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SCRIPT MONEY CONTROL AV. Shot 1 On a white screen there will appear,with a flash animation and a sound .A man wearing denim jeans and t-shirt with a bag hanging on one side he is standing very casually. He speaks We all have dreams . Shot 2 The same man in suit and turban will come walking and spreads his hands, now we can see that there is table on which there is a prototype of the buildings kept and he says To create an empire , with a gesture of his hand indicating at that table. Shot 3 The same man, with grey hair and a cap on his head says with a smile and excitement to have a nice old life Shot 4 Now this man appears in a shirt tucked inside his trousers and trousers at the level of his belly button, wearing old round specs, gives a timid smile, he counts something on his fingers and says in a Guajarati accent to have two shops in Ahmedabad and two in Surat Shot 5 Man in same attire as shot 1 comes and shows a face in his wallet and with a smile on his face says and eyes at the photo marry her Shot 6 This time same man in kurta, with a hat, and beard wearing glasses of squared frame, he is walks in with a straight back and a serious look on his face as he say to get the right information Shot 7 Guy with a French beard, he is painting on his canvas, he looks back and smiles as he speaks with a look of calmness and light smile on his face to color the world Shot 8 Man in a suit and a shirt hanging out loose and a pair of jeans, glasses with thin frame, and a smile holding a chalk in his hand and a black board behind him to spread knowledge Shot 9 A mixture of all of them speaking a line. It goes like (teacher)but to make our dreams come true (suit guy)we need to make right decisions (journalist)we need to manage (college student) we need passion (retired old man) plan according to our priorities (shopkeeper) but above all we need to manage our finances, and investment (painter) For that I've trusted (everyone, one by one)

Shot 10 (suit guy, with his head held high in confidence and assurance in his voice) believe me, it's the biggest financial portal that I've seen Shot 11 (teacher, now sitting on a chair, with a smile on his face and exclamation in his voice) Its educating people at higher rate. It reached to 2 million people in 2010 and now it has 10 million users. Shot 12 (Shopkeeper with a nerdy look and Guajarati ascent) all my motabhais are there on moneycontrol then he comes a bit in front , leans and looks around to make sure no one else is listening, pretending to know a fact no one else knows and in a low voice, he says I've heard that 5% this time with pressure and hand gesture showing number five 5%, of Bombay stock exchange market's capital is depending on moneycontrol he goes back in a general posture, no more leaning and in his usual voice kuch to baathoganabhai Shot 14 (old retired man with confidence and mocking his friends voice, being a bit sarcastic at the last line) my friend mentioned about it to me saying that every 7th internet user is moneycontrol user. I dint believe him at first, but now I know why. I think that is the only good advice he ever gave me Shot 15 (College guy, first only the portrait and then half o his body in the frame where he showing off his mobile and speaking of the apps) I thought who will spend so much time in front of a computer you know I got other stuff to do, but then I saw in a news now with an excitement and amusement in his tone it has apps for mobile users too, and I was not the only one, there were already 2.5 mn downloads, I think these guys rock! Shot 16 (Painter, with the same calm face and slight smile, making a concerned face while he is advising) 2 million people have trusted moneycontrol, It has been managing their portfolios, there must be a reason behind such a trust. It was created with the idea of developing India financially. If your portfolio is not on moneycontrol, I'll advice you get one Shot 17 (Journalist, in loud crispy tone, saying something with concern and proud, with a sense of patriotism) I think the information must reach everyone in time and all the doubts should be cleared and the same thought is shared by moneycontrol. It answers to almost 35k messages on its message board everyday, with managing around 60 posts/min during market hours We care because we see dreams, And now its time to make them come true Its just a click away



ARROW ON CAR The idea was to stick the arroows on cars in parking.

EPIC LAUNCH tvc IDEA SCRIPT :Scene 1 It's a dry land , sweat drops down from his forehead, while he is shown struggling with the rope tied across his shoulders Scene 2 Old, torn, pages, books, rocks. Old very old scriptures are tied in a bundle with this rope that the man is dragging. Scene 3 As he enters the city clouds cover the place, people see him and start following as to know what is there in that bundle. A big crowd is now following him, while it rains heavily Scene 4 He reaches an empty ground, where there is one banyan tree, he catches his breath before opening the first of the books, a crowd covering him. And as he says Bohat saalon purani baat hai The clouds gets cleared making a way for sun to shine bright. Different scenes from the various shows are shown. A bright light. Epic, kal ki nayi shuruat .CONCEPT- STORY It was hot, sweat ran through his forehead. He was tired but unwilling to stop, to rest or even to have water. His hands became numb coz of the rope tied to his shoulder. He had been dragging a huge weight,,weight of knowledge., scriptures, very old scriptures. Hold by them were the stories of great warriors, scholars, kings and heroes of the long lost time. He dragged them through all the land in all the seasons, dragging them to a place where they could be saved, in the memories of people. Where it could be given away to the next generation and passed on the next. Stories that would teach them the lessons of life and inspire them. Far away in a deserted land were his people, waiting, thirsty for wisdom. A figure appeared in the horizon, that's when a small kid came running to inform he is coming. Eyes filled with excitement, as they've ben waiting for this moment to come. To get drenched in the knowledge our ancestors had left for us. To open the book of secrets, yet unknown.


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