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Nir Kouris

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Jesse van Doren Co-Curators World Hackathon Day



Article Writing Competition #GLOBAL LEVEL

“Will On Wheels” Words Of Motivation from DEEPA MALIK Arjuna Awardee paraplegic athlete who has won numerous accolades for her participation in various international sports and adventurous events in motor sports.

My message to students would be definitely a strong stress to time management to avoid stress. Today’s generation is burdened with so many choices.. And due to peer pressure you get involved in a lot. I am not saying the activities they are getting sucked into due to an evolving lifestyle are negative, but they are definitely time consuming. Social Network Sights take up a major chunk of their time. Today’s student is aware and joining hands in a lot of social activities. Sports and physical fitness is also becoming an integral part of a student's daily routine. At the same time the competition in the academic field is sky rocketing... So I guess the most important thing would be to prioritize your time table and very consciously divide your time. Following a routine with regularity will keep the stress level low and including sports n recreation in the right proportions would keep them rejuvenated.


About Us RoughPolish is an initiative where we aim to polish your rough side and dimensions. Our different programs help people to enhance their different skills which make them a profound entrepreneur. We are a community where we minimize the distance between the successful and budding entrepreneurs. For the sake of the same we have launched our Online Magazine to help out the budding entrepreneurs and make people aware about the latest trends of Entrepreneurial world and the Young Indian Entrepreneurs.

Our Magazine has been launched to create an atmosphere of self-efficacy among the youth and motivate them to explore their own ideas and come up with their StartUps to eradicate the problem of unemployment.

Our Vision “To reach out to every individual who has Untouched Hidden Entrepreneurship talent to be explored”


RoughPolish TEAM




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Presence of RoughPolish Started on January 6, so far RoughPolish has marked its presence across various colleges in North India and has many Student Ambassadors as well. RoughPolish has interviewed many famous Budding Entrepreneurs and Young Achiever’s. Every aspect has been take into its consideration, may it be fashion, media, technology or marketing. In this Aspect RoughPolish has come up with its Online Magazine that features many Unique and Inspiring Stories. World Earth Hour was also celebrated with great enthusiasm in collaboration with BuddyBits and Respire Education Learning

What you’ll see in our Next Edition? Our next edition will bring you the Entrepreneurs from various fields. A section dedicated to Woman Entrepreneurship is also planned to be considered in depth. How can you contribute? You can be a Part of the Online Magazine by RoughPolish by submitting your articles on Entrepreneurs from various field and Women Entrepreneurs. Also timely checking our events column can help. You can also participate in our ongoing Online Article Competition to get yourself in our next issue.


Editor’s Note Shivam Kapoor Co-Founder & Magazine Editor “Starting a venture is an easy job but to keep it going, needs a fantastic team. I am blessed with one!!”

Being an entrepreneur you have to believe in yourself and perseverance does the rest. I have tried to bring out the best to the budding entrepreneurs, along with my team a learning opportunity through the Inspiring Edition of this magazine. My humble advice to all the budding entrepreneurs would be to explore your ideas by grabbing the best available opportunity at the blink of an eyelid. As I believe,

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker

About the Magazine

While compiling this magazine patience has been the real test of mine. Our motivation and Idol being the Arjuna Awardee honorable Deepa Malik , the Pride of India has given us all the strength and motivation to move forward and bring you RoughPolish- THE MAGAZINE. As a Mentor and Guide Mr. Tarun Gupta, the Founder, iAchieve Group has encouraged RoughPolish with his words of wisdom and is giving us all the support we aspire of. You can read more about Mr. Tarun Gupta in the International Inspiration. A Special column about THE WORLD HACKTHON DAY and bout its curators has been included to tell you about the efforts these Hackathon boys have made. You’ll get know more on this in our next issue. Likewise MANY NEW ARTICLES & COLUMS have been included to inculcate the spiritg of entrepreneurship in the budding entrepreneurs.




