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What is Email Marketing ? How to find a best Email Service Provider?

Email Marketing  Email marketing is a powerful tool for acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers to    

help your business growth. Email marketing has been around for decades, but it is still one of the most effective digital marketing channels available, since it's done well. Email marketing helps you stay in front of your audience. Now put accurate emails in front of the right people to increase sales and grow your business. And the best definition for Email Marketing is “ to develop relationships with potential customers and clients”.

Types of Email Marketing Email Marketing

Promotional Mails

Transactional Mails


Confirmation/Registration Emails

Lead Generations

Order Confirmation Emails

Re-Engagement Mails

Purchase Receipts

Seasonal Campaigns

Feedback Emails

Offer Mails

Password Reset Mails

Wishes Mails

Promotional Emails  Promotional emails do have the ability to deepen customer engagement and retention.

 Promotional email is to get the word out to potential customers about your product or service.

 Promotional emails require a clear call-to-action to convince customers to take the next step and convert.

 If promotional emails executed properly, it can help to generate revenue and give customers a reason to keep using your service.

Transactional Mails  Transactional emails are unique in providing critical information to customers while giving marketers the opportunity to provide more value through content, cross-sell and feature other products, gather feedback, or drive acquisition through referrals and sharing buttons.  Transactional emails are a great way to communicate with a prospective or existing customer.  Essential information for customers to know, like shipping notifications, receipts, account updates, and password resets.  Set up these emails as triggered messages sent in response to a customer action or inaction.

Role of Email Marketing in Small/Medium Business

 In every business Email Marketing plays a vital role.  The only cost-effective online platform for promotion and branding is Email Marketing.

 If some one own an Small or Medium sized organization they can blindly choose the source of Email Marketing, because it instantly gives the growth in short time.

How To Choose An Right ESP ? (Email Service Provider)  Once we decided to have Email Marketing for the business , the task we have to

perform on choosing the Email Service Provider. Your email service provider should be capable of providing a huge impact on the success of your email campaigns.  ESP should match all of your comfort zone, since email marketing is quite tough in initial stages ,only your ESP will guide you in it.  The choice of your service provider will make your burden less towards your Email Marketing.  We can find many ESP in market , but finding the best like KVN Mail for the Email Marketing is an best decision for your Business growth.

Why KVN Mail ?  Highly Focused on Results  Cost-Effective  Hassle Free  High Data Security  Easy to Use  Easy to Track  Friendly Customer Service  Trained Technical Team

How Easy Is Using KVN Mail ? • • • • •

Simple process to get an perfect outcome in Email Marketing! Step 1: Create the contact list. Step 2: Upload the created contact list in the application in .csv format. Step 3: Create your mailer with, Subject Line, Image and links. Step 4: Schedule and run the campaign. Step 5: Track the reports with accurate numbers on Open, Click , Bounce and Unsubscribes.

What We Get When We Use KVN Mail ?          

Return on Investment Reach of Global Audience Brand Awareness Reduces Time & Effort Frequent Communication Automate Sales-Cycle Increases Traffic on Website Promotion Free Email Planner Free Email Extractor

Conclusion  Email marketing has been around for a while, it continues to drive significant results for small businesses across the country. Even with the rise in popularity of other marketing platforms like social media, email marketing is still one of the best tactics that brands can use to reach and engage their target audience.

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Email Marketing Service | KVN Mail  

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