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Industrial Design Bezalel, 2011

Wood Design / Second Year / Flat pack guitar stand. Fits any regular sized guitar. Folds flat into a regular manila envelope for shipping. Ash plywood, laser cut.

Personal Project / Semi-acoustic electric guitar. New output jack placement. Mahogany ebony, ivory and nickel, hand carved.

Design Styles / First Year / Fountain pen. Clockwise from left: Russian Constructivist, Rococo, Art Deco, Art Nouveau. Line drawing by hand, digital color and texture.

Studio / Second Year / Jerrycan for carrying, storing and using water. For use by a family in a refugee camp. Ergonomic, stackable, hygienic, and cheap. PVA plastic and aluminum.

Ergonomics / Second year / Mixing and heating device for frozen chemotherapy medicine PP plastic, stainless steel.

Stackable ergonomic footstool for surgeons. PVA plastic and silicon.

Wood Design / Second Year / Salad tongs. Utilizes natural flexibility of the wood. Eight sided glue joint. Oak and Mahagony, table saw and hand carved.

Light Studio / Second Year / Hanukkah Menorah, Jewish ceremonial lamp. Children focused folding design: assembly, color and reward. Maple, stainless steel, wax and chocolate coins.

Light Studio / Second Year / Kinetically rechargeable LED lamp. Meditative circular motion charges battery. Utilizes coil both as reflector and generator. Copper wire, ABS plastic, electronics.

Structure Form Function / First Year / Architectural niche. Exercise in transforming a public space. Draws inspiration from the kibbutz pool aesthetic. Ceramic tile, model board, and paint.

Israel National Museum of Science Industry and Space / Interactive fence for toddler space. Adjustable foot for placement on sloped floor. Spruce, Beech, wood stain.

Israel National Museum of Science Industry and Space / Interactive dam exhibit in the outdoor Science Park. Enables visitors to experience the flow of water. Burmese Teak, stainless steel, delrin plastic.