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Together we are taking many steps to build national awareness of this devastating cancer starting with the Maria Lorick Heart of Hope Cancer Foundation. Cancer not only affects the patient but also their families. Our goal is to increase awareness of life-threatening female cancers with special interest on ovarian cancer. We are promoting research for cancers in which there is no early detection test or cure. A unique aspect of our founda-

tion is our faith-based support system known as Journey Counselors. These counselors are cancer patients, spouses, and first line caregivers specially trained to use their own journey as a source of counsel, information and inspiration to newly diagnosed patients. A cancer patient should not walk their path alone and we are here to help. It is our goal to make sure that every woman listens to the whispers of ovarian cancer.


The Renaissance of

Sear ching He



By Debbie Dillard

The Prelude of The Renaissance of Lex Webb By Jeanene Deen

The story you are about read is one of faith. You may not believe in Salvation or the existence of a Higher Power, but you cannot dispute what is unknown to simple man. We are children with a manifest destiny and each will interpret this story with introspective thought. As I read the manuscript of Debbie Dillard, I performed edits for proper conveyance of English understanding. This story rises above what a person's language of origin. This story will open your heart. In writing styles, there is a period in history where the writer will start a story with the middle or ending and wrap around to expound to a full tale. The pretext I have written is the end of the story and needed at the beginning. Read on... Solemn into the footsteps, He leads me. Cherished is the moment of receiving unto the Father's House. Freedom of a spirit transforms to a soul eternal; I walk hand in-hand with the Master. I asked Him of the great parables of olden days and He smiles with contentment knowing I had an interest of those ex Webb, a former Sheriff Deputy of Bossier City Louisiana is an ordinary person who enjoys life, his family, friends, and all life's activities in which he was involved . But, he differs from most people in the fact that he saw a glimpse of Heaven during a near-death experience and lives to tell us about its Paradise! 6 Southern HOSPITALITY

whom walked the path before me. I never felt alone. A journey of thousand steps will start and end with the beginning. To go placidly amid the noise and haste, as a poem is remembered... I am Your Child, Dear Jesus, Son of God. Delivered and discovered, beholden of fine tapestry and royal robes, I bow before you and ask but for Grace." I hear the trumpets". "Were You with me always?" asked the servant and product of life. The answer of a just Lord and Savior was one of sound confirmation, "I led you in darkness. I guided you in times of sorrow. I held you safe in a perilous situation, more than once. I knew your destiny at the beginning of all time. I felt your sadness and brought you joy. I fed you nourishment and asked you share in return with others of My flock. I am the way, the truth, and the life - and you my long-suffering, are here to receive. Yet, your time is not complete on this will come before Me in another time and remember this experience." From the heart of a writer, the mind of an editor, and the friendship of two professional women, Debbie Dillard and Jeanene Deen ask you to read and enjoy a true beautiful love story of a local Christian man, Lex Webb, who shares his experience of a Glimpse of Heaven.

It all began on the day of February 27th, 1996, a normal day of work, picking the kids up from school, and meeting his wife at her flower boutique, Deb's Flowers and Frames, when in front of him in an instance, an 18- wheeler made an illegal Uturn in front of his Ford Aero star van! Before he knew it, he saw a great white wall blocking his path. "There was no where to go but

straight under the trailer of the moving truck, Lex adds". I knew what was fixing to happen to me as i looked back at my girls strapped safely in their car seats... and said, "Daddy Loves You!" Lex per se 'died' on the scene and began an amazing journey , as he tells this story of what he saw in Heaven. As I entered into Heaven's Gates I was looking at the most dazzling sight I have

ever seen, dreamed, or even imagined! The colors are indescribable. They were millions of them, and the splendor and beauty were as the rainbow but absolutely magnificent and overwhelming! The music was like unearthly harmonic beauty, angelic, heavenly, a celestial choir of angels or tone sublimely perfect, joyous, and beat-less melody, an orchestra of voices, the hymns of God, mystical tones, deeper and more profound than that experienced on earth! At the Gate, were waves of the ocean, but there was no bottom to it, just crystal clear and too transparent to be water. I looked on the right side of me and there was an infinite stairway. There were people walking about, and worshipping the Lord! The life was unbelievable as the level of happiness can not be explained. It becomes a spiritual state of living as who we really are. It is to my belief that Earth is the dream, and Heaven is our real home! Roy Colvin, a Sheriff's Deputy, arrived at the place of the crash and performing CPR on Lex. There was no breathe to be found at first interaction. Colvin tried again and heard Webb's larynx open. The EMT acted on arrival and transported Webb to the hospital. He suffered a closed head injury, extensive damage to his right arm and internal injury to his overall body was severe. The Doctors thought they would have to amputate his arm, and that he would never walk, or talk again. His condition went from bad to worse, then better as the prayers from loved ones, and love of his wife, family and friends pulled strength together. This prayer and support went on

for months. Intense therapy and infection was engaged through the battle, which almost claimed his life again. Miraculously, the work of God began. Lex was struggling to accomplish placement of square pegs into round holes. Therapy and more therapy led to recovery. "I am well", Lex states with conviction, "I don't need therapy anymore!" I'm Healed!" Lex is fighting to still reconstruct his memory loss, once seemed as a jigsaw puzzle. Always trying to put a piece with another and another. His testimony was part of that amazing puzzle! It was years before Lex started allowing the recall of his journey to Heaven. Upon visiting Airline Baptist Church, and listening to Don Piper's testimony, & author of award winning book, 90 Minutes in Heaven, this was the opening into Lex's memory. Months after the accident, the children in the car seats, Hallie, (5), and Kimmie (8) started to tell of a bright glowing light that grabbed their attention on that day. They described the middle of the orb to be a precious little baby resembling a photograph of their deceased brother, Dustin, who died at (9) months of age (before their births)! Both little girls tell of him sitting on the dashboard of the van seconds before the crash. God has a plan. His work says in Psalms 91:11-14- For He orders His Angels to protect you where you go. Those Angels will hold you with hands to keep you from striking your foot on a stone. The Lord says, "I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name."

