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If you are someone that has lived your life with a definite lack of confidence, then advising you on how to be more self confident in public might seem to you as something that is never going to happen for yourself in a million years. Do you really believe that? You might be under the misconception that to be more self confident in public, you need to turn yourself into an extroverted character. Without faking your own personality, this cannot be achieved and even if you do, you are only fooling yourself! Do not get me wrong, there are many people who do just that. They put on a front, not only to give a false impression in trying to impress others, but also to hide their own insecurities by trying to be what they want to be and knowing deep inside they never can be truthfully. No! If you are an introverted person, then that is what you are. You cannot turn fire into water and you cannot turn an introvert into an extrovert. It is like chalk and cheese! The confidence I am talking about primarily is an inner confidence and by improving things outwardly, that inner confidence increases in time even further. Are you happy in the way you look? If you are not, do you not think a change of appearance or an overall improvement to it would give your confidence a well needed kick start. We all need from time to time a lift and this is the tonic you just might need. It cannot fail to make you feel more self confident in public and more importantly within yourself. It might seem awkward and uncomfortable at first, but try and visualise yourself becoming more self confident. What are the things that do and would make you happy. Close your eyes and see them in full technicolor being a part of your life. Take walks to your favourite places amongst other people and obviously without closing your eyes, imagine the same things that will make you happy. You will begin to give an air of confidence to other people and not even realise it. Try to greet people with a friendly smile, it does not cost you anything and will create an ambience with most people. When you meet up with friends and acquaintances, greet them with a firm and warm handshake and look straight into their eyes, as this will portray yourself as someone they can trust, one who is honest and self confident. If you enjoyed this article from Stephen Zaba and would like to receive more information on becoming more self confident, including getting your hands on a complementary video that will help you avoid negative emotions, then please visit: []

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How to Be More Self Confident in Public  

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