International Inspiration Edition

Tarun Gupta Founder of iAchieveGroup “RoughPolish feels Proud to have him as our Mentor” Mr. Tarun Gupta was recently crowned as the

“Global ICON of the Month”

by Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

Follow him on twitter @RockingTG


Tarun Gupta Founder of iAchieve Group In pursuit of their mission, the iAchieve Group has a business model that empowers people to unleash their potential and become successful entrepreneurs. An intelligent collaboration of knowledge and experience, they specialize in leveraging the power of social media to help individuals establish their own global online businesses. Tarun Gupta is an Indian-American entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, Business Development and Public Speaking. He provides coaching, mentorship in the areas of business ethics, leadership, time management and wealth management to entrepreneurs across the globe. Tarun completed his BE in computer engineering from Pune University and Masters of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from the prestigious Kellogg School of Management. Tarun has been the knight in the shining armor when it comes to funding as he opted for not a VC, not an Angel investor or a bank loan but the honorary of investing his own personal savings. The turnaround of funding- Tarun migrated to USA in 1993 with nothing in his pocket albeit with eyes full of dreams and passion to make it big on his own. He graduated from Pune and went on to do his MBA from Kellogg’s Institute, USA. he did his MBA in finance. Post his MBA he had the fortune of working with IBM and several Fortune 500 companies across various sectors including Manufacturing, Specialty Chemicals, Finance, Insurance, Education, Research & Development and the US Government. After 13 years of experience with them, he started working on the IT group of using multiple channels, which was something unique and fresh concept. He also engaged himself with public speaking and although he don’t term himself as a motivational speaker, he do a lot of motivational talk. He also strongly believes that an entrepreneur has to have qualities much beyond the normal service oriented mindset, about which also he speak a lot. He provides them with such solutions to make a difference in their lives. Tarun started his venture of providing IT solutions through multiple channels and has been a founder of startup Teligent, Inc. and the recent one being the iAchieve Group, Inc. This portal of has a business model that empowers people to unleash their potential and become successful entrepreneurs. An intelligent collaboration of knowledge and experience, they specialize in leveraging the power of Social Media to help individuals establish their own global online businesses. Some Important tips How to use personal savings effectively from Tarun As per the wise, a designated amount of your savings must be invested. The most prudent approach is to keep a diversified investment portfolio. This means that you should not invest 100% of your personal savings in any single investment, including your own company ever. Investing personal savings in a business is an important milestone. Holding back some savings for personal rainy day needs should not be perceived as any lack of faith in your business prospects. Rather, look at it as positive confirmation that you can be a shrewd business investor who is out to reduce needless risk at every turn. Many of us would think what if I don’t end up making money and I lose my savings also but if you believe this company has a good chance, you must invest your savings, because it’s the only logical way to make the finances work. If you don’t think the company has a good chance, you should not work there but save the savings because you’re wasting your most valuable asset — your time. You could be better off spending time with your family and making a good living. You might argue that you’re already putting yourself at risk by working at the company/job, so you should save your savings as cushion for your family. But actually you’re still doing your family a disfavor, because it’s almost impossible for you to earn back the reward on your time. Of course the value of working at a startup isn’t just financial. It’s more fulfilling, more exciting, more fun, and nowhere else will you learn as much about as many things. That absolutely counts, perhaps even more than the potential for making money!


World Hackathon Day

A 24 hours Hackathon by the Global Young Innovators community to gather the world’s brightest talents and make them go viral.

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NIR KOURIS Wearable technology evangelist in the Start-Up Nation. Advising large companies and startups around the globe. Follow him on twitter @nirkouris

JESSE VAN DOREN Jesse is a tech entrepreneur, scientist and inventor. He is Public Relations advisor for several technology companies and developing his own fashion brand. Follow him on twitter @jessevandoren

ARAIK GINGNAGEL Araik is a passionate entrepreneur, a self-taught engineer and an out of the box thinker. Follow him on twitter @araikgingnagel

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From the heart of an Entrepreneur

