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April 13, 2011

5 year anniversary edition


April 13 2011

Belarusian Model United Nations

Resolution: To Write Or Not To Write?

Committees’ Diaries

Some tips about writing a resolution

Monday, as we know, is a difficult day. Especially if you’re intellectual and have to solve serious problems...

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What is BELAMUN for you? If you ask me, what is BELAMUN, I can tell you, that BELAMUN is Belarusian Model of United Nations. But this definition can’t reveal the atmosphere of the BELAMUN conferences. I asked the delegates of BELAMUN High-School Conference 2011 to define all the letters in the main word. • Ann Boguminskaya

B – busy, bee, beautiful, best E – easy, education, excellent, elegant, exciting, essential L – language, little, lovely, legal, love, logical A – ambassador, amusing, ambitions, amazing, awesome M – music, minister, modern, magic, multilingual, marvelous, memorable U – unique, ultra, unison, universal, useful N – national, nice, necessary, non-stop

2 April 13, 2011

Friends, At the Opening Ceremony I spoke about the memories all BELAMUNs starting with 2007 brought into my life. And I asked the question what kind of memories this BELAMUN would leave in our lives. And nobody could even imagine that one of the days of our conference will be held at the time of the tragedy that shook our city and minds of the people. Now I know and hope that you understand that in any case that this tragedy make us much closer and more tolerant and appreciating towards our lives. Should I say that our life is fragile and need more attention from our side!? There is no need in it as all of us are adults and understand it. I just want to say thank you for understanding and being with us, for acting cowardless, for dedication to MUN movement and for belief that our world will turn to the better. Thank you and be blessed! Yours, Olga Khabibulina Palls

WHICH COMMITTEE AT BELAMUN 2011 THIS YEAR IS THE BEST? • SG, PGA and Team (29%) • Human Rights Council (14%) • Economic and Financial Committee (17%) • Special Political and Decolonization Committee (15%) • Security Council (8%) • Environmental Commission (14%)


Tell Me Who I Am Is it important for the members of Secretariat to know each other well? They say yes. But let’s see how they really do. Some questions and answers from Angelica Belanovskaya, President of the General Assembly and Ivan Makarov, Deputy President of the General Assembly.


1. Your favourite superhero? Gambit from X-men. Angelica: Superhero? Without a shadow of a doubt, superman! 2. Your favourite country? Germany. Angelica: May I call Amsterdam a little country, where dreams come true?) 3. Your favourite sports? Beerball. Angelica: During BELAMUN preparations he’s an excellent sprinter at a distance from Masherova avenue to Nemiga) 4. How many hours do you sleep during BELAMUN? 3 a day Angelica: Does he sleep at all during BELAMUN? He’s a real superman rushing to help! 5. What do you like and hate most of all about BELAMUN? I hate all other staff except BELAMUN bothering me during BELAMUN. I like voyage, I like voyage… Angelica: Combining business with pleasure, that is what our amazing team likes most of all.


1. How many foreign languages do you speak? Two: English and German. And sign language, understandable only in BELAMUN team. Ivan: 2: German, English. 2. Your favourite TV-series? I am pressed for time, just news and sometimes favourite movies to relax. Ivan: Gossip Girl? Big Bang Theory? Santa Barabara? 3. Your favourite drink? A cup of green tea with mint. Ivan: Tea. 4. How do you prefer to cope with stress and anxiety? A cup of green tea with mint? Well, actually, keeping cool is the best way not to be acquainted with stress and anxiety. Ivan: Drink coffee, listen to music, hang out with friends. 5. What do you like and hate most of all about BELAMUN? I like the feeling of satisfaction and dislike... I belive it’s the antonym for BELAMUN. Ivan: Hates: quarrels and things bothering her at the BELAMUN time. Likes: atmosphere.

