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How do you manage the aloneness that comes along with being a solo-entrepreneur? It's a situation many solo-entrepreneurs find themselves in and even though you're living your dream, too much alone time gets old really fast! So what's an entrepreneur to do? Whether you're an introvert or extrovert and whether you've just started your business or been at it awhile these tips will help you stave off an entrepreneur's worst enemy: crazy-making isolation! Balance work with pleasure You know that question, what are you doing when you lose all track of time? A passionate entrepreneur knows their exact answer to that question because this is a passionate entrepreneur's life - doing work they love! I know it's hard to pull yourself away from work you love doing but if you've been sitting behind that desk for too many hours one day you'll look up and you'll have totally forgotten what you used to do for fun, you'll suddenly feel isolated, and the joy will start seeping away. So do this: be sure to schedule good old fashioned fun and games into your calendar so you do get a break. Not only will it keep your life balanced, taking a break has other benefits: it will actually make you MORE creative and MORE productive. Don't be afraid of cutting loose. Schedule time out of your office Is there a colleague you can meet with every week for coffee and a mini-brainstorming session? Do you need to jumpstart your exercise routine? Have you been getting the nudge to volunteer your time to a good cause? Scheduling time out of the office, especially when it allows you to shake up your routine is a very good thing! Just like balancing work with pleasure opens up your creative channels, so will scheduling regular time away from your office. Do this: right now open your calendar, pick something you'd like to do and get it scheduled in your calendar. Put it down, in black and white, and then stick with it. Attend local and out of state events Networking is an important part of every business owner's growth strategy. What clubs, organizations or other events can you attend? Doing so is smart because it will get you in front of others, including key influencers in your industry and potential clients. Do not stay at home if you want to grow your business. You've got to get out there so pick a couple of events that really speak to you, register and go! Join communities, including masterminds Make good use of your time out of the office by associating with other like-minded people that support you and your growth. Consider joining online communities where a lot of your types of people gather! Also, if you want to seriously give your business a boost consider joining a specialized mastermind program. Mastermind programs are a great way to surround yourself with the support of other like-minded people that are as committed to their growth as you are. Schedule regular calls with key colleagues and partners Having people in your corner is vital to your success therefore schedule regular calls with key colleagues and partners. Support and encourage each other, as well as help each other fill in missing pieces. This is another great way to get support and it's also an amazing way to GIVE support to others you want to see succeed. The key: be deliberate about how you choose to spend your time. Be purposeful in what you choose to do with your time by making sure it supports the life you want to create. Your Assignment: Make a list of things that DON'T support the life you're creating AND a list of things that do. Start removing those that don't and adding those that do! This may take a little time to accomplish but OVER TIME you'll see a marked improvement. It's all up to you. Give it everything you've got! Cari Vollmer, The Passion Into Profit Mentor, is founder of the Passion Into Profit Get More Clients CLARITY Revolution, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to get the clarity you need to position yourself as an expert, attract clients, and grow your business. To get your F.R.E.E. Passion Into Profit Success Kit and articles, visit

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How To Stave Off The CrazyMaking Isolation That Comes With Working From Home  
How To Stave Off The CrazyMaking Isolation That Comes With Working From Home  

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