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Uxtâà|yâÄ Ytvxá SHEVA SIMS 1. How do you see Bossier City and Shreveport in ten years? In ten years, I see SB as an area where young adults will be proud to call this diverse growing area home. 2. Tell me a cause you believe? I believe in encouraging people. 3. How will you celebrate this Independence Day? I will celebrate the 4th of July with my children and expand upon their knowledge of the importance of the day and why we celebrate it.


JEANENE DEEN Executive Secretary to Mayor Lorenz Walker Graduate Texas A&M (BAAS and MSBA) Certified Public Manager – University of Arkansas (APAC) Greatest Loss – Losing to Youngest Mayor in the Nation who appeared on Leno and Letterman Best Little Win – Youngest elected municipal official in the state, as Governor Bill Clinton was in office Greatest Lesson So Far – Humble Pie tastes pretty darn good at times Favorite Story – Everyman Favorite Movie – The Shawshank Redemption Favorite Song – Nothing I Can Do About It Now, Willie Nelson Favorite Place – With my son Kyle (28), daughter Darby (11), and my grandbaby Annika (2) piled up on the sofa and laughing at life (4) Goals – Give back to all humanity; pay it forward everyday; write at least 10 books; and achieve Phd. Definition of Me – Type-A Favorite Word – Endurance Favorite Color – Green


TABLE OF CONTENTS Beautiful Faces .................................................................................................Page 4 Refreshment of the Spirit: Wings of God.................................................................................................Page 6-7 Beauty of God's Love.........................................................................................Page 8 The Patriot & Politico: Mayor Lorenz Walker ............................................................................Page 11 -20 Cyber Command Center...............................................................................Page 21-24 Beyond Pink & Blue Baby Boutique: The Unique Boutique for Babies and Children..................................................Page31 Discover Villaggio: Louisiana's Newest Shopping, Living, Working Destination ......................Page 36-40 Nicky's Mexican Restaurant: Serving Great Food Since 1979, Buy One Get One Free Enchiladas Every Monday and Tuesday............................................................................Page 43-44 James Burton Foundation: 4th of July Show .......................................................................................Page 46


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PUBLISHER’S NOTE By Debbie Dillard

ABOUT THE COVER PHOTOS BY: Tony Reans COVER PHOTO: Bossier City Mayor Lorenz Walker and Bossier Skyline Composite 6 Southern HOSPITALITY

223 years ago today, the General Congress formed by Representatives from the 13 Colonies voted to approve the Declaration of Independence which dissolved their allegiance to the British Crown and severed the political ties to the State of Great Britain. The celebrations held today commemorate not only the actions taken that day, but also the results of those actions - the Revolutionary War & its victory that established this new Republic as a nation and the eventual writing and passing of The Constitution of the United States upon which our system of Gov-

ernment is established. The Fourth of July is about celebrating the birth of this nation and the principles upon which it was founded which has given us: Liberty and freedom. As we celebrate this 4th of July, we need to see the hand of God at work and regain a sense of the celebration that should mark today - rejoicing in what God has done in bringing this nation into being. God has shed grace upon America!. The only true freedom is in Jesus Christ, the founder of Hope, Love, Peace, and Life: otherwise we are slaves to the

The Wings of God...

(Psalms: 91)


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sinful nature within us. Only in Christ is there liberty to be righteous. But that liberty brings responsibility. Throughout this passage Paul kept telling us that our responsibility was to be obedient to Christ and not return to our former sinful pattern of life. Paul says something similar in Gal. 5:1, "It was for freedom that Christ has set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery." Jesus said in John 8:31,32, "If you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." The truth is that real freedom only comes through Jesus Christ and obedience to His word. To disobey is to be enslaved to sin.

You who dwell in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty, Say to the LORD, "My refuge and fortress, my God in whom I trust." God will rescue you from the fowler's snare, from the destroying plague, Will shelter you with pinions, spread wings that you may take refuge; God's faithfulness is a protecting shield. You shall not fear the terror of the night nor the arrow that flies by day, Nor the pestilence that roams in darkness, nor the plague that ravages at noon. Though a thousand fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, near you it shall not come. You need simply watch; the punishment of the wicked you will see. You have the LORD for your refuge; you have made the Most High your stronghold. No evil shall befall you, no affliction come near your tent. For God commands the angels to guard you in all your ways. With their hands they shall support you, lest you strike your foot against a stone. You shall tread upon the asp and the viper, trample the lion and the dragon. Whoever clings to me I will deliver; whoever knows my name I will set on high. All who call upon me I will answer; I will be with them in distress; I will deliver them and give them honor. With length of days I will satisfy them and show them my saving power.