April 13, 2011



Andrei Malashevich: One Of the Best Ways to Change the World Andrei Malashevich, the Secretary General of Belamun, was so busy during the conference, that we could find him only by telephone. In the first day of the conference he was at school 154, where Economic and Financial and Environmental Committees were situated. • Vitalina Lebedeva, Veronika Zheshko Despite of his business he answered some questions: -What are your impressions about first day of Belamun? - My impressions are usual. Good, interesting conference, new participants, fresh ideas. - Is it differing from Student Conference? - Yes, of course, it differs a lot, because the level of delegates preparation and the ideas that delegates propose are absolutely different. I don’t think that the High School Confer-

ence is the same with a Students one. - Is it difficult to manage with duties of Secretary General? - (with a smile in his voice) Yes, it is rather difficult because you have to be everywhere, you have to do almost everything. Everyone wants something from you. The preparation process was very hard. But of course we have got our organization team and it is not so difficult, as it could be.

- As we know from interview with Ban Ki-moon (General Secretary of UN), he thinks that the reform of the organization is needed. He said: “The reform of the United Nations is very necessary, so that the UN can be trusted and gain confidence from the member states. The UN should be reborn to be more effective and efficient because it plays a leading role in the international community to bring peace, security and development, and to protect human

rights throughout the world.” What do you think about this question? - My personal opinion is that the organization should be reformed and it should be done in the nearest future. There are a lot of problems there and I think that they need some changes in the structure of UN. The United Nations is a very important universal global organization, the family of nations, and it should be made better and better. It is one of the best ways to change our world.

4 April 13, 2011


Resolution: To Write Or Not To Write? William Shakespeare would say “that is the question”. But our today’s response is: certainly write! A knotty problem is how to write it. Being a deep-rooted botanist and gulping down abstruse books isn’t our variant. That’s why put it out of your heads. The only way out for any true participant of Belamun is to be creative and original while writing a resolution and changing the world. • Vera Podosinovik, Kate Zhgirovskaya STEP 1: Remember famous people Risk-takers or followers of Isaac Newton are advised to find an apple orchard, sit under one of the trees and wait for an apple to fall on their head. Painful, but efficient. Supporters of Archimedes are recommended to take a bath. After this pleasant procedure the world will hear another “EUREKA!”. Sleepyheads or adherents of Mendeleev are to go to bed, embrace a pillow and dream of a gorgeous resolution.

STEP 2: The “on” position of your brains Today all-powerful Internet hands necessary information on a silver platter. Not a dog, but Google is the best friend of a man. The key to success is your brain. So, turn it on and use modern techniques of generating ideas. Brainstorming • maximum ideas per minimum of time; • combination of good ideas to create the best one. It’s like “1+1=3”. Mind mapping

• a key word, problem, idea plus associated concepts around it; • use symbols, codes, colours. Thinking outside the box • think unconventionally and from a new perspective. Reinvent the wheel. Why not? Beginner’s mind • beginners are lucky, aren’t they? So, forget about preconceptions and welcome eagerness and openness. In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the experts mind there are few. Just prove it.

STEP 3: old Belamun’s stagers are taking the floor Olga Khabibulina, BELAMUN Director: “You can even avoid the process of writing a resolution. But it is important to study the issue very carefully. And the key moment is to have a hot green tea with mint and honey next to you. That is my real inspiration!!!” Ivan Makarov, Deputy President of the General Assembly: “Connect on the Internet with a person who has cut his teeth on this issue. Some “nice” words from him – and you’ll find out as many solutions as UN can only imagine. But don’t overdo.” Maria Ugolnik, Chair of Human Rights Council: “You will need a lot of coffee and Internet because you’ll have to spend lots of time while searching for the necessary information. And also you should feel how important the issue is and how important YOU are because only we can help the world to become better.” Anton Dudko, Ukranian participant of Belamun Student Conference: “Use clauses, subclauses and subsubclauses… The more, the merrier. Add catching advertising statements and other countries will “buy” your resolution. Don’t forget about a facing page and bibliography.” STEP 4: Last but not the least Desperate times demand for reckless deeds. If all the previous steps have failed to be a success, we still have something for a rainy day. No cheating, only manual dexterity. The night before the judgement day put your magnificent resolution under the pillow or leave it on the windowsill to be charged with cosmic energy. One more trick is to buy a pair of common socks and turn them into lucky socks. And finally don’t forget to pray to Belamun’s spirits. Take everything easy and enjoy Belamun!!!