Lex believes his testimony is to tell everyone that no matter what adversity one faces in life, our Heavenly Father is upholding You, and carrying You in the palm of his hands! The Lord wants to satisfy you with a longevity of life and show you his salvation if only you trust, and walk in FAITH! He will show you the way! Since the accident, Lex and Deb have been working with young teens, and giving them the Unconditional Love of Christ Jesus. Together over the years, they have had over 200 troubled juveniles live with them and helped them in their struggles of life. This has brought about the future development of Heart Ministries, a facility that provides young people with the emphasis on skills in a Christ-centered home. Worshipping together and learning in the Lord opens the hearts and minds of the teens to support from neighbors and the family of Christian brotherhood. God turned tragedy into triumph, and life has drastically changed whose recovery from a near-fatal car accident is chronicled in his upcoming book. In the spring of 2011, Lex graduates from Louisiana State University, Shreveport with a degree in criminal justice, and psychology and his wife Debbie, completes her Masters in Sociology to professionalize their skills in helping troubled teens get on a righteous path of Jesus Christ, our Lord. "Go forth and let me lead, said the Sheppard to his sheep. The valley is green and the water is plenty. The hills will shelter you from the winds and wolves. Climb up, Climb up! Look beyond and feel my presence. â?–

with a vehicle that fits that need. We sell kids school cars to mom or dad’s luxury vehicle. We sell it all. That’s the only way to gain Customers For Life.”


heels and Deals Automotive Group has been voted #1 Best Pre-Owned Dealership in Bossier City by Southern Hospitality Magazine. This accolade is largely due its commitment to customer service through exceptional standards for ethical business practices and loyalty to its customers. Barry Lincoln has been supplying the ArkLaTex with quality used cars and quality service to its customers for over 26 years. He and Partner David Willis shares over 50 years of automotive experience. We caught up with Barry to ask just how they do it. SHM: Congratulations on the award, but you have to tell me about this carousel Spinning around. “ It has been quite a conversation piece around here. I believe it is the only one in our area and


it spins over 89,000 times a month showcasing a vehicle. I think the funniest call I ever had was a customer asking “What was the price of the car on the Rotisserie.” It gets the attention. SHM: I have heard great testimonials from some of your customers, but tell me what makes you so successful? “From the very first car I delivered over 26 years ago, I adopted a core value to treat people like I would like to be treated. You know, I am a customer too. People appreciate the honesty, integrity and the ability to just listen to their needs and then supply them


SHM: Your right outside the Barksdale AFB, do you offer them special deals? “Oh yes, that is a big part of our business and pledge to our service men and women. We pioneered a special finance program that allows credit to a young airman to purchase a vehicle with No Money Down Payment. Literally walk in and drive out. They Love It. No other Bank or Lending Institution would give a 19 year old a 100% finance loan. WE DO! We offer special deals for active military from E1’s on up. We also supply our customer with full service conventional financing as well. Starting in December of this year, we will offer to those credit challenged customers a way to finance to re-establish their credit. Kind-a-like the ‘everyone drives away’ program.”


ea! d i t f i o l i d g a y h y h t l a He

Open 24/7, 365 Days a Year AIRLINE DRIVE LOCATION 5212 Airline Dr, Suite E • Bossier City, LA 71111

Pictured Right:


Margaret Wolf Weight Loss: 30lbs When I first met Lee I was a member of the gym where he worked. I only came in occasionally and the only exercise I got regularly was walking the dog. I was entering my mid-forties and finding it harder and harder to keep my weight down. In fact, I was getting bigger and bigger every year. I had tried everything. I would lose a little and it would come right back. I talked to my husband, Ed about it and how depressed I was getting and so the following Christmas he gave me the best present I've ever gotten! He gave me a gift certificate for a personal trainer. I started working with Lee in January of 2005 and he was just the motivation I needed. I had never even thought of working with weights before but once I started I was hooked. I began using Weight Watchers on line, weight training with Lee three days a week, and doing an hour of cardio five or six days a week. The weight started falling off and I felt better than I had in my twenties! I lost thirty pounds and went from thirty-four percent body fat to about thirteen percent at present. For me, the key was my motivation and accountability. I was accountable to Lee every


week for what I ate and what I weighed! It has not been easy, but I have kept my weight off ever since. Ed and I moved over with him to Anytime Fitness where I still train with him once a week and he still motivates me! Being fit and strong feels amazing. I hope I can be an encouragement to others that think they "can't do it". I kid with him that he's the "gift that keeps on giving"!





5212 Airline Dr, Suite E • Bossier City, LA 71111


Healthy holiday gift


New Location Opening Dec. 27th NORTH BOSSIER LOCATION 3011 Airline Drive • Bossier City, LA 71111 Corner of Beene Blvd. & Airline Dr., just north of I-220

Pictured left:


At Anytime Fitness, we have everything to empower you in fitness, in health and in your life! Experience a healthy transformation and see results! More importantly, experience more endurance in everything you do! Join today and become a member for life! Anytime Health will help you discover five components of health and wellness, including strength training, cardio exercise, weight management, proper nutrition, and flexibility. When you join any Anytime Fitness club you will receive an Anytime Health membership for LIFE! See club details.

Join today and receive enrollment

free free $ 95 29

unlimited tanning

With regular 6 to 12 month contract.


month/ person

With 12 month contract. Does not include tanning. Limited to first 150 customers. Valid at this location only



3011 Airline Drive • Bossier City, LA 71111 10 Southern HOSPITALITY

ea! d i t f i o l i d g a y h y h t l a He

Coming Soon MANSFIELD ROAD LOCATION 9315 Mansfield Road • Shreveport, LA 71118

Pictured Right:


The newest Anytime Fitness location in Shreveport is coming soon at 9315 Mansfield Road. This will be 6000 square feet with a lot of extra amenities that other clubs do not offer. We will offer aerobic classes around the clock in the aerobic room via television. There will also be a children’s play area with video surveillance. Our location will include 2 tanning beds and shower facilities. Personal trainers will be available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. This will be the only location in the area with a “ladies only” workout room in the facility. The “ladies only” section will include cardio equipment and circuit training machines. The location will offer treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, circuit training and plate loaded machines. We are estimating our location to be open in late December.