(In this pic from left: Sonic Prabhu Desai, Raj Chourasia, Sumit Saurav, Nishan Bose) Co-Founded by Sonic Prabhudesai, Raj Chourasia, Sumit Saurav & Shashank

Sumit Saurav, Co-Founder/CEO CAMPUS DIARIES shares form his heart Sumit shares, “A lot of times, ventures, ideas and solutions are born because of a moment when someone feels pain or experiences a problem. Then follows an assumption (yes, that’s what it is at that stage) that this is a problem that many others might be facing. This is the exact moment when a true entrepreneur can take shape in the head of the person who was only a problem solver a few moments ago. And this is what happened to us.” I was in the 3rd year of engineering at MIT Manipal, where I graduated from in 2010, when the seeds of the problem (and perhaps its solution) were first sown. There was an editorial board in the college, as it is in many of our colleges. I was of the opinion that I had brilliant ideas and some very exciting views and stories to share. And I honestly thought that everyone in the college should be reading what I wanted to write. So basically, I was like every 3rd year guy at college. So I applied for a position there as a writer and I got rejected. Although I was disappointed, but I concluded I probably needed to brush up my skills. Following semester, I applied again, I got rejected again. This was when it really hit me and I got disappointed and angry at having to get someone’s permission to give a shot at being published.


Campus Diaries wasn’t born until two years after that. It was born one year after year I got placed after my graduation. What I largely wanted to do was express freely and openly, be discovered by my peers and be appreciated by everyone yes, but I think as it ends up, appreciation from your peer group is always the kind that you really want. And thus began our journey to create a self-expression platform for young people like no other, better than whatever anyone might have seen in the country. A place, platform and medium using which young people, predominantly from schools, colleges and universities can engage in creative expression, storytelling, showcasing their work and sharing ideas and experiences. Campus Diaries is now, India’s biggest such platform, reaching more than a lakh students across 6 countries. The entire platform is enabled and driven by - a website where you can create content in form of stories, ideas and experiences using mixed media, discover and interact with other creative talents from the youth community around the world and get rewarded for your work. Select authors get published in Unmagazine - a nationally published print magazine - which is curated from the content on India’s first crowd sourced magazine, Unmagazine is read by around 30,000 people across 15 cities and more than 500 schools, colleges and organizations. Not only this, but you can also work on projects and use your content to solve a problem that the community is facing. So far the platform has enabled projects for Indian and Pakistani students to come together, young girls to freely talk about bras, create storyboards around India’s largest college festivals and the youth to have free and open conversation about understanding and discussing the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections in India. There are many more examples and ways in which Campus Diaries has caused impact. Enabling and facilitating content and expression which can be useful is what our greatest win is at the end of the day. The road to startups, if you ask any entrepreneur is always very difficult. But not one entrepreneur will complain because it is always the time of a life if you do it honestly and with full dedication. For a bunch of young people with no experience, there will always be mistakes. In retrospective, we know all of us in the entire team screwed up a lot of times. This is what makes all of us smarter and brings us closer to the entire venture. The important lesson always is to not repeat the same mistake twice and not make very expensive mistakes. But apart from that failure is a necessary part of the entire game. Courage and persistence are the two biggest qualities you need to go the distance with your startup. Everything else comes along the way. You do need smart people, though, don’t get me wrong, but persistence, as every one finds out is really what separates one from the rest. Working on a creative startup is one of the most satisfying and exciting things to do in the world today and so has been the case with all of us too. Bringing technology, people, creativity and business together is a challenge that life throws at you every single day and every hour, but when sometimes when you step back and feel some moments at this intersection, we know we couldn’t have asked for more and that we are on a journey of a lifetime, doing something that will not only do well as a product and a venture, but will possibly have an impact on society for good. There is that one side we are working hard to represent and assess and grow in numbers and talking to customers, investors and various stakeholders about the same. And there is another side where we are in the thick of creating something that is giving back the power to the future that is creating friendships, that is enabling creation to all of which there is no price. Both are important and necessary for us, and both are equally exciting. This is what keeps us going every day. We hope more people share our vision and the youth of the world comes together to express. To stop thinking about approvals and boundaries and create because they should and because they want to. To tell stories and share ideas and experiences and do it with millions all around the world. Young people in schools, colleges and universities today are not just the agents of change and creation for tomorrow; they are also one of the best creators of today. And this is our mission to create a platform that enables both. VISIT TO KNOW MORE


Young Indian Achiever

Nikky Kumar Jha Author - Miracle Minds An inspiring Book which contains the story of 15 Undergraduates who dares to find their own path.