We will never loose our freedom in making mistakes, therefore, it is much more important for us to develop moment-by-moment sensitivity to the presence or absence of God's peace in ourselves. I have a vision and it is shared by Jeanene Deen that she so eloquently said “the Pilgrims risked all to come to a strange land, just for the freedom to vow amen to God. Time heals all wounds and Great Britain is our good friend on the World Stage. The oppressive atmosphere of control of religion has long-left as a feux pa the British Mother-land through tolerance of religion. God of the Old Testament is the same One in the New Testament – His promise is understood in every language. The

presence and absence of God’s Peace is the reason for Independence. We are one and many; few and far-between in likes and dislikes; but, we are all God’s children. This Fourth of July, take a moment of silence and remember the costs paid are known by our Lord who gave his only begotten Son”. ❖


By Debbie Dillard In the beginning, the earth was lush with beautiful, trees, and flowers, and the waters were all crystal clean and unpolluted. The skies were clear and uncontaminated, and the earth teemed with a multitude of wondrous animal life. The fruits and vegetables were pure and loaded with vitamins and unparalleled freshness. Every thing good for the inhabitants of the earth was provided abundantly, in God's great love and tender care for all of His creation. All was perfect and breathtakingly, incomparably beautiful. It's amazing to see God's wonderful love in the grace of a deer, in the beauty of the rainbow, or by a precious face of a newborn baby. There is absolutely nothing that God did not think of in His marvelous omniscience and omnipotence. Everything in this world is a study in God's awesomeness and ingeniousness, if 8 Southern HOSPITALITY

we only take the time to look. There are precious lessons to be learned from every aspect of our world and everything in it, including his Godly love for us, His children, created in his image! A world or creation without love would be like our entire nature without butterflies, without flowers, without roses, without loving partner, without loving friends, without beloved children of our own. It is the beauty of our entire nature that is a reflection of God's love for us all as an example of how we should learn to be to all our loved ones around us. Our own life should reflect an equal amount of purity in our divine being toward all. Nature is a manifestation of God - all beauty and manifold loving aspects of nature shall help us to understand the nature of love to be developed within. God, being love, has the perfection of that love which is goodness. He sheds

Light (knowledge) upon those who seek truth and then put the acquired truths into practice (justice - good works versus misdeeds or indifference). One who truly loves God will act in a way that demonstrates a sincere love of God. One must give God sincere worship and humble himself before Jesus. Service to Jesus is through placing into action spiritual knowledge that has been obtained. A major part of learning is focused upon love of neighbor. The simple way to accomplish this is to put into practice the Golden Rule, that is, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The corporal and spiritual works of mercy are of major importance in relation to serving others in this life in the service of almighty God. “God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.” (1 Jn 4:16) ❖

INFLUENTIALS OF BOSSIER Craig C. Spohn EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE CYBER INNOVATION CENTER QUALIFICATIONS Craig C. Spohn has twenty years of business experience in the Information Technology field, working in international, commercial and federal government markets. Currently, Craig is the Executive Director of the Cyber Innovation Center which is a public/private initiative whose mission is to support research, educational and technological advancement for the cyber mission and to foster collaborative and strategic alliances between governmental agencies, private industry and academic institutions. Before serving as the Executive Director of the CIC, Craig was the Director of an Information Technology Consulting Group for a Shreveport-based technology company. Prior to returning to Shreveport-Bossier, Craig was with Science Applications International Corporation, a large defense contractor. At SAIC, Craig served as Vice President for Middle East Business and coordinated SAIC’s Saudi Arabian business activities as General Manager of the Saudi Joint Venture. FAMILY Craig and his wife, Stacy, have a son, Sam, and two daughters, Caroline and Sarah-Catherine.