MANSFIELD ROAD LOCATION Owners Cliff Vandiver & Ricky Lennard


9315 Mansfield Road • Shreveport, LA 71118


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Try It Risk Free for 7 Days ELLERBE ROAD LOCATION 9250 Ellerbe Road • Shreveport, LA 71106

Pictured left:


The Ellerbe Road Anytime Fitness was the 1st Anytime Fitness to open in Shreveport when it opened in October of 2007. The location is 3600 square feet and already has some very respectable people in the health and fitness industry as members and would love for you to join them. We have everything you can think of to get a good workout in and you can get

it done whenever you want. We are on your time: Anytime Fitness is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have treadmills, ellipticals, a stair climber, bikes, circuit training machines, plate loaded machines and free weights. We also offer personal training services, a tanning bed and a shower facility for your convenience. There is 1 specific thing that sets us apart from any other Anytime Fitness or health club in the area: we have a HydroMassage Bed. The HydroMassage service is available to everyone, not just members of Anytime Fitness. HydroMassage is a fully customizable, userfriendly massage system that gives users a powerful, heated massage in as little as 10 minutes. Users remain clothed and comfortably dry throughout their massage. HydroMassage is a cost-effective alternative to traditional, hands-on

massage. The HydroMassage Bed is used to help promote relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety, relieve muscle tension, increase circulation, reduce muscle soreness and increase flexibility. It has been trusted by doctors, professional athletes and hospitals for over 20 years. HydroMassage customers include Walter Reed Medical Center, U.S. Olympic Training Center, Mayo Clinic, University of Notre Dame, Rutgers and many more. Who wouldn’t love to get a massage every day? I know I would and you could do for as little as $15 a month. You can visit for more information or come in and try it for yourself for FREE! Please come in to meet our Anytime Fitness family. We would love for you to try our club and HydroMassage risk free for 7 days. Come in and see Michelle today to get started at the Ellerbe Road location where we care about you and your health and fitness.

Doug Demole - Weight Loss: 85lbs Like any other parent, I let my busy life take over and started to make unhealthy decisions in life. With an extremely busy work and family life, I would eat what was most convenient and always used the excuse of “lack of time” to get back into working out. As a former collegiate football player, I was always in good shape and good health but I had let myself go. After the birth of my twins in November of 2008, I really started to evaluate the choices that I was making and decided that I needed to get healthy again so I could be active with my three children and be able to be there for them in every way. On June 16, 2009, I started my journey when I walked into Anytime Fitness and that is when I made a lifestyle change. I knew that I had to make a complete lifestyle change and not make these decisions to get in shape but to be a healthier me.

I started working out 5 days a week and reand I now offer personal training at the Ellerbe ally paying attention to my diet. It was really difRd location. It took me just at a year to be comficult at first because of the shape I was in but as pletely happy with the way that I felt and looked I started seeing results and feeling better, it pushed but I am so glad that I decided to take my life me to want more. I started with small goals when under control again and grateful to all of those it came to my diet: I stopped drinking soda and who have helped me along the way. eating fried foods. Michelle saw what great results I was having and introduced me to her husband, AJ, and he convinced me to take a Resistance Interval Training class that he was offering along with Jason Hughes and Ian Coyer at the Anytime Fitness on Barksdale Blvd for 3 months while still doing cardiovascular exercise 3 days a week at the Ellerbe Rd Anytime Fitness. I enjoyed the aspect of personal training so much that it made me want to get certified to be a personal trainer so AFTER that I could help others achieve their goals BEFORE



9250 Ellerbe Road • Shreveport, LA 71106 12 Southern HOSPITALITY

ea! d i t f i o l i d g a y h y h t l a He

Always Open Convenience BARKSDALE BLVD LOCATION 4970 Barksdale Blvd • Bossier City, LA 71112

Pictured Right:

A.J. HICKEY Manager/Co-Owner The Barksdale Blvd Anytime Fitness opened its doors in January 2008. It is 4500 square feet with the perfect atmosphere. We have an aerobics room, children’s play area, tanning room, and multiple training programs. The training programs at our club are second to none. We have worked with Mudbug Hockey players, Miss Louisiana pageant contestants, motocross riders, and numerous other athletes and fitness competitors. We do what most other clubs can’t by fitting someone’s

personal goals with a program that works for them. In most clubs you get whatever trainer is available or whoever is working that day, not what that trainer specializes in with what the client needs. Anytime Fitness clubs are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Talk about no more excuses! Fitness is not month to month or seasonal, it’s a lifetime commitment. Take some time to get to know who we are and what we do.

Take a free 7 day pass on us! Come in and mention you read this article and we will honor it to you with no obligation.

Megan K. Pleasants - Weight Loss: 63lbs Growing up weight was not an issue. It crept working out with a trainer twice a month. I wrote on slowly after I married as I paid less attention down everything I ate and became more aware of to what I was eating and became more sedentary. my calorie consumption. Buying fresh fruit and In the fall of 2007 I weighed 182 pounds and was vegetables is a staple in weight loss. I prepared all a size 16. I did not feel like of my produce the same day I myself any more, my self-conbought it, making eating healthy fidence was low andblood convenient and not drudgery. pressure was high. I knew I I ate and still eat several had to make some changes to times a day, a normal morning regain my “spark” and live a consists of a whole wheat fat free long healthy life. waffle or whole wheat bread In February 2008 I bewith extra crunchy peanut butcame a member of Anytime ter and half of a sliced banana on Fitness on Barksdale Blvd in top, then an apple. For lunch I Bossier City, LA. The gym BEFORE AFTER usually eat a turkey sandwich; had everything I needed, and it was on my way dinner is four to six ounces of protein and vegetahome from work, which made all the difference. bles. Snacks consist of low fat string cheese, carrots, Everyone needs guidance on this road so I started yogurt, and frozen fruit.

Cardio helps me stay focused and positive. Pushing myself has become easier and regular exercise is just a part of my routine. The types of cardio vary, but always one hour three to four times a week, plus some weight training on my own and with my trainer twice a month. Today my weight varies between 119-122 pounds. My focus is not as much on cardio but toning what I have. I know I will never be really “buff,” but that’s not a problem. The journey of weight loss has taught me patience, discipline, and the value of hard work and self-confidence. My husband has joined me on this journey and has had his own success with weight loss. Joining Anytime Fitness gave me the tools needed to reach my goals and establish life long health and fitness. I hope other people get inspired to start their journey and invest in their future.