About the Book

Miracle minds is the detail inspiring story of 15 undergraduate who are unique from their age group and all are hardly of 22 and in this short span of time they dared to find their own path. All the 15 are genius in their respective fields and they really love the work they do. They are passionate about their creativity. Their skills define them and their passion leads them to success. Book contains the detailed information about their daily habits, how they manage their time slot i.e. their daily routine apart from their studies and enjoyment. Their stories are amazing and it is far much inspiring to the teenagers who have some dream and facing hindrance to fulfill their burning desire, also the book contains the contact details of all the miracles so that readers can directly be in touch with them so that they can guide teenagers to develop India and helps in making country a superpower. At the last but not the least their stories say that if you are passionate and wants to be on the top there is no hindrance of degree and money just one need the efforts and hard work.

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Young Indian Achiever Let’s Know More about Nikky Kumar Jha

Nikky Kumar Jha (born 1995) is a Student, Researcher, Inventor, entrepreneur, writer and teen expert. He published his first research paper at the age of 16 which made him youngest ever author to publish research paper. Till now he had published six research papers in the international journals and eight under consideration. He also attended seven international conferences till now. His famous invention is on Generation of electricity from Ash, Hybrid phone charger, Wearable medical device to cure body and joint pain. He got “PARYAVARAN RATNA AWARD” at the age of 14 followed by many National and International Awards. Also he is on the coastline of breaking the world record of maximum number of undergraduate research paper published yet. Currently he is pursuing his B.Tech (2nd year) from GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida. Nikky is founder of WebtechVilla ( ) an online magazine dealing in the sector of Invention and Entrepreneurship. Also he is Brand Ambassador at Oasis Cay ( a student service providing company. He mentors student specially teenagers in different school across India. He currently lives in Greater Noida and can be reached at


Guest Author

Saraswathi Pulluru Co-Founder & Chief editor at THETECHPANDA.COM

About the author

Saraswathi Pulluru is the co-founder & chief editor at She is a telecom consultant by profession and is interested in startups by passion. She can be reached at


Article by our Guest Author 7 Questions every Entrepreneur must answer to get the best interns on board Its Summer Time now and all the startups I know have started looking for interns. Ideally, college students are available for 2-3 months, roughly starting from May. With the experience of pitching to students, I can confidently say that – most of the times, students do not ask a lot of questions after your presentation is over. So, how do you know if you have conveyed all the necessary points in your pitch and have enticed students enough? Be it physically via a presentation, or your internship job description at various intern portals – it is important to get the act right. Here are the 7 things your pitch must answer to attract quality and relevant intern applications – 1. What exactly are you trying to do? Yes, you have a pretty neat website with an explainer video and there is lot of stuff available online on your startup to look up. However, unless you are really popular, there is a slim chance that students might know the exact things you are onto. So, spend the first few minutes explaining what problem you are trying to solve and how. This would attract the students who are naturally interested in the domain, and hence would be willing to put in the extra effort. 2. What are the duties of an intern during the internship period? Sure, startups are one hell of learning curve, and once an intern comes on board – he will most likely help you out with a bunch of things. However, for someone joining your startup, there should be some fixed responsibilities assigned as primary task. If you have a plan of hiring interns, it means the next couple of months are also chalked out in terms of work load and its distribution. So, be specific on the kind of work they’ll be allocated. 3. Is it onsite or virtual internship? From what I have seen, this is one of the main deciding factors take up an internship. If you are looking at content writers or social media interns, they might work virtually. But, design and coding guys need to be with the startup team so they are in sync with the latest happenings. Again, a lot depends on mutual preference. Explain the nature of internship and how flexible you are to change the rules, if the correct candidate comes along.


