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The Trip of a Lifetime Hawaii



Introduction Hi my name is Shlokk Moolchandani. I am going to tell you about an adventurous yacht trip I will be going on. My companions will be Jacob and Chris. My yacht is called MJ Mooch. These are the destinations we will visit: Start: Seoul Korea  First halt at Melbourne Australia.  Second at the Hawaii US.  Then at the London , UK.  And our final destination will be Bur Dubai.

Equipments Needed On Board:  Life jacket  Tin food  First aid kit  Clothes  Flash light  Knife  Passport  Water proof wear  Fresh water  Toothbrush  Toothpaste  Money  Fresh towels  Soap  Match box  Fishing rod  Bucket  Laptop  Sleeping bag

On my journey to Melbourne from Korea, we would first pass the Yellow Sea and then the East China and the Philippines Sea. Finally we would go over the Coral and then the Tasman Sea. A long way to go‌.

Reasons to go to Melbourne:

To see the colourful fountain in Melbourne’s Southbank

To visit the Zoo

To see the old and new buildings To go to Hawaii from Melbourne we

would pass two seas the Tasman Sea and then the Coral Sea. Reasons to go to Hawaii: To visit the beaches in Hawaii and to enjoy water sports there.

To see the volcanoes at the National park.

To see the dolphins and sea lions being fed at Sea life Park and to see the penguin show too.

To go to London from Hawaii, it is an incredibly long journey. To get there we would have to go through the South Pacific Ocean, down to the Drake Passage, through the Scotia Sea and up to the North Atlantic Ocean and finally cross the English Channel. Reasons to go to London: To visit the Big Ben tower. To see the Bollywood and Hollywood stars made of wax at the Madame Tussauds. To visit my Uncle and Aunt.

To go to Dubai from London we would have to cross the English Channel, then go right down to the South Atlantic Ocean, pass the Indian Ocean and finally through the Arabian sea. Reasons to go to Dubai: To visit Bhurj Kalifa,the tallest building in the world.

To enjoy water Sports at the Atlantic Ocean.

To have an adventurous safari ride

We are looking forward to this adventurous and exciting trip. We’ve been yacht training for the past few months and eating scrumptious food as we will be missing it for some time. When we get back we will update you. By Shlokk Moolchandani,Y5C

MJ Mooch

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