4970 Barksdale Blvd • Bossier City, LA 71112


Healthy holiday gift


BROADMOOR-SHREVE CITY LOCATION 739 Shreveport Barksdale Hwy • Shreveport, LA 71105

Pictured left:

PAUL RUSHING Managing Partner

I believe that the biggest success story has been the mark that Anytime Fitness has left on the Shreveport/ Bossier City area. Before Anytime Fitness arrived here most people were having to go out of their way to find a place to work out. Not only that, most of the fitness clubs around offered inconvenient hours of operation. Well, Anytime Fitness changed all that. We offer convenient locations and hours of operation. Members have 24 hour and 7 day a week access. It does not get any more convenient than that. That also includes holidays. Not only that, a member has access to over 1200 Anytime Fitness clubs nationally. That works great here, because a lot of my members have friends that are members of other locations so they

can go to each other’s home locations and not have to pay guest fees. It also works for the member who has a lot of business travel. No more hotel fitness rooms. The accessibility makes Anytime Fitness the perfect place for someone to achieve their fitness goals. Whether someone is trying to lose a little weight or just keep in shape, they no longer have to worry about working around a gym’s schedule. Anytime Fitness works around their schedule. This especially came in handy for one my personal training clients. Lisa, a teacher, had a goal to lose 15lbs. before her wedding. With work, home life and all the wedding planning she only had time for a few 30 minute sessions a week. In my world that is not good enough. So I made her do cardio early in the mornings before school on top of our sessions.

When school kicked back in it was hard for her to continue the sessions with everything that was going on in her life, but she was able to take what she learned and apply it to her morning routine with cardio and has surpassed her wedding weight loss goal with 3

weeks to go. I couldn’t be more proud of her. I am sure that is just one of the hundreds or thousands of Anytime Fitness success stories across the globe. I believe that the Anytime Fitness accessibility is the number one reason that these successes continue everyday.



739 Shreveport-Barksdale • Shreveport, LA 14 Southern HOSPITALITY

ea! d i t f i o l i d g a y h y h t l a He

Affordable Membership Dues STOCKWELL ROAD LOCATION 2091 Stockwell Road • Bossier City, LA 71111

Pictured Right:

DENISE McGUIRE Manager Anytime Fitness located on Stockwell Road was the first to open in the Shreveport-Bossier area in August 2007. We are located at the corners of Stockwell and Shed Road. Anytime Fitness provides the members with convenient and affordable fitness options along with a clean well-maintained facility with top-notch exercise equipment. The welcoming and non-intimidating environment makes Anytime Fitness a pleasant place to come work out. The members become like family to one another and we notice when someone is “missing” and

that is why I love the gym so much. The people genuinely care about one another. I joined the gym in August 2007 and have made so many friends during the three years. I looked forward to coming to the gym every afternoon. So when I was offered the opportunity in June to work at Anytime Fitness, I didn’t hesitate for one second. I get to work in a positive atmosphere where everyone is on a mission to feel and look better. I love it when I can see the changes in someone’s appearance.


Kent Craft - Weight Loss: 52lbs In August 2009 Kent Craft decided it was time to get serious and make a change in his lifestyle. Since then he has been on a mission to lose weight and become healthier. He has lost a total of 52 pounds and isn't finished yet. Kent is one of the top members at the Stockwell location. He averages 25 visits a month and twice a day when possible. He

contributes the location and accessability of the "neighborhood" gym as being very important to his success. Having Anytime Fitness close to the house has made exercise routine and a part of his lifestyle. Kent also contributes his success to his monthly visit to the dietician. He feels that the dietician holds him accountable for his weight loss success.




2091 Stockwell Road • Bossier City, LA 71111


Healthy holiday gift


“Have a Better Quality of Life” PINES ROAD LOCATION 6205 W Port Ave • Shreveport, LA 71129

Pictured left:


Anytime Fitness (Pines Rd) was birthed many years before it opened its doors. In 2004, Mike felt called to change his health. He had been a Marine for over 12 years and after leaving the military, found that pounds began to add on. He left the military at a weight of 172 and had now risen to over 200 pounds. It wasn’t just the weight but it took very little activity for him to get out of breath or even sore from very little physical work. He had also developed a lower back issue and had been diagnosed with Deteriorating Disks. Mike and his wife Becky began by joining a Wellness center and Mike could only walk on the treadmill and even at that, was in pain. He pushed through the pain and began running again. Little by little, with diet changes, his weight began to lessen. They both were at the gym at 5:30 in the morning instead of waiting to try after a busy day. Just over a year later an Anytime Fitness opened near their home and was much more convenient to exercise there. It gave them the option of coming Any Time, and it had state of the art equipment. They both had felt that the corporate life would not be their end road and had always looked for opportunities to start a business of their own. After

looking into the franchise and the costs asmore excuses, the gym was open 24 hours and sociated with it, they decided to take a step they had help if they needed it, what more did of faith and start the Pines Road location. they need. As Courtney would tell anyone, This choice was not one they took lightly “Chances are your weight gain did not happen and was decided upon through much overnight, and you can’t lose it all overnight eiprayer and really seeking God’s will for their ther, so don’t get discouraged.” lives. Two years later the gym is thriving with As you can see from the pictures, Emma people who are making life altering changes in and Courtney accomplished what they had set their activity and diets. Anytime Fitness is not out to do. They are happier and healthier and just a business for Mike and Becky, it is a way to have made a lifestyle change that will benefit help people to have a better quality life. To walk them for years to come. They did it and so can in the abundance that God has for all who want you! Don’t believe all of the lies we tend to tell to take the next step. “Remember motivation ourselves, “I don’t have time, I can’t do it, I can’t does not just show up at our door, it is something afford it, I’ve tried before and etc”. Most everyone we have to take a step towards and it will meet has a favorite TV show (time), if you work you us,” as Mike stated. He encourages everyone to have committed to going to work every day start today, stick with it, don’t give up, don’t get (habit), those few sodas per week (dollars), you chained to a scale and make it about being didn’t ride a bike the first time and as the saying healthier. As you will see, the following two ingoes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” dividuals made that change. They took the step Remember, with Great sacrifice comes Great and they are now Happier and Healthier people! reward! You can do it, and if you need help, let Emma and Courtney Webb are a mother Anytime Fitness (Pines Rd) be the one to a daughter team. Their journey began when do that! Courtney decided that things could not go on as they were. She refused to go up another dress size and decided to make a change. She began to diet but quickly realized that diet alone would not solve the problem. She joined Anytime Fitness (Pines Rd) and began her journey in a greater way. She also encouraged her mother, Emma, to go with her. AFTER They knew there could be no BEFORE