4. What stipend and perks come with the internship? It is absolutely essential to mention if the internship is free or paid. And if paid, how much are you willing to pay for the internship period. In terms of perks – mention what they get when they intern with you Internship certificate, free access to company’s products, free Wi-Fi and coffee, conveyance – anything that you are willing to do and will entice a prospective intern.

5. What is the benefit they get by interning at your startup? Although this is an optional step, it greatly taps into human psychology of ‘what’s in it for me?’ Do they learn some business domain knowledge? Do they get to attend any events and represent the startup? Think creatively on how an intern can benefit by working in your startup. Mention it loud and clear. 6. What skills are you looking at? Be very specific and mention the tech or soft skills you are looking in an intern. You will spend the first few weeks of internship, in grooming them to your startup. But, they still need the right kind of skill set to fit in – not jack of all but master of a trade. This is a very important question to answer, and tell students on how far are you willing to train them on the skill set. However, being very rigid on skills can put a lot of students off – as you come across as someone who needs a pro like skilled person and many might not apply. Balance is the key here. 7. How to apply and what is the selection process? Leave your e-mail address with the subject line prospective interns should be using to apply. Give them exact details on what to mention in the e-mail: CV, may be a sample writing copy, social media strategy or github project details. Close the conversation with a deadline on when to apply. Answering the above questions will not only help you answer the most important questions, but puts you in an advantageous position among many startups pitching for the same students. Do keep these things in mind before hiring an intern for your startup.


Young Indian Entrepreneurs

Abhijit Chokshi JOSH talks

Rajat Shahi Intellogi

Satwik Mishra Mech junction

Nishit Jariwala Buddybits

Pradeep Kumar Slashsquare

Niranjan Yadav Switch Idea

Vaibhav Sisinty Crazyheads

Chirag Dodiya Plorez

Avish Hakani Affiro


Young Indian Entrepreneur

Abhijit Chokshi Co-Founder & CMO at JOSH talks Abhijit began his undergraduate education in entrepreneurship at Lancaster University in 2011. He served as the chief event organizer for Lancaster University Indian society. He also served as the Lancaster University Management School Representative in the Lancaster University Student Union (LUSU). He was trained by the British Army in leadership development training in Lancashire. In August 2012, he commenced his study abroad year at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands. Being a passionate long distance runner he successfully finished the ABN-Amro marathon in Rotterdam. Abhijit has gained extensive experience of market research and business strategy after working as Manager of marketing and sales at (Dutch enterprise specialized in developing wedding photography management applications). He is presently pursuing his final year at GDGWI Lancaster University. He is serving as student placement officer at GDGWI Student Corporate Resource Centre.

Follow him on twitter @abhijitchokshi


Young Indian Entrepreneur

Nishit Jariwala Co-Founder & CMO at Blogger, entrepreneur, designer, photographer and a dreamer are just a few words to describe Nishit - a hybrid engineering student who thinks he is too creative to stick to a 9 to 4 college routine. He is extremely passionate about startups and thus is both the Founder and Editor in Chief at Entrepreneurship is not a career decision for him; it is a lifestyle choice he made when he was only 18. Nishit started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17. He founded Web Designing firm in year 2010- Lysung Technology. Lysung Technology provides brand designing, web designing and online marketing. He also runs a lifestyle portal, which is the first product of Lysung Technology. At, they give latest happenings around India, they arrange contests/ events, they run social awareness campaigns and do lot of other interesting things. is becoming a very good platform for readers and writers.

