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As an Introvert I've had my fair share of criticism and judgment from others - especially extroverts. It's just as hard sometimes for me to understand what feeds their soul as it is for them to understand what feeds my soul. The advantage they have is that our nation is decidedly extrovert in nature, thus those traits are revered. We introverts know better, for without us and our unique qualities where would the world be? Wouldn't it be great for every extrovert to understand and accept us for who we are and how we function best? Barring that, here are 10 things that I think every extrovert should know. As an introvert: I prefer to think before speaking...yes, sometimes longer than a pause. Don't rush on thinking I haven't heard you or that I'm not interested in the conversation. I'm processing - give me time. I do not like to talk while listening to music or watching T.V. - I can do all quite well, just not at the same time. I prefer the sweet sound of silence... A lot. I'm not depressed when I'm alone, but I will get depressed if I don't get enough alone time. I am not shy; I'm introspective and often very private. I'll enjoy you more if you quit telling me to loosen up and have fun. I'm not mad, there's nothing wrong, and I'm quite happy. You'll have to trust me on that one - now go away. My comfort zone is probably smaller than yours, but no less important. I'm not anti-social. I like people in small doses. I am not broken; I do not need to be fixed; there is nothing wrong with me. Zan is an extreme introvert herself who spent the majority of her adult life hiding this fact from others. In hiding no longer, her greatest joy has been learning about her unique personality traits, and celebrating all they bring to her life. Affectionately known as the Adventurous Introvert, Zan has shared her wisdom with numerous clients and readers. To find out more about her strategies for embracing introversion, please visit

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10 Things Every Introvert Wants You To Know  

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