1. How do you see Bossier City and Shreveport in ten years? We will be competing in the global markets in many fields. Respected for good business practices and providing jobs for our citizens in many diversified fields. 2. Tell me a cause you believe? There are many good causes, but to me, we as parents, and leaders have an obligation to do a better job of teaching good strong values and principles to our children as well as helping them understand that what we do should always make a positive difference for the common good of all. 3. Fifteen minutes of fame...when was yours? As administrator of the 9-1-1 system, I worked among people who performed heroic deeds everyday, but that was not part of my job. I was not on the front line saving lives and property, but, one day a young mother came through the front door tears streaming down her face and holding her baby boy close to her chest. She told me he was not breathing and that she was not a bad or hysteric mother. I could tell that for some reason she thought that I would assume she was over re-acting to the situation. I took the baby from her cuddled him and called the paramedics. With help on the way, I looked her in the eyes and quietly said " I know you are not over re-acting, it's going to be OK. I hugged her and she calmed down. In those few minutes, I was able to help for her baby and to reassure a frightened mother. She came back later, told me the baby was fine and that I was her hero. I really didn't do anything special, but it turned out to be what she needed. By the way he is a fine healthy young man today. 4. How will you celebrate this Independence Day? With my family 5. You are a: Motivator, Teacher, Leader, Mentor, Coach, Counselor, or.. I hope I am a little bit of all of them.

Bill Altimus

CDISTRICT 9, BOSSIER PARISH POLICE JURY, BOSSIER PARISH ADMINISTRATOR 1. How do you see Bossier City and Shreveport in ten years? The economic engine of the State of Louisiana 2. Tell me a cause you believe? Try to find a way to say yes 3. Fifteen minutes of fame...when was yours? Still looking 4. How will you celebrate this Independence Day? Relaxing and grilling with the family 5. You are a: Motivator, Teacher, Leader, Mentor, Coach, Counselor, or.. Sounding board, uplifting and friend.

Written By: Jeanene Deen, Executive Secretary Office of the Mayor, City of Bossier City

Just as Bossier City and Barksdale have a foundational binding of community; so does Lo Walker fit into the mix. Happy Independence Day! As you guessed, the cover of this edition of Southern Hospitality takes a patriotic spirit, influenced by a great local citizen. He came out of Fair Park High School [Shreveport]; went up the ranks in the military [Air Force]; and, over the River [he] landed in Bossier City. Mayor Lorenz “Lo” Walker is that person. No story can have a starting point without the writer’s insight of the subject’s history; learned from Professor Tom Wagy of Texas A&M-Texarkana who teaches the class: History of the Vietnam War. On this rare and rainy day in June [KSLA reported 1-2 inches of rain – a rarity for this time of year], I begin to compose what you are about to read. This edition of Southern Hospitality not only covers Mayor Walker; a tribute to Bossier City and Barksdale Air Force Base is a result. Debbie Dillard, Publisher of Southern Hospitality, made an initial visit to

ask Mayor Walker of interest to be on the cover. Debbie saw the Mayor’s influences of a military past in photographs, commendations, and relics displayed in his office. She realized to convey a story about Lo Walker, without the military, just is not possible. Just as Bossier City and Barksdale have a foundational binding of community; so does Lo Walker fit into the mix. His frame of reference is military (Barksdale). His home is Bossier City via Shreveport. His job is working for Bossier City’s populous. Practical knowledge reminds me of a reference in the Bible where building a house on sand will lead to failure. I am holding this reminder close to the belt, as I share the story of The Patriot and Politico – Mayor Lorenz Walker. To gain insight of the Mayor, a tumble in the weeds [saying from my Arkansas roots] of Barksdale and Bossier City history is requisite; not optional. Here are some fascinating facts I mined from wonderful

northwest Louisiana sources: • I am amazed to learn the meaning of Shed Road stems from 1870 when a nine mile road cover was built; thus, ‘Shed Road’ is the name. • I am amazed to know the Golden Spike was driven by a woman, Julia “Pansy” Rule, right here in Bossier City. Ms. Rule was the only woman to be granted that honor (July 12, 1884). • I am amazed Buddy Roemer [Louisiana’s Governor Past] was only sixteen years of age when recognized as the Valedictorian of Bossier High School in 1960 (the year I was born). By the way, Mr. Roemer’s is one of the most wonderful conversations I had writing this article. He loves this area. Comments of Buddy Roemer are worth sharing in this composition. They are words from a man far-reaching,