Follow him on twitter @mybuddybits


Young Indian Entrepreneur

Vaibhav Sisinty Co-Founder & CMO at Crazy Heads Vaibhav Sisinty, a young entrepreneur with instinct entrepreneurial skills is a founder of recently launched startup CrazyHeads. Fascinated by the spirit of freedom, never wants to work under someone, he indulged in this field during his childhood days when he was in 2 nd or 3rd grade by having a excellent deal of exchange of an expensive pen for small pencils with his friend in which he had a profit of more than 200%. There are certain more examples to clarify that he is passionate about entrepreneurship. Inspired by the work and words of Steve Jobs – “Those who are Crazy enough are the ones who change the world”. He has named his venture CrazyHeads, thinking that thing has hit his head and put its name CrazyHeads. The basic services provided by them are Website designing and development, how to make a Website Attractive and User-friendly by the use of LOGOs, Animation etc. Works that they do are with lot of passion and they make sure that their clients get more than what they expect and this has happened every single time. They are having a psychological view- “If they are not happy, we are not”.

Follow him on twitter @VaibhavSisinty


Young Indian Entrepreneur

Rajat Shahi Founder at Intellogi Rajat Shahi is a multitalented person with his range over multiple ventures. Currently, he is the CEO and Founder at Intellogi, Business Development Head & PR Manager at Couch Potato Productions. He is also the core committee member at Hyderabad Entrepreneurs Society. Earlier, he has been the Team Member at Research Development Center, CMRCET. He has been the Campus Ambassador at Mozilla Firefox, Student Ambassador Team Lead at WebTek Labs Pvt. Ltd. and much more. Services like Branding (logo, poster, videos etc.), Mobile Application Development (android, windows, ios etc.), Website Design/Development, Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO, etc.), Software Development, Recruitment & Staffing Solutions etc. are provided by them. They consider their Winning Moments when they got International assignments from Sweden, Australia, USA and many. According to Rajat, “A job pays you for what the role/designation does rather than for what you can do, which is why the compensation it pays doesn’t justify your capability”.

Follow him on twitter @RoyaleRajat


Young Indian Entrepreneur

Pradeep Kumar CEO & Founder of Slashsquare

Pradeep is a Blogger and an Internet Marketer. He started to blog without knowing what blogging is about. Later he understood the importance of blogging and made further enhancements. Slashsquare is an Indian Blog Network and Web Consulting Media. They have blogs, which includes HellBound Bloggers (HBB), MoviesDrop, HostLater and DeviceBAR. They started to blog about the topics they love and they decided they should be expanding. He is a fun loving guy, Movie Freak, proud Indian and Atheist. He always wanted to do something related to videos, so probably he might try my hands on script-writing or taking documentaries. By 2015 they’ll also be launching more blogs under our Slashsquare network.

Follow him on twitter @spradeepkr


Young Indian Entrepreneur

Chirag Dodiya Founder at Plorez As a 19 Year old, Chirag is a young entrepreneur with 3 years of experience in IT field. Most recently, he founded Plorez, a community platform for startups and entrepreneurs. He is a Second Year BMS Student from Mumbai University. Expertise into Information Technology, Marketing, Web Development, Business Development. "I have witnessed many young entrepreneurs struggling for marketing and exposure not because of an inferior quality product but because of networking skills. You just need to get out of your comfort zone. Meet and greet new people every single. Add that in your must to-do list. Most of all, Use Social Media to the fullest. Don't use Social Media as a tool, use it as an asset. Then you will excel in harnessing its true potential.� Chirag says.

