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What to Know ďƒ before You Move

Do You Need Moving Insurance? Insurance is something that is easy to decline, but which can save you from an economic catastrophe if purchased. While all moving companies carr y a standard insurance that comes with hire, this does not cover the entirety of any loss that occurs. Keep in mind that you have likely been saving and purchasing items for years. Take time to consider the value of your items being shipped: both financial and sentimental.

The Cost of Moving No-matter how you slice it, moving is an expensive endeavor. While it can’t always be avoided, it can usually be planned for. Be sure to begin budgeting for when it’s time to move. There will be unplanned expenses that will likely arise. Don’t get caught racking up more debt. By having a moving plan, you can then break down each step into a financial commitment, and add and detract from the plan as needed.

Moving on Your Own Moving on your own is a great way for a couple or family to share the experience. This can be a bonding experience. Keep in mind that moving is a lot of work. It generally entails weeks of boxing, hours of lif ting and loading, and the expense of rental vehicles. Ask yourself if you’re really up for the challenge. Tr ying to move while managing alll the normal pressures of life is a recipe for emotional disaster.

Hiring Professionals Although most people would assume that hiring professional movers is more expensive than moving yourself, ironically it’s of ten cheaper. The problem with moving yourself is that you are probably not as ef ficient as the pros. The more time you spend moving, means an increasing use of your own personal resources. With a professional moving company you know the exact price and the exact timeframe. This helps keep the costs in check.

What Personal Items Do You Need? There is nothing worse than realizing that item you so desperately need is packed in the ver y back of your moving truck. Inaccessible. Be sure to make a list of all the items that you might need access to. By making a list of where you will be staying and what you will need, you can save yourself undo hear tache. Keep in mind that it of ten takes people weeks to unpack ever ything. This could mean a long wait for your item.

Do You Need Special Boxes? Asking whether special boxes are needed or not is one of the most frequently overlooked questions in the midst of a big move. Any moving company wor th it’s weight in gold will carr y boxes for any situation. However, unless asked they might not always properly guess which items should be specially treated. Specialty boxes can be expensive. Be sure to budget for them to avoid a nasty surprise.

Are Your Children Prepared? Moving is considered one of the three most stressful events in a person’s life. This is the same for both adults and children. Children are of ten lef t out of the loop during a big move simply because the adults are busy tr ying to manage their own stresses. Be sure to spend time with your kids and see how they feel about things. Find out what their concerns are and how you can alleviate them before the big day.

Have a Contingency Plan “Even the best laid plans of mice and men go astray” – in other words, even the best plans can go wrong. While you cannot plan for ever y contingency, you can have an overall plan for what to do if things go bonkers. Consider where you will stay if your housing plans fall through, what you will do with your items if they cannot be delivered. Thinking this way may turn out to be unnecessar y, but can be a real lifesaver in a time of trouble.

Tying it All Together Regardless of why you are moving or where you are moving to, it is a big deal and needs to be pre-planned. Consider the value of the items that you are shipping and consider your need for insurance. By spending time thinking of all that must be done and the best way to see it done, you can alleviate much unneeded stress on both you and the rest of your family. This is wor th it’s weight in gold. See more at .

What to Know Before You Move  

When preparing to move your home, take time to consider all the things that can help make the transition smoother. Consider what special con...

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