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What to Move to Your Summer Home? Moving into your new vacation home requires a bit of pre-planning, and the right choice of moving company. Select one that has an established record both in your home town and your vacation locale. Enjoy the fun of mixing reliable, familiar items moved from your permanent home plus new, casual pieces bought specially for your getaway place. Mix Old and New to Make a New Space You will need to pack and label items just as carefully as if you are moving into a new primary home. Your vacation home is usually a second home, so think of bringing only the things that fit your lifestyle here in Florida. You are not recreating your primary home, but rather creating a new home suited to a different climate and a limited use. Most of us tend to build areas of clutter. Here’s a great chance to escape clutter by only moving items you will need or want. At the same time, it is your vacation home—with the emphasis on “home.” You will want a completely relaxed, homey feel while there, for you, your family, and all your guests. Help the kids adjust to a new environment with some favorite things from home, like special pillows, blankets or perhaps a cozy chair. When choosing what to move to your new vacation home, spend a little time thinking about the style and feel of the place. Look at the architecture, size and number of rooms, and of course the climate. No matter where you live the rest of the year, chances are your Florida home means a warmer, more humid climate than you are used to, so bring lightweight blankets and wardrobe. Your virtual summer move So much of our lives take place online that some special steps are essential for moving electronics to a summer home. If your primary home will be closed while you are away, you will not want to leave such temptingly portable items behind. Tablets, laptops, flat-screen TVs and monitors can all be carefully packed and transported readily by an experienced mover. If you move them yourself, be sure to carefully label all cords and connectors so that you can quickly set up and rejoin your virtual world once you settle in for the summer. Indoors or outdoors? You may plan to spend more time outdoors in your summer home, and you may have more outdoor space to enjoy, with deck, patio, or yard. If you are in a waterfront location, bring any water sport equipment from home. If your idea of outdoor activity includes backyard barbeque and entertaining, consider buying cooking utensils, accessories, and perhaps even outdoor furniture locally. Plan ahead now, relax later. A move can seem overwhelming, even if it’s just for the season. Take a little time now to plan, thinking of each room in your vacation home. List items you will bring from home, then items you will acquire or leave in your Florida getaway. Once settled in, you can indulge in some decorating with fresh, new touches that make for a perfect summer getaway.

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What to Move to Your Summer Home? | Relieve the stress of any move by pre-planning. Identify what to take and what to leave behind, then enjoy the...

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