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Industrial Design Bezalel, 2011

Wood Design / Second Year / Flat pack guitar stand. Fits any regular sized guitar. Folds flat into a regular manila envelope for shipping. Ash plywood, laser cut.

Personal Project / Semi-acoustic electric guitar. New output jack placement. Mahogany ebony, ivory and nickel, hand carved.

Design Styles / First Year / Fountain pen. Clockwise from left: Russian Constructivist, Rococo, Art Deco, Art Nouveau. Line drawing by hand, digital color and texture.

Studio / Second Year / Jerrycan for carrying, storing and using water. For use by a family in a refugee camp. Ergonomic, stackable, hygienic, and cheap. PVA plastic and aluminum.

Ergonomics / Second year / Mixing and heating device for frozen chemotherapy medicine PP plastic, stainless steel.

Stackable ergonomic footstool for surgeons. PVA plastic and silicon.

Wood Design / Second Year / Salad tongs. Utilizes natural flexibility of the wood. Eight sided glue joint. Oak and Mahagony, table saw and hand carved.

Light Studio / Second Year / Hanukkah Menorah, Jewish ceremonial lamp. Children focused folding design: assembly, color and reward. Maple, stainless steel, wax and chocolate coins.

Light Studio / Second Year / Kinetically rechargeable LED lamp. Meditative circular motion charges battery. Utilizes coil both as reflector and generator. Copper wire, ABS plastic, electronics.

Structure Form Function / First Year / Architectural niche. Exercise in transforming a public space. Draws inspiration from the kibbutz pool aesthetic. Ceramic tile, model board, and paint.

Israel National Museum of Science Industry and Space / Interactive fence for toddler space. Adjustable foot for placement on sloped floor. Spruce, Beech, wood stain.

Israel National Museum of Science Industry and Space / Interactive dam exhibit in the outdoor Science Park. Enables visitors to experience the flow of water. Burmese Teak, stainless steel, delrin plastic.


Showcase of my work circa 2011


Showcase of my work circa 2011