April 13, 2011


Special Political and Decolanization

Security Council Monday, as we know, is a difficult day. Especially if you’re intellectual and have to solve serious problems. The life of prospective diplomats hardly can be called a piece of cake. Make sure of it yourselves. • Vera Podosinovik, Kate Zhgirovskaya Before 10 a.m. 10 a.m. Monday, the 11th of April, Some lessons of entertainhas begun too early. On the ing geography (passers-by threshold of a great day full of were so courteous to help) and fruitful debates honorable del- finally everyone has successegates were hurry to start dis- fully reached the destination. cussions. But the first obstacle The process has got off the of this day was to find Gymna- ground. The show was run by sium 146, which has become Natasha Kotikova and Olga the temporary headquarter of Smirnova - open-minded, geSpecial Political and Decolo- nerous in giving help and alnization Committee. ways smiling chairs of GA1.

Both newly-made and experienced action-takers and opinion-makers introduced themselves to take the strain off and be in tune for good mood. 11 a.m. After an hour of draft resolutions discussion two groups have been formed. It became the first stage of “thought thrives on conflict” process.


The participants were so involved in Monday lobbing that it seemed almost impossible to drag them away from clauses. “For example”, “I consider”, “It’s necessary” filled the auditorium and turned it into a beehive. It’s not unusual because our prospective diplomats had their shoulders to the collar like real bees. And they deserved to have a rest. 12.50 a.m. In order not to knot convolutions the chairs and administrative staff suggested the participants to knot themselves. It was a game resembling the children’s one “Babushkiny nitki”. 13 p.m. The delicious dinner gave the participants the second breath. Satisfied and pleased, boys and girls got up to their neck in the saving of the world. 14 p.m.-16 p.m. (changing the location) Five minutes on foot - and the headquarter of Security Council in Gymnasium 12 has welcomed us. They couldn’t do without surprises: the most serious committee this year is leaded by four young ladies – the chairs Ann Grigorian and Marina Nelipovich and administrative staff. Their weapon is high heels, short skirts and sharp tongues) From the first minutes the most earnest delegates of BELAMUN took the bull by the horns. The hot discussion seemed to never end. So did the waterfalls of arguments and points of information. The atmosphere was tensing. For goodness sake it didn’t come to blows. In any case the resolution is going to be superb. It is said that the most difficult thing is to start. Without any doubt the first working day of BELAMUN HIGHSCHOOL CONFERENCE 2011 has started successfully. Carry on! And don’t forget to eat porridge for breakfast)


6 April 13, 2011

Human Rights Council Finding means to protect journalistsin times of armed conflicts – that is how the agenda of Human Rights Council sounds this year. • Anna Parkhanovich More than twenty countries gathered to discuss measures directing to protect the correspondents who are sent to trouble spots. For most of the delegates it is the first time of participating in MUN that’s why at first there were some difficulties in the committee but the Chairs willingly explained all the rules of procedure and the work started. At once several countries stood out: Switzerland, Slo-

vakia, Azerbaijan and Japan tended to express their opinions as clear as possible. Points passed one by one as the delegates weren’t very active but… After dinner the situation changed. The discussion took another turn! Disputes became sharper, questions – more provocative and on the whole the real debates began! Special attention was paid to suggestion proposed by the delegate of Gabon

who recommended making special uniforms for journalists. And thought Chile was trying to persuade the House that it wouldn’t defend them from sex violence (!) the point passed. Another point that caused serious discussion was from Republic of Korea that called for using a special kind of traumatic weapon by journalists to protect themselves against potential threat. What

exactly did the delegate mean? Pepper powder, for example! Unfortunately this non-ordinary solution didn’t engender confidence in the delegates that’s why it was the first point out of eight that didn’t passed. That was the 1st day of official debates in HRC. Hope that the 2nd day will be even more fruitful and the delegates will be more confident as they already have some experience from yesterday!