widely traveled, and globally aware. Roemer states, “I came to school from ten miles out of Bossier [Scopena], so Bossier City holds a special place in my heart. I lived at Taylortown and coming to Bossier City was a big deal. It is good to come home to Bossier City. I have managed to live all over the world, and my memory of growing up in this area will place Bossier City up to comparison with anywhere in the world. I love this area.” As I read the Centennial Edition of a local newspaper, the articles led me to 12 Southern HOSPITALITY

the term ‘re-invention of Bossier’. This is the survival method of life; if we live, we change. The Red River is proof that as long as the current is moving, the surrounding lands come alive. Bossier City is on the move. Mayor Walker says, “The Red [River] is one of our most under-appreciated resources.” And so it goes, “Change is the Law of Life,” a quote from President John F. Kennedy, restated in an interview with Mayor Walker some years back, which is ever-so-fitting when assessing current growth patterns of Bossier City: The Boardwalk, CenturyTel Center, Bossier Parish Community College, Cyber Innovation Center, Stirling Properties, and Villagio… the list keeps growing. One of the most fascinating facts is the 280% population increase from 1950-1990! The Census figures for 2010 should prove far above 300% growth for this area. This fact of growth is only the welcome reality of elected officials who have/had vision in unison with active

northwest Louisiana civic leaders. No man is an island; so when Debbie Dillard asked me to write this article, the Mayor requested but one promise from me: “Give credit where credit is due - the City Council (past and present) and the Mayors before me. Through this balance of Mayor and Council comes proper, precise, and protective footing for the future. The combination of leadership and accountability is a team effort.” Here is what Southern Hospitality [SH] Publisher, Debbie Dillard, found out from a sit down visit with Mayor Walker, June 4, 2010: SH: What does Mayor Walker enjoy most about living? Walker: “…I love coming to work! I enjoy what I do very much and feel very blessed to not feel it is a job.” SH: What are your goals for your next term? Walker: “Continuation of the National Cyber Research Park and emphasis on public safety…it is

important for our citizens to feel safe where they live.” SH: Which achievements are you most content (proud)? Walker: “I am so proud of our Administration and City Council working together in concert… and…bringing the War Veterans home to the region.” I lived through a time where young men and women returning from Vietnam were not given proper ‘returning home’ welcome. For each Veteran of that time period, to this very day, I make a practice to say a welcome home and Thank You. To all men and women of

the Armed Forces abroad, and to those heroes living among the northwest Louisiana family, thank you. I am honored to work with and appreciate one of those heroes every workday; I am the Mayor’s Executive Secretary. As a young man from Shreveport, Louisiana, Lo Walker gained a world of leadership knowledge from a military career spanning more than thirty years. Mayor Walker’s life reflects a one-word description: Integrity. I read his definition of ‘Integrity’ in a 1996 article where he says, “…It [Integrity] is just basically doing the right thing at the right time, even when no one is watching.” This

sounds simple. This is the common sense of Lo Walker. Mayor Walker is a proud Alumni of Fair Park Class of 1951 in Shreveport, Louisiana. He entered Louisiana Tech and graduated with a BA in 1956. Entering ROTC to gain a $21 per month pay increase, which was much needed, led Mayor Walker to an accomplished career, retiring as a Colonel from the United States Air Force. He attained an MBA from Auburn University during his years of accomplishments in the academic realm. The need for more earnings for he and his family, and a calling to serve this

Nation, led Lo Walker to gain rank and commendation of medals, stars, and bars such as two Legions of Merit; two Distinguished Flying Crosses, 13 Air Medals and a Bronze Star. He has ‘many’ more awards and decorations. From location stations all over the world, Lo Walker never forgot his roots of Shreveport and Bossier City. As a member of the Air Commandos, Master Parachutist, and a Command Pilot, Mayor Walker has 5,450 flying hours, 391 combat hours, and 294 combat support missions. He came home; so many did not from his generation. Colonel Walker (retired) tells of one leg of his military career starting with the possible destination of Cuba; a re-route to Vietnam; then tour duty in Mali (Africa); and back to Vietnam. As I read the historic data of Vietnam, I now understand how this ‘all-over and back scenario’ was fueled by the escalation on the fronts in Southeast Asia. Names like Farmgate, Jungle Jim, Special Forces, and SEALS 14 Southern HOSPITALITY

