard to make out from eratic brush strokes.

Left Image: Moan & Groan Right Image: Fingers, 1999. Oil on Canvas

4/ Ernรถ Goldfinger

- The buildings are very similar - His architecture is made of boring squares and rectangles. - I find his furniture more interesting but didnt persue it.

Left Image: British Furniture Today, published in 1951 Right Image: Balfron Tower 1963, London Borough of Tower Hamlets in the East End of London

3/ APFEL (A Practice for Everyday Life)

- Some creative book covers and flyers - Latest work includes photos which they just put text over.

- The childrens games and packs are far more interesting than some of the dull magazine fronts. Left Image: V&A museum booklet for Village FĂŞte 05 Right Image: Turner Prize 2008, Tate Britain - Some amazing works, great use of colour

2/ Graphic Thought Facility

- Their work has a crisp, clean, polish look and feel. - The illustrations are just too detailed and engulfing Left Image: Graphic Thought Facility: Resourceful Design Right Image: Designer of the year 2003, Design Museum, London. - Truely inspiring work, amazing prints, slogons and bright neon & primary colours. - A variety of different projects in a mix of different medias. - Their work has energy, character and creativity.

1/ Studio Myerscough

Left Image: The Deptford Project - Cafe / Bistro Right Image: The great exhibition lettering / royal college of art

My Finished Typeface & Poster

Just a few crude ideas that popped into my head on the way home from the Tate Modern. Switching The logos around to match some of the popular nicknames they have been given

Please click on the image below to view my first ever stop animation.

Sophie Costello Portfolio 2: Independent Practice Semester 2, GD Year 1 Proposal I enjoyed semester 2 far more than the first. I am amazed at myself for what I have learned over the past few months in comparison to my time as a furthering student. A huge class of people in their desired field push me to try harder and to reattempt my briefs until I believe the work is at what I consider its best. I enjoyed taking part in Brian’s typography workshops and would like to use the knowledge I’ve taken away from them and introduce it into my FMP. One of the briefs that I enjoyed amongst the rest was the semiotics. I’ve always been interested in logo design and have considered this an ideal career path in the past and very much enjoyed taking part in manipulating logos and just changing them in any ways – whether they be drastic or not and see what huge change in perception they can create between the consumer. Another brief that has inspired me was the one in response to a short film we watched called ‘doing stuff ’. I reated c my first ever stop motion for this and after hours of photo taking was relieved with how well the film came out and the positive feedback I received from my fellow students. Spending a lot of time on an animation was new to me and highly satisfying, I have wanted to continue on with this and I think I’ll do just that for my final major project! I will be experimenting with different materials and different methods of creating a stop motion film and using them all into a video collage with a storyboard. I will do this to a polished and professional standard and edit all of my stop motions with animating programs and the storyboard will be relevant to my learning. Also I will attempt to use flash for the first time. Research methods would be: Visual, literary, field research and visits of some sort to find more illustrators. Resources I will use: Computers and programs (Flash, Illustrator, iMovie) and feedback from my peers.

Inspiration & Research The art director for Airside is also one half of Lemon Jelly, a British electronica duo whos hits include “The Shouty Track” that I’m sure you’ve heard of. Airside were the creators of the music video where two cartoon-like characters being drawn by an unseen hand, then begin to head-bang to the beat of the music (see screenshots below). I remeber the shouty track music video from when I was in college and it sprung to mind when thinking about creating my animation. I enjoy the original drawing style and the childish manner of the characters / creatures within Airsides short films. Airsides website showcasing their work can be found at: Their showreel can be seen at :

Lego Animation Research I had always wondered how the White Stripes lego music video was made for the song “Fell in Love with A girl�, andwhen I found out it was a stop motion film I was blown away! The moving Lego just flowed too well and I was now itching to try my own. The video was created by Michel Gondry, a well established music video director and his work has inspired me to try different techniques in my journey to become better at animation. I will attempt to come up with some of my own techniques as a spin-off from this. Michel Gondrys website can be seen here: This White Stripes music video can be seen here:

Lego Animation My Attempt Playing around with timing to a song using lego! Because most of my photos are repeated, this meant I could take the time to crop each photo and make them all the same size, creating more of a flow compared to my other, more ‘jolty’ anim ations. I also had the added bonus of my brand new gorilla tripod … but alas, whenever I pressed the button to take a photo, the gorilla legs moved and all of my images were wonky … I tried to straighten them up, the whole process of using lego is extremely tedious; arching over the blocks changing each little piece to create a motion, having lots of each colour brick is costly, 90% of the time I would just finish building one piece and it would decide to collapse, bricks dissapear and are painful to stand on … the list goes This on! is likely to be the last time I attempt it and for the amount of time spent, the end result wasnt good enough to make it onto my FMP animation. Please click on the image below to view my lego video.

Whiteboard Animation I knew from the get go that I wanted to try and dabble in animation for my FMP. I considered many methods in which way to go about it and I knew I wanted to try out a whiteboard stop animation after seeing an inspiring advert on TV for Carphone Warehouse. Upon researching the advert I found out it was created by an Art Director named Kristofer Strรถm who had also made whiteboard animations for music videos. His music videos were far superior to the advert I had seen on TV. I urge you to take a look! I am green with envy at his skills and his creative mind.

Above: Screenshot from Minilogue - Hitchhikers Choice Music Video Below: Artwork taken from his online portfolio. Bottom Right: Screenshot of the Carphone Warehouse advert All of Kristofers work can be seen here at:

Whiteboard Animation My Attempt

I made two whiteboard, stop animations. The first one was me just playing around with the techniques for the first time. Seeing what just came to me as I drew.

Please click on the image above to view my whiteboard animation.

The second I wanted to play around with movements and the use of my hands to trick the eye into thinking that it was infact me moving or banging things ... rather than me just drawing it in. By this point, I am still getting the practice in when it comes to photography, although I received good comments from my tutors and was asked that my video appear in the final degree show.

Please click on the image above to view my second whiteboard animation.

Magnets Just for fun I made another short stop animation using magnetic letters that move into film credits for myself to use on something in the future. Please click on the image to view the clip.

A page from my old portfolio showing the net I used to create a CD Wallet. The CD wallet contained a CD full of my stop motion clips and was inserted into my portfolio for marking.

CD Wallet Glued Flap 130mm 124mm 254mm 124mm

124mm 3mm Bleed

Glued Flap 3mm Bleed Image not to scale

Year 1  
Year 1  

All of my work that I have saved from Year 1.