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I've compiled the extroversion and introversion traits, and what you can do with these different types of personality types in your life. Let's start with the extroverts.. An extrovert is someone who: - Tends to make friends easily, and needs those friends as much as the need to make more friends. - Seeks a career which offers more personal interaction, than behind-the-desk work. - Loves to travel a lot, and more frequently as possible. - Prefers to work late into the night, party harder, and most probably rise late in the mornings. So what can you do with an extrovert? - Select this person for aggressive projects where top-notch people skills (or soft skills) are required. - Deal with trouble extroverts by placing them into appropriate activities to suit their temperaments. - Hire outgoing extroverts for jobs where frequent traveling is a must. - Adjust your timetable to enjoy a better relationship with your extrovert partner, or spouse. Now onto the introverts.. An introvert is someone who: - Prefers to be alone or in small groups. - Doesn't like traveling, or particularly comfortable in group situations. - Prefers early mornings, rather than staying up late at night. - Tends to be more cautious, and restrained in most aspects of life. And here's what you can do with an introvert: - An introvert person tends to be more focused, so assign projects which demand more concentration and persistence, rather than aggression. - Since group situations can be faltering, adjust your lifestyle to include more one-to-one quality time with your introvert partner, or spouse. - Early risers can meet deadlines more easily, so keep in mind to include at least one introvert person on high-profile tasks. - Seek assistance in financial management, or even marketing strategies, to achieve better results. These were some of my suggestions on how to use the extroversion or introversion nature of anybody you know at work, or outside work. Do remember, there are still many people out there who exhibit both extrovert and introvert nature in different settings, depending on the levels of confidence they might feel in these different scenarios. For instance, a person who's outgoing nature makes her the limelight of any party, can be actually an introvert at work if she's not really satisfied with (or even qualified for) her job. To learn more about how to understand someone better, contact me now. You can also visit my blog at

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How To Deal With Extroverts And Introverts  

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