began to merge and paint a picture of the past. I learned ‘scouring for pilots’ with a lot of experience took place in 1961. Lo Walker was one of the chosen pilots. I read where the pilots of Vietnam wore no ID markings or insignia. I was shocked to read some questions asked of young Walker in the selection interview for the reactivation of the Air Commandos (Jungle Jim Project): 1. Are you willing to fly old obsolete aircraft? 2. Are you willing to fly combat? 3. If shot down and captured, are you willing to be disowned by your government? What were the answers from 1st Lieutenant Walker? Yes. A mission of team work will always be the perfect storm. This is my quote and not plagiarized. Lo Walker received (2) Distinguished Flying Cross medals. Word for word, it is unjust to change one word of the press releases honoring Col. Lorenz Walker:

Night Mission, November 14, 1967 C-47 Aircraft Commander “…he braved both intense enemy fire from the ground and heavy incoming friendly artillery fire to drop flares to illuminate a group of friendly forces awaiting rescue…” January 30, 1968 C-47 Commander “…provided flare illumination to support ground units during TET Offensive landing on a closed, mortar-targeted runway to resupply his aircraft to fly 4 harrowing sorties…” (Note: From 1966-1967, 50% loss rate of pilots were experienced from the

“Who would jump out of a plane?”

flying “Thud” flying harrowing sorties.) When first coming to work for the Mayor, I mentioned my Uncle, Lon “Babe” Young, was a Paratrooper back in the day between the Korean and Southeast Asia engagements. He [Mayor Walker] looked over his glasses and very quietly asked, “Who would jump out of a plane? You got ‘a worry and wonder about those folks.” The Mayor was smiling all the time without one mention that he himself was a Master Parachutist with 66 jumps in places like Germany, France, and Libya! The American Politician Chauncey Depew, who died in 1928, lived well into his nineties. Few of Mr. Depew’s statements (quotes) have lived into present day usage, although, one is quite fitting for Lo

Walker, Barksdale, and Bossier City… “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” From my current research, Bossier City is no longer the infamous ‘Bossier Strip’, due to progressive leadership for change. The Chief Administrative Officer of the Mayor, Lynn Austin, asked me once if I knew Henry Brown and the impact for change he made over time? I do now. In talking with people of the Shreveport – Bossier Community, one of the most profound comments about Mayor Walker is quoted from Eric Barkley of Center Point Energy: “When I think about Mayor Lo

Walker, the first thing that comes to mind is that he is a true gentleman. Without fail, I have always seen him treat every single person he encounters with dignity and respect. His self-effacing humor and low key style have served him well in his leadership role. We can all look to him as an example of how to live life with a servant’s heart – in his service to our country with the Air Force and his many years of service to the community. Bossier City has flourished under his leadership and will continue to do so. And, Barksdale Air Force Base has no greater champion. Finally, and most importantly to me, I know he loves God and seeks to lead his life in a manner that brings honor to God. We are very fortunate to have Lo Walker.”

Wow. The subject of Mayor Lorenz Walker, retired Colonel – USAF is a welcome topic to area leaders and citizens of northwest Louisiana. He has built a strong foundation in both realms of politics (public service) and military (government service). Mayor Walker told me that his work ethic, management style, and persistent dedication ‘to a good cause’ came from his military influences. To benefit Bossier City is job one for Mayor Walker. I turned internal, one more time, to get a statement of findings from the Mayor’s right-hand-man, Lynn Austin, who was asked to list his Top-Ten Good Things about Bossier City: 1. Low Crime Rate 2. Great Public Schools 3. Affordable Housing 4. Inter-Governmental Cooperation 5. Favorable Tax Rate 6. Great Recreational Opportunities 7. Excellent State Representatives and Senators 8. Quick Response to Citizens

9. Diverse Economy 10. Multi-Modal Port Facility Lynn was asked for a ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ wish; what will he wish for? His answer is I-49 Extension (north). His reasoning: “To support economic development via Interstate Highways from a north to south and east to west passage through Shreveport and Bossier City, where goods and services must flow with ease, is a must. The

‘…what is good for Bossier City is good for northwest Louisiana’.