April 13, 2011


Environmental Commission If you try to save the energy and water, plant trees, don’t smoke, take part in the Earth Hour, protest against pollution and feel that ecological problems is a topic close to your heart, Environmental Commission is for you. • Vitalina Lebedeva, • Veronika Zheshko Some people are sure that researching and cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of the most important problem nowadays, and be ready to become an ardent protector of nature, because they are able to persuade anyone in it=) For example, the delegate of France was so inspired and ready for action that tried to introduce himself out of turn several times. The discussion was held without hot arguing thanks to quite and hospitable atmosphere. The main goal of its was to find ten co-submitters to support each

resolution.No wonder delegates were satisfied with their work - ideas for improving ecological situation were remarkable and brilliant. Besides, participants from Lithuania, which represented Cameron and the


and Financial Committee Have you ever thought about diminution of trade barriers purposely to sustain LEDC’s? We guess your answer will be “no”. • Vitalina Lebedeva, • Veronika Zheshko But participants of Economic and Financial Committee are seriously interested in this problem and they believe that it deserves attention. This point of view is right since the majority of people claim that economic and financial problems play an important role in every state’s life. The solution of such problems will be helpful and valuable anyway. The lobbing took place in school №154, started at 10 A.M. and the cheerful atmosphere established from the first minute. Chairs and delegates introduced themselves,

named places where they study and described their characters by three adjectives. After short and clear instructions by Chairs it was time to start! Participants divided into small groups for developing, correcting and discussing their resolutions. By the way, ten co-submitters were needed to represent each resolution in formal debates. That’s why delegates were trying to convince opponents in values of their resolution and stood up for each voice. We were really excited by the hard work of this Committee.

Ukraine, said that Environmental Commission considers actual problems, because our Earth is in danger and if we did not change style of life as soon as possible, the results would be disastrous for our planet.

8 April 13, 2011


Belamun: Special Investigation Do some faces of BELAMUN Team seem familiar to you? Maybe there is some reason for that…

Who is the best option for becoming Head of Administrative Staff? The final casting was passed by two. Diana Kruger seemed too soft to the jury, so Olga Chebrovskaya got the position.

Christina Ricci is seriously concerned about the problem of environmental pollution. Therefore, arrived in Minsk these days under the name of Veronika Novik. But nothing can be hidden from our experienced eyes! (Incidentally, because of the arrival of the star it was decided to hold meetings in English.)

What makes George Borisov and Semion Lobanov similar? They both respect human rights. If Egor says that his delegate doesn’t want to be operated on, then Semion will cancel it...

Glasses are a sign of a clever man. And what gives out a very clever one? Right! A thick head of hair. Proved by Venik from Russian series “Daddy’s daughters”, tested on Stepan Remniov.

Belamun Tribune Official Newspaper of the Belarusian Model United Nations. Minsk, 2011

Press Team: Hanna Baradzina (editor-in-chief), Yury Kascien' (design), Ilya Shashkov (photo), Maryna Kudzinava (photo), Anna Parkhanovich, Kate Zhgirovskaya, Vera Podosinovik, Vitalina Lebedeva, Veronika Zheshko, Ann Boguminskaya, Gleb Golovkov. In the breaks between playing in movies and advertising, Scarlett Johansson is living a normal life, which protects human rights. However, “normal life” of the girl is rarely so, and at BELAMUN Scarlett is duplicated by Maria Ugolnik.

Belamun-TV: Oleg Baranovsky, Alexander Kalyuganov, Anton Blashkevich. Contact:; +37529-779-28-83. Read the rest and watch videos on the blog:

Belamun Tribune #2 2011  

Official Newspaperof Belarusian Model United Nations, High School Conference (10-13 April, 2011)

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