PINES ROAD LOCATION Owners Mike and Becky Dyson

318.603.1348 6205 W Port Ave • Shreveport, LA 71129


ea! d i t f i o l i d g a y h y h t l a He

All You Want in a 24-hour Gym! STONEWALL LOCATION 671 Hwy 171 • Stonewall, LA 71078

Pictured Right:

JOSH & ERICA BURFORD Owners Erica and I both graduated from LSUS in 2008, with our degree in Kinesiology and got married one week later. At the time we were also both personal training and we really liked the concept of Anytime Fitness. So we looked into and before we knew it, we were headed to Anytime Fitnesss Corporate Headquarters in Minnesota for training to open our very own club! It seemed like the months flew by from that point forward. We opened our doors in March of 2009, and it has been nothing short of an absolute blessing since! Every day we go to work and it seems far less like a

job, but rather an opportunity to help others make positive changes in their lives. We are blessed with an incredible personal trainer, David, who has made fitness a reality for all of Stonewall. We by far, have the best members at our gym, who make it easy to call work our second home. If someone were to ask how or why our facility has been successful, our quick reply would be that our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ has provided for us richly from His abundant grace.

Brandy Pearce - Weight Loss: 80lbs I married the love of my life, Jay, almost 11 years ago and we have two adorable children, John Kyle who is 9 years old and Savannah who is 2. Never did I think I would be taking a before and after picture. In high school and even years after that before I got married I was always athletic, I played basketball, softball and ran track. Even after high school I was faithful with walking and aerobics, then I got married and exercise didn't always fit my schedule. Before I knew it, I naever exercised. As many of us do as we get older, I started gaining weight. I always made excuses for myself, especially after getting pregnant for the first time, it was "baby fat", then the excuse was "well I want another baby, so why bother loosing the weight to just gain it back". Finally after baby #2, I was 31 and knew my 21 year old figure wasn't going to just happen, I knew I was going to have to "work" to loose the pounds, so I decided no more excuses. I did not like who I had become, I hated buying new clothes and was embarrassed of myself. At the same time I made this decision to change who I had become a Anytime Fitness was

about to open right here under my nose! I joined Fitness opened. I love Anytime Fitness, I like the Anytime Fitness before they even opened their convenience of it being open 24/7 and the frienddoors. My first thought was it was a waste of my liness of the owners and members. Having the money because I would never go, one reason gym here has really changed my life and my being it had been so long since I exercised that I wardrobe. I have been able to maintain my didn't think I would go and another reason was weight loss now for almost a year and though I in my mind, only skinny people went to the gym may not have gotten my 21 year old figure toand I for sure didn't fall under that category. tally back I feel great and happy with my success Josh and Eric opened the doors and I started and I know having Anytime Fitness Stonewall going a couple times a week and enjoyed it. It here has helped me do it! made me feel good to be active again and to burn a few calories. It is right by my work and my sons Martial Arts class, so it made it easy for me to come more often. I soon decided that I didn't need just a DIET and a treadmill to shed those pounds I had put on, but I needed a change of lifestyle if I was going to take the pounds off and keep them off. So I started exercising more and more and began counting my calories. I stayed away from fast food and in the gym more! With the help of the God and encouragement from family and friends BEFORE AFTER I lost 80 pounds in the first year Anytime

STONEWALL LOCATION Owners Josh and Erica Burford

318.775.5474 671 Hwy 171 • Stonewall, LA 71078


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One Membership, 1,000’s of Locations HAUGHTON LOCATION 4800 Hwy 80 • Haughton, LA 71037

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SHANNON DRISKELL Manager Anytime Fitness opened its doors in Haughton, Louisiana on January 30, 2010. Our gym is 4250 sq ft and we have cardio (ellipticals, treadmills, recumbent and e-spinner bikes), strength training and a large free-weight area, along with tanning beds and showers to accommodate our member’s needs. We are located on Hwy 80 at the entry of South Merrywoods subdivision. “Haughton has been so supportive and welcoming of the gym. Even before we were introduced to Anytime Fitness, we have always enjoyed working out and realize what a huge factor convenience is in maintaining a regular exercise routine. It has been wonderful to bring something like this to our own town and to help the people in our community make healthier lives for themselves and grow new relationships.” Justin & Lindsay Small “I can’t say enough great things about the people in the Haughton community. They have taken me in as if I had always been here. I love to

see the success stories as they walk in and out of my gym every day. Our members are the most amazing characters with great personalities that make my job fun and entertaining. The best thing is that these people sincerely love and care about each other. They encourage each other and become workout buddies. It’s a job I absolutely LOVE to go to every day. It’s also very inspiring to see people realize how easy it can be to take control of their own fitness goals. It’s really not that hard; it just takes some dedication. The biggest piece to that puzzle is proper exercise and nutrition. They go hand in hand. You can’t just do one or the other. As a personal trainer, I want to teach them those things. I don’t want them to be dependent on me or anyone else. They can do this. They might need my information to get them started or to keep them motivated, but long-term; they have to find what will keep them going. As for me, well, I’m doing what I love…and loving what I do!” Shannon Driskell

LISA EDDY - Weight Loss: 50lbs “I am a 42 year old wife, nurse and mother of two. I have struggled with my weight for many years. My 4’11” frame has endured the ups & downs from 118 to over 190 pounds. Since becoming a member of Anytime Fitness in Haughton, I have lost 50 lbs and 20% body mass. I attribute this success to hard work, diet and perseverance. When I started I could barely walk 1 mile without becoming short of breath. Now I am able to run up to 6 miles and do strength training regularly. I feel GREAT!