markets within 4 hours of Shreveport and Bossier City are Houston, Jackson, Little Rock, Dallas, and Baton Rouge. I-10, I-20, and I-30 have grown this nation. It is time for I-49 and I-69!” Austin commented that the Barksdale and Bossier City symbiotic relationship is another reason to push for the highway developments. He states, “Some 900 families are flowing in and out of this area on periodic locations of duty at the Base…most of those are citizens of Shreveport or Bossier City municipalities. The savings for everyone in this area to benefit is my motivation to continue to work with the Mayor and realize those Interstate goals.” Transportation development for the area is at the top of the Mayor’s list of things to do. I-69 and I-49 are paramount motivators to the future betterment of northwest Louisiana businesses and citizens. My finding’s from filtering through facts reveal there is an unbreakable link Southern HOSPITALITY 17

between Barksdale Air Force Base, Bossier City (Bossier Parish), and the formative influences of a young man born the same year of Barksdale Air Force Base, Lorenz Walker. Mayor Walker’s connection to Bossier City and Barksdale is concrete. The Village of Bossier City was not yet two decades old when the development processes to secure Barksdale Air Force Base inside Bossier Parish were starting to take off. “Barksdale Field” worked as a ‘Push-Pull’ effect to Bossier City. From the first construction in 1933 to the present, influence of the Base in relation to the City spurred growth patterns, especially during the 1950- 1990 span when Bossier City was known as the “Fastest Growing City in Louisiana.” This same title is acclaimed from 2000 through 2006. Since the disasters of Hurricanes Katrina and Ike; Baton Rouge is holding current title. Mayor Walker believes the strong investment figure of more than $50 million matched by the State to build the Cyber Innovation Center in Bossier City reassures his belief of ‘what is good

for Bossier City is good for northwest Louisiana’. One of the most exciting positive developments is Global Strike Command on the horizon as one of the next major influences for this area. Co-professional, peer, and civic leader, John Hubbard of AEPSWEPCO, believes the tenacity of Lo Walker on the field of economic development is the fuel to future opportunity. John submits the following: “With 80 percent of Louisiana’s population (vote) below I-10, Northwest Louisiana has always had to be tenacious, smart and strategic in its efforts to gain support for important local initiatives. Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker has certainly demonstrated those qualities and shown he can be successful in addressing competitive issues on all levels - local, regional, state, and national. Mayor Walker surrounds himself with an excellent regional team that enjoys great support from Bossier Parish officials. This very capable team was very successful competing against the best our nation has to offer by landing

the Global Strike Command at Barksdale Air Force Base. The team’s vision to create the Cyber Innovation Center has already paid dividends with more success expected in the future. I am honored to call “Lo” a friend. I always gain great insight during discussions with him on local, state and national matters. He loves Bossier City and Northwest Louisiana. His legacy will be one of exceptional accomplishments, many still to come, while personally being quite humble and grounded. His quick wit is only surpassed by his great instincts and desire to achieve. With all the challenges, opportunities and difficult decisions that have come his way, I find him very upbeat and approachable. His faith and caring nature (and maybe his wife, Adele) seem to keep his priorities in order. SWEPCO has a history of a strong and successful working relationship with Bossier City officials. Lo Walker is exceptional to work with on every front. With favorable utility rates being paramount in recruiting economic development projects, we have had the pleasure of working closely with Mayor Walker and local economic development officials with very successful results. I wish all the best and God’s speed to the Honorable Mayor Lorenz Walker!” The end of my epistle is short and sweet – direct and to the point: Southern Hospitality’s word game results of Lo Walker as queried by Ms. Dillard: SH: Citizen Walker: “My Boss” SH: Budget Walker: “Never enough money” SH: Bureaucracy Walker: “Slow down of progress, but a necessity (still exists from within)” SH: Technology Walker: “Wave of the future; take advantage of it” ❖



Bossier Parish Community College:

It’s About You Founded in 1967, Bossier Parish Community College has been the premier community college in Northwest Louisiana for over four decades. Enrollment has increased from 101 students in the late 60s to over 5,500 students in 2009-10. A member of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS), BPCC is located on 71 acres in east Bossier Parish. The college campus–which was completed in December 2004—is comprised of four classroom buildings, student center, administration building, health and physical education

complex, performing arts theatre, and athletic fields. Bossier Parish Community College offers 70 academic programs that range from allied health and computer science to cyberspace and fine arts. BPCC also maintains strong transfer agreements with

four-year universities so students can easily transfer academic credits. Online courses have gained popularity in recent years. The College offers over 100 online programs each semester so students enjoy the convenience of nonclassroom learning.

