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PORTFOLIO 2013 Shlomit Svisa

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Client: Bell Alliant Project: The Chilly Cha Cha Dancing Game The client asked for a holiday themed video game to be created for their executives. I worked with a team to create web based dancing game using java technology. In the game you can customize the character and costume, while using the directional arrows to move the character. My part was to illustrate the background and all characters in their different dancing positions, cropping out the workers heads to combine with the illustrations.

e l o P h t r o N


Client: JET Project: JUL Campaign In this project the client asked me to collaborate with their copywriter. We were to decide on a theme, to focus on how this idea can be integrated and expressed through out the various formats. After brainstorming through e-mail and phone conversations we decided on a Cinema theme. All designed format: brochures, flyers, newspaper and web ads, invitations and roll up were sent both to the client and copywriter for approval. The event turned out to be a big success.


Client: Keshet Kennels/Rescue Project: Office Stationary Keshet logo and office stationary needed to be updated into a clean look with a contemporary feel. In spite of that, it was important for Keshet to stay as close as possible to the original logo design. Therefore I have replaced the harsh dogs outline with a light flowing outline dogs, spaced the text and created a combined Rescue/Kennels logo option. A variety of office stationary was offered to Keshet using the colours of the logo. These two were selected.


Client: JET, Embassy of Israel, Keshet Kennels/Rescue Project: Random Posters A collection of my favorite posters, designed for 3 different clients. From left to right: #1- Designed for an event to target young adult audience #2 - A masquerade event with Moroccan style influence #3 - Pride festival poster in collaboration with the embassy of Israel #4 - Support poster #5 - Classic poster, featuring the primary breeds residing at Keshet Rescue. The design process included: choosing colours and elements, retouching photos, taking photos, applying effects and styling text.


Client: Keshet Kennels/Rescue Project: Magazine Covers As part of the Keshet boutique/store, I was asked to design a Magazine Cover that will serve as a template with an option of 8 different titles to feature a dog photo. Every time a Magazine Cover was purchased, I had to embed the photo, choose the suitable title for the photo, change the some of the text content and its colours. I also created a digital catalogue for the boutique page on the Keshet website, containing the design requirements, a sample for each title and a link to an order form


Client: Keshet Kennels/Rescue Project: Web Gallery by Categories Keshet wanted to have a unique web Gallery divided into 6 categories, 12 templates under each category to display the rescue residents. I had to sort out many photos, taking under consideration that each dog needs to appear at least once under each category. As part of this project I have built templates, took pictures, added design elements, typed text, and inserted the photos after being embedded and exported web files.

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Client: Keshet Kennels/Rescue Project: Doggie Daze Book My first designed project for Keshet Rescue. I was requested to design a black and white book of 158 pages with only few in colour, making it nice and appealing to the audience to purchase. The book design process started with determining the book size, continuing with building layouts, choosing images, embedding and inserting them into the graphic elements, text styling, and through attending at the printing house and approving the proof before final print.

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Happy Canada/Independence Week

Happy Mother’s Day


Client: Keshet Kennels/Rescue Project: Facebook Cover Photo Keshet Recognized the potential of Facebook as a tool to promote the Rescue, and develop the relationship with dog lovers. The Cover photo is the first thing people see when the business page opens. Therefore, I was requested to design a few options for a cover photo, that would represent the Rescue and showcase its services and residents. To keep it interesting for the followers, Keshet wanted Cover photo designs to be made according to occasions and other subjects.

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Client: Personal Project: Our Wedding production We wanted our wedding to have a meaningful concept for us and a great memorable experience for our guests. Inspired by the aviation world for colour scheme: I used blue, white and metallic silver to all other elements. I have created our airline logo, hand crafted hundreds of ‘airline ticket’ invitations, illustrated a safety features card, designed our wedding album and tables décor, directed and produced a safety video as well as managed a ‘cabin crew’ comprised of our maid of honours.


Client: Keshet Kennels/Rescue Project: 2 iphone applications (Keshet Rescue & Dog e-Post) A collaborative team process with Purple Forge programmers on the develop of both iPhone applications. My responsibility was to design the applications’ interface with all of its components: 2 icons, illustrate icons for all buttons (coverflow and sub menus), Launch and splash Pages, Bits and Bites photos combine with freehand illustrations, create stamps and a 106 postcards for 6 main categories, web thumbnails, promotional poster and a digital catalogue.

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