I became a member of Anytime Fitness in January 2010 for numerous reasons, but the primary reason for joining was because of my health. The facility is convenient, clean, well managed and has top of the line equipment. It is open 24 hours which allows me to workout anytime I want and I am able to set my own workout pace. The manager, Shannon, is very knowledgeable of the equipment and programs. I feel my success is directly related to my use of the facility.” Lisa Eddy



HAUGHTON LOCATION Owner Justin and Lindsay Small

318.949.4004 4800 Hwy 80 • Haughton, LA 71037


ea! d i t f i o l i d g a y h y h t l a He

Open 24/7, All Year N. MARKET LOCATION 5795 North Market • Shreveport, LA 71107

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Harold "HBO" Olnhausen “I am looking forward to a longer life thanks to Anytime Fitness" Dear Brady, Thanks for the opportunity to expound on "Anytime Fitness" benefits. As you know, I turned 75 last year. I came to Anytime Fitness at my doctor's advice. When I first joined the club in December 2009, I came with Vasculitis in both legs and Giant Cell Arteritis in my shoulders along with stents in both arms and one in my heart. I could walk at about 2mph on the treadmill for about 10 minutes. Today, I can walk for 2 miles at a speed of 4 mph for 30 minutes or more. My vascular surgeon says my blood flow in my legs has improved greatly as well as in my arms. I have also been doing light weights for arms and legs, set up by a schedule I received from one of your trainers Skyler Oberley. Needless to say, when I first started this regimen I could only last for about 15-20 minutes. Since then, I can go as long as I desire. One of the most rewarding aspects (this might seem trivial to the younger crowd) of my training at the gym is before I started this exercise program I could not get out of the jacuzzi by myself. Now I can push up with my legs and require no assistance. Until you've been in this situation you can't appreciate the feeling of self help. Also, my golf handicap has dropped by 5 strokes and I have since moved back to the "men's tees". My thanks especially to Brock Bonds for the incouragement he gave me and continues to give me each time I see him in the gym. I am looking forward to a longer life thanks to "Anytime Fitness". I wish you much success in your new endeavor. Sincerely, Harold "HBO" Olnhausen

N. MARKET LOCATION Owners Brady & Melissa Richardson


5795 North Market • Shreveport, LA 71107


Largest Selection Of New And Pre-Owned RVs And Boats In The Four State Region.

Will Not Damage Roof or Shingles Cleaning your roof may reduce energy consumption, extend the service life of your shingles and also restore shingles to their original color!

Our Process • • • • • • •

Environmentally Safe Safely Removes Embedded Growth by Removing the Root System Prolongs Surface Life Applied with Virtually No Pressure Non-Destructive Cost Effective Lasts 3 x Longer than Conventional Cleaning

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Thea, at Ultimate Appearances

Thea is an acclaimed Cosmetician at an award winning salon, Ultimate Appearances, who started her career in early 1990'S. Throughout her 30-year career in the beauty industry, she has worked as a stylist, educator, hair extension artist, and hair loss expert. Thea works with all aspects of hair, believing that individuality and attention to detail is key in customizing styles. Her talent, passion, and knowledge in the exciting art of hair fashion are evident by her creative yet confident personality. She is always eager to educate her clients about their hair choices and options striving

to provide straight forward information, sound advice and most importantly…the perfect look. She sets the gold standards in quality reputation as one of the well-known names in the hair industry in this area! Performing over thousands of hair extensions, her clientele stretches from our Hometown, into the Ark-la-tex including Dallas Texas. Hair Extensions are the hottest items of today's beauty industry. Great Lengths have pioneered hair extensions technology and sought after by a list of celebrities such as J Lo, Jennifer Anniston and Catherine Zeta Jones. The Extensions utilizes 100% human hair of the highest quality and creates the most natural looking and undetectable results. The

TEETH WHITENING BY WHITESCIENCE 2 sessions under a light mouthpiece using a peroxide sponge. Thea will send you home with whitening gel and then becomes a everyday maintenance program.

hair is sourced from India temples in virgin condition, meaning that the hair has never been heated, bleached, or colored. Because of its unique bonding method, Great Lengths offers all of these advantages without ever compromising the integrity of your natural hair. While it is said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, the skilled hands of Thea can help you achieve that look! Essentially, Thea also provides specialized services such as Facials, Hair & Scalp Treatments, Keratin Therapy Treatments, Weight Loss & Vitamin Supplement Programs, Teeth

Whitening, Air Brush Tanning, and Hair Loss Replacement. She has brought back hair growth to 100 % of her clients, due to hair loss by Hair Loss Therapy. In other words, she renders personalized beauty care from head to toe. If you are considering hair extensions, or hair loss replacement, call to book a complimentary consultation. The consultation will only take around 15 minutes and she will talk you through all aspects of what you want from hair extensions, how to care for them and of course an exact quote for the price you would be charged. Just call Thea, 208-7365 at Ultimate Appearances and schedule your appointment today! You will be glad you did! ❖

HAIRTEK 2500 TREATMENT Your hair and scalp are thirsting for the necessary nutrients needed to grow and prosper, "Think of a plant without sufficient nutrients, it will ultimately wither and die”. Utilizes innovative technology that allows you to be the best that you can. Do not deprive yourself of gracing the cover of your future. KERATIN HAIR THERAPY A new revolutionary smoothing system that infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl from the hair, leaving the hair soft, shiny and luxurious. Unlike most salon treatments, the more you treat your hair with Keratin, the healthier the hair becomes. ZYTO TECHNOLOGY Zyto Technology simply enhances the ability of a practitioner to understand the unique needs of each individual client with additional information to move in the right direction for nutraceutical or nutritional supplement support. Zyto Technology is not designed to treat or diagnose. It is a tool designed to assist the client in finding the body's preferences for any list of items. It is similar in taking a lie detector test. This information is invaluable in helping the practioner determine which product is going to maximize therapeutic results for the client. XFUSION XFusion is a cosmetic breakthrough that immediately gives men and women thicker-looking hair. Using the same protein that makes up human hair, when it is shaken onto balding or thinning hair, XFusion fibers instantly and securely fill out the hair a person already has, giving him or her the appearance of having significantly more hair. GLAMOROUS GLOW AIRBRUSH TANNING Glamorous Glow Airbrush Tanning, is applied using a tanning system with a solution containing DHA (dihydroxyacetone) It is the active ingredient in sunless tanners and is derived from a vegetable source such as sugar beets or sugar cane. DHA is FDA approved, therefore it is declared safe and suitable for uses in cosmetics, including sunless products. Our solutions are also blended with Erythrulose which is very similar to DHA. By combining these two ingredients, the tan looks even more natural, lasts longer, and allows for more even fading. YUKO HAIRCARE The YUKO haircare regimen is an important key to keeping your hair its beautiful best. YUKO offers a complete line of products you can use at home, ranging from Aqua Gold products and a home hair iron to quality skincare products.