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Voted Best Mexican Bossier City SHM 2008



lias Sifuentes left his home in Monterrey, Mexico forty years ago, making his home first in Los Angeles where he worked in a couple of restaurants. By the end of 1966, he was ready to go elsewhere and took a job with Houston’s Mexican Patio Restaurant. It was at that point that he began thinking seriously about the food business, maybe having a restaurant of his own. “I started working there and visualizing what I would do if it were mine, but I wasn’t ever dreaming this,” Sifuentes admits, looking around his office on Bossier City’s Airline Drive filled with memorabilia gathered over the past two decades. It was a job with Pancho’s (which is based in Houston) that transferred him to Bossier City in the late Sixties. This summer Elias Sifuentes will be celebrating twenty-five years as proprietor of the seven Nicky’s Mexican Restaurants in Shreveport, Bossier,

Minden, and Springhill. The years at Pancho's were somewhat rocky, definitely disenchanting, so much so that Elias had to look for other work to support himself and his family. He took a job with the City of Bossier, starting at the bottom as a garbage man. His only regret today is that he never got to drive the truck. During that time he applied for and landed a job at General Electric, where he worked on the line. In 1979 he left GE and not long afterwards became reacquainted with Nicky Ponce. The two men began a Mexican eatery called La Margarita, “Suddenly though it closed, and I was unemployed; Nicky

and I both were unemployed,” In August of 1979 both men started Nicky's Mexican Restaurant along with co-founder Thomas Eason. Three years later, Elias bought out Nicky. With speaking very little english at the time that he left Nicky; Elias and Thomas Eason met the challenges of the restaurant business. Later on Thomas Eason retired and Elias Sifuentes became the sole owner of Nickys Mexican Restaurant. Elias has managed to bring us seven Nicky's Mexican Restaurants with great quality and service. Today Elias is joined by his son Johnny Sifuentes to continue the legacy of great food and service. ❖

Nicky’s Mexican Restaurant, a Legacy of Great Food, Quality and Service!





4th of July Show


I just have four words for you - July Fourth – Shreveport, Louisiana. This year’s Independence Day Festival will be on fire (and I don’t just mean the temperature). Shreveport native and Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famer James Burton will be rockin’ the riverfront with his famous guitar sounds. You will hear a collection of tunes that span Burton’s career. James has played with countless artists including Elvis, Ricky Nelson, John Denver, Brad Paisley-just to name a few. He has been recognized globally for his musical style, including a 2009 Grammy win, a 2010 Louisiana Legends award, and Guitar Player Magazines’ 2010. James was fortunate as a child that his parents supported his love of music. His parents sacrificed to purchase his first gui-

tar. Throughout the years, he has encouraged his children and their children in the same way. His family has traveled all over the world and has performed with him on many occasions. Since the age of 14, James Burton has been inspiring kids and adults to pick up their guitars and make music. After decades of mastering his sound, that tradition continues today – with one notable difference-now he actually provides the instruments. “When you give a child a guitar-you give a generation a guitar”- James Burton The James Burton Foundation has provided thousands of guitars and musical instruction to kids in schools, hospitals, group homes, and to our veterans who have fought, unselfishly for our country. Knowing that music provides an outlet for

expressing yourself, James put his whole heart into his foundation. James is a kind and humble man, who is seeking only to introduce his love of music to a different generation. There is no greater reward than seeing the faces of the kids when they receive their guitars. It is for that reason that the foundation never has a shortage of volunteers. The 4th of July concert will not only showcase James’ work, but also the kids who have benefited from his foundation. Under the direction of music teacher, Diane Woodward, the kids from A.C. Steere Elementary, Youree Drive Middle School, Caddo Middle Magnet, and Caddo Magnet High will accompany Mr. Burton and his band with a fantastic rendition of “America the Beautiful”. The kids have been rehearsing all summer and are ready to share the stage with Mr. Burton. We hope everyone will come out and support the kids. When you add Rock N’ Roll legend James Burton, deserving kids, and one of the best firework shows around, you just can’t beat fourth of July in Shreveport. See you there!

Southern Hospitality Magazine  

Summer 2010 Edition

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