LeFevre’s Flowers & Framing Gallery… he gallery boutique is nestled in the heart of the new, "Villaggio" shopping District, located in Bossier City, Louisiana, the newest living, shopping, and working destination! Owned by Hallie and Debbie Webb, a mother/daughter team, together have created a unique full service Gallery celebrating excellence in floral and framing design. With over 30 years of framing experience and licensed florists since 1992, they share multiple talents. They are both masters of all floral and framing creations offering the most creative floral dreams in the area! Throughout generations, families have kept physical reminders and mementos of loved ones, popular icons, and significant life events. Shadow boxes are three-dimensional collages set into a box or housing that have become popular ways of collecting and displaying these meaningful objects artistically. Ingenuity, creativity and attention to detail are the hallmarks of successful shadow-box designs created by Debbie & Hallie Webb. Our framing is second to none, where we utilize the finest materials and adhere to conservation techniques when appropriate to the art. We strive to find local wholesale vendors that offer the finest in design and quality that compliments our reputation in creative custom framing. Each day we are invited into the lives of our customers and given the opportunity to preserve the moments most special to them. We take joy in our work and feel that our passion can be seen in everything we do. Specialties include creative framing, innovative mat cutting, and memorabilia boxes. "We are always

stocking an extensive selection of framing in the newest styles including fleur-de-lis. Design is our sweet spot. We can visit your company or home to review the application with you, offer our suggestions and begin our design work. Feel free to call us at 318-7421887 to discuss your needs FREE. The boutique-style floral shop is bringing passion to floral design, as Hallie put it - “it’s a one-of-a-kind, personalized

arrangement” that is tailored to the customers’ needs and wants. Their expert staff take pride in creating thoughtful arrangements for any occasion – holidays, weddings, funerals, parties – and even non-occasions, like adding a splash of color to a dining room table or showing a loved one they are special with a large bouquet or a single exotic flower. The shop also carries gifts, cards, and wreaths, including

Mardi Gras, LSU, and other things for the home. Celebrate the holidays in style with that special gift for a loved one, starting as low as $35.00! Brand names such as Build a Bear, Ell's Cheesecake, Mrs. Fields, Burt's Bee, Godiva, Sweets in Bloom and more! Just log in to and their web-site will elaborate on all the gift baskets, plants, and FTD Exclusives available to you! When you're looking for just the right words for the occasion, choose from over 500 messages, including sentiments for holidays. You can also access their library of quotations from the order form. As professional FTD florists, we guarantee your satisfaction with every order sent through FTD for delivery in the United States and Canada and on all FTD branded products. If you are not satisfied with the purchased FTD product, we will send a replacement or refund the full purchase price. All you need to do is notify us within 10 days of receipt of your FTD order. You may call, come in person, or write to us. A Top FTD member, LeFevre’s combines the personalized service of a local family-owned, boutique florist with the resources, experience, and proven track record of other leading florists nationwide. So, for beautiful fresh flowers delivered throughout the Shreveport/ Bossier area, as well as nationally, call on LeFevres Flowers & Framing Gallery for your floral and framing needs. For more than 30 years we’ve been a hometown, family-owned florist in Bossier City. We will be delighted to assist you in any way that we can. ❖


2100 Villaggio Blvd. • Bossier City, LA 71111 • (318) 746-8887 • (877) 953-3387

LeFevre’s Flowers & Framing Gallery is anything but typical! In addition to custom framing and shadowboxing, it’s a full service flower shop. With over 30 years of framing experience and a licensed florist since 1992 - LeFevre's is truly “one stop”. The Gallery features local artists displaying on site. Call for local artists schedules and gallery showings.

20% OFF 20% OFF FLOWER ORDER 2100 Villaggio Blvd. • Bossier City, LA 71111 (318) 746-8887 • (877) 953-3387

CUSTOM FRAMING ORDER 2100 Villaggio Blvd. • Bossier City, LA 71111 (318) 746-8887 • (877) 953-3387

w w w. l e f e v r e f l o w e r s . c o m

In-Home Consultations On Framing!

2100 Villaggio Blvd. • Bossier City, LA 71111 (318) 746-8887 • (877) 953-3387 HOURS: Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm Sunday: By Appointment Only

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Ernest's Orleans Restaurant 1601 Spring St Shreveport, La, 71101 Superior Bar & Grill 6123 Line Ave Shreveport, La, 71106 Superior’s Steakhouse 855 Pierremont Rd Ste 120 Shreveport, LA 71106 Bella Fresca 6307 Line Ave Shreveport, LA 71106

BEST HOTELS Clarion Hotel Shreveport Best Hotel (South East Shreveport) Best Boutique Hotel Courtyard by Marriott Best Pool Hotel Hilton Hotel Shreveport Best All Round Hotel Best Tourist Hotel Best Luxurious Hotel Best Downtown Hotel Holiday Inn Financial Plaza Best Meet & Greet Hotel Best Luxury Airport Hotel Holiday Inn Express Park Plaza Best Pet Friendly Hotel Howard Johnson Best Budget Hotel Microtel Inn - Suites Best Corporate Hotel Quality Inn & Suites Best Luxury Corporate Hotel Ramada Inn and Conference Center Best Entertainment Airport Hotel Residence Inn by Marriott - Shreveport Best Economy Studio Hotel Rodeway Inn & Suites Best Extended Stay Hotel

Nicky's Mexican Restaurant 1400 Airline Drive Bossier City, LA 71111

The Village Grill 1313 Louisiana Ave Shreveport, LA 71101

Notini's Restaurant 2013 Airline Bossier City, La

Superior Bar & Grill 6123 Line Ave Shreveport, La, 71106

2 John's Fine Dining Restaurant 2151 Airline Drive, Suite 1500 Bossier City, LA 71111

What's on Tap 1205 Shreveport Barksdale Shreveport, LA 71105

The Cub Restaurant 3002 Girard St Shreveport, LA 71104

FatDaddy's 140 Plaza Loop Bossier City, LA 71111

The Village Grill 1313 Louisiana Ave Shreveport, LA 71101

Fiesty Nag 8000 East Texas Bossier City, LA 71111

Texas Street Steakhouse 3015 E. Texas Bossier City, LA 71111

Sand Bar 415 Spring Street Shreveport, La 71101

Silver Star Barbeque 1810 Benton Road Bossier City, LA 71111

Phoenix Underground 600 Market St. Shrevreport, La 71111


Frog's Breath 1984 Airline Drive Bossier City, LA 71111

Ralph & Kacoo’s 1700 Old Minden Rd Bossier City, LA 71111

Noble Savage Tavern 417 Texas St Shreveport, LA 71150

The Market Restaurant 10539 Norris Ferry Shreveport, LA 71106

The Cub Restaurant 3002 Girard Street Shreveport, LA 71104

The Oyster Bar & Grill 855 Pierremont, Suite 157 Shreveport, LA 71106

The Cambridge Club 2024 Fairfield Ave Shreveport, LA 71104

Wild Wild West 3033 Hilton Drive Bossier City, LA 71111 End Zone 3033 Hilton Drive Bossier City, LA 71111



Cheryl Casares 1105 Island Park Blvd. #1015 • Shreveport, LA 71105

318.426.6090 email: web:

Southern HOSPITALITY - 35

Rodeway Inn & Suites 3033 Hilton Dr. Bossier City, LA 71111 Phone: (318) 747-2400 Fax: (318) 747-6822

Best Extended Stay Hotel SHM 2010

Quality Inn & Suites 2717 Village Lane Bossier City, LA 71112 Phone: (318) 742-7890 Fax: (318) 742-7891

Best Luxury Corporate Hotel SHM 2010

Microtel Inn & Suites

Best Corporate Hotel

2713 Village Lane Bossier City, LA 71112 Phone: (318) 742-7882 Fax: (318) 213-6316

SHM 2010

Howard Johnson Inn 1984 Airline Drive Bossier City, LA 71112 Phone: (318) 742-6000 Fax: (318) 742-4615

Best Budget Hotel SHM 2010

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Voted Best Mexican Bossier City SHM 2008


lias Sifuentes left his home in Monterrey, Mexico forty years ago, making his home first in Los Angeles where he worked in a couple of restaurants. By the end of 1966, he was ready to go elsewhere and took a job with Houston’s Mexican Patio Restaurant. It was at that point that he began thinking seriously about the food business, maybe having a restaurant of his own. “I started working there and visualizing what I would do if it were mine, but I wasn’t ever dreaming this,” Sifuentes admits, looking around his office on Bossier City’s Airline Drive filled with memorabilia gathered over the past two decades. It was a job with Pancho’s (which is based in Houston) that transferred him to Bossier City in the late Sixties. This summer Elias Sifuentes will be celebrating twenty-five years as proprietor of the seven Nicky’s Mexican Restaurants in Shreveport, Bossier,


Minden, and Springhill. The years at Pancho's were somewhat rocky, definitely disenchanting, so much so that Elias had to look for other work to support himself and his family. He took a job with the City of Bossier, starting at the bottom as a garbage man. His only regret today is that he never got to drive the truck. During that time he applied for and landed a job at General Electric, where he worked on the line. In 1979 he left GE and not long afterwards became reacquainted with Nicky Ponce. The two men began a Mexican eatery called La Margarita, “Suddenly though it closed, and I was unemployed; Nicky

and I both were unemployed,” In August of 1979 both men started Nicky's Mexican Restaurant along with co-founder Thomas Eason. Three years later, Elias bought out Nicky. With speaking very little english at the time that he left Nicky; Elias and Thomas Eason met the challenges of the restaurant business. Later on Thomas Eason retired and Elias Sifuentes became the sole owner of Nickys Mexican Restaurant. Elias has managed to bring us seven Nicky's Mexican Restaurants with great quality and service. Today Elias is joined by his son Johnny Sifuentes to continue the legacy of great food and service. ❖

Nicky’s Mexican Restaurant, a Legacy of Great Food, Quality and Service!


Notini's Italian Restaurant‌ ‌first opened for business in June of 1982. Jerry Notini Kolniak and his brother Ronnie and their father Stanley started the Italian restaurant. The restaurant was opened in honor of Jerry's grandfather, Antonio Notini, who immigrated to this country from Barga, Italy on November 19, 1909. Antonio worked in the restaurant and bar business until his retirement in 1960. Notini's Italian Restaurant is a casual dining experience with a family atmosphere. You may see some customers in shorts and t-shirts and others in tuxedos and evening dresses. Prices are moderate. Notini's prides itself in producing their food from scratch on the premises in their own kitchen. Our own recipe for a plain tomato sauce and a white fettuccine alfredo sauce are made daily at the restaurant and is the basis for other menu items, like lasagna, chicken fettuccine, shrimp fettuccine and other items. Notini's Italian Restaurant is located in the 2000 block of a busy Airline Drive in the Bossier Corners Shopping Center.


318-222-3122 Southern HOSPITALITY 45

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AREA OWNERS & MANAGERS franchise--an alternative to oversized and over-priced health clubs–providing a viable business model for independent franchisees and affordable fitness options for hundreds of thousands of members nationwide. The first Anytime Fitness club opened its doors in Cambridge, MN, in 2002.

Anytime Fitness Story In the Beginning What do people really want from a health club? That's the key question Anytime Fitness co-founders Jeff Klinger and Chuck Runyon asked themselves seven years ago. The answer was relatively simple. When you boil it all down, people want a convenient and affordable place to go--with quality exercise equipment and a friendly atmosphere. Thus was born the Anytime Fitness

The Best Place for Fitness 24/7 At Anytime Fitness, we understand how important convenience is to our members. People want to exercise on their own terms, whenever their busy schedules allow, close to their homes or work places, and when they travel. That s why Anytime Fitness clubs are open 24/7, allowing members to work out any time of the day or night, even when our clubs are not staffed. It s also the rationale behind our membership reciprocity program, which is known as Anywhere

Club Access. With this benefit, members join one Anytime Fitness club and can use any other club--worldwide--at no extra charge. What could be more convenient than that? Other features which separate Anytime Fitness from the rest of the pack include 24-hour tanning facilities (at most locations) and our integrated use of access software, security, and surveillance systems, which allow owners to operate safe and secure clubs with greatly reduced staffing needs. Neighborhood-Style Clubs Anytime Fitness prides itself on its commitment to community involvement. We're also one of the few fitness franchises to succeed in smaller population centers traditionally ignored by larger clubs. In fact, most members live or work within 1-3 miles of our clubs. That convenience is fueling the growth of Anytime Fitness!

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In-Home tions a t l u s n o C ing! m a r F n O

In addition to custom framing and shadowboxing, it’s a full service flower shop. With over 30 years of framing experience and a licensed florist since 1992 - LeFevre's is truly “one stop”. 2100 Villaggio Blvd. • Bossier City, LA 71111 • (318) 746-8887 • (877) 953-3387 HOURS: Monday - Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm • Sunday: By Appointment Only

Bella Donna Salon | 1409 E. 70th St. | Shreveport, LA 71105 | 318.469.6053

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