Follow him on twitter @chirag_dodiya


Young Indian Entrepreneur

Satwik Mishra Founder & CEO at Mech Junction and eFringe Satwik Mishra, born on 5th July 1991 in Purnea district of Bihar, is an engineer by education, an entrepreneur by profession and an author by passion. He has very strong zeal to turn up as a successful serial entrepreneur of the country. He also loves writing poems and fictions in leisure time. His work has been appreciated and published in various national as well as international anthologies. At present he is in final year of his engineering graduation degree program, in VIT University, Vellore. He has been a great achiever till now. He has won ‘Blaze energy Efficiency Contest’ award by Schneider Electric in 2013, recently received ‘Youth Fellowship’ award by SAM Global in 2014, awarded 3rd prize in Debate competition, held at NIT Trichi in 2012 and much more. Talking about his managerial skills, he has been served as a Chairperson in American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) VIT Student Section for the tenure of 2012-13, appointed as a Team Captain in an official green vehicle making team of VIT i.e. TEAM UTTEJIT for the year 2013, worked as a Manager in an International Techno-Management Fest of VIT University i.e. Gravitas-13. His venture Mech Junction is aimed to furnish all the unsung essentials of mechanical engineering students and professionals by providing online platform to mechanical engineering students. EFringe is a recent initiative of Satwik, along with his friends to develop energy efficient lighting products and switches.

Follow him on twitter @mishra_satwik


Young Indian Entrepreneur

Niranjan Yadav Founder & CEO at Startcup and Switch Idea Firm Believer of a thought, “THE DAY YOU START TAKING MORE ACTIONS THAN HAVING MERE CONVERSATIONS YOU WILL TASTE YOUR FIRST SUCCESS”. Niranjan Yadav, a College dropout, who never attended a single lecture, who never loved school, considered college canteen to be more innovative place than the classroom, is a chief editor of Startcup. He is also the CEO and Founder of Switch Idea, Director and Speaker at Blogathon. At the age of sixteen, he started doing graphic designing and continued with it as his dream work. Startcup is an award winning blog that covers startup news, interviews with the early-bird entrepreneurs and the problems that young entrepreneurs are trying to solve. With their multi-talented team they combine their creative forces to bring in the best content that every entrepreneur can consume. They're building the finest internship portal in India to bridge the gap between the students and the employers. Switch Idea focuses on three primary segments: Internships, college placements and student trainings.

Follow him on twitter @yoswitchidea


Young Indian Entrepreneur

Avish Hakani Founder at Affiro All in one, he is a Digital Marketer, Online Business Developer, Writer and a student studying BMS, Avish Hakani is a Serial Entrepreneur. He has launched 2 startups and he is the President of a dynamic youth organization GlobalYouthForum which is to empower youth by youth. He is also one of the India’s Co-Founder of Open Enterprise Space, a platform for starting entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds that want to be prepared for a world that is transforming at an increasing speed in a global setting. He started with which is a business to business and business to consumer shopping affiliate platform to buy the best, latest and chosen products and services of your choice digitally all over the internet world. He is also the founder of the finest embedded talks library of the world focused at educating and inspiring actions in the lives of the people looking forward to achieve their targets, live their dreams and learn new things. He believes that “TO MAKE A GREATER FUTURE, WE NEED TO BUILD GREATER FOUNDATIONS NOW.”

Follow him on twitter @AvishJH


Unique Indian Ventures India’s First Tribute Portal

Vimal Popat & Vivek Vyas Co-Founders of Shradhanjali.Com


Let’s know more from Shradhanjali.Com

In this cyber age we get almost everything over internet, still when it comes to finding details of our ancestors and parted loved ones search engines do not find any details. We felt bit disturbed and these thought “cant these be presented in some more respectable and presentable manner which also stays forever and can be accessed globally and be remembered and shared?” these questions made us go about this noble portal allows everyone to store, publish, share and prepare a complete ready reference of their ancestors for future generations. Here, one can post unlimited biography (Indian regional languages available), personal and family details, social services and charity done by the soul, photos, embedded videos, unlimited condolence messages can be posted from around the world (Indian regional languages), set background music (religious music choice from mantras, chants, bhajans etc.) and set death and birth anniversary reminders for relatives and friends. The portal has successfully received entry into India book or records and also going to be in other prestigious record book in 2014 record book. Pain point: no details of our ancestors are available anywhere on internet. Their details are not searchable and hence can’t be archived by anyone. Young generations want to know about their roots and ancestors but merely any details are available. Solution: provides an advertisement free platform wherein one can share all of the details viz. photos, videos, life journey, family and personal details, condolence messages, social services charities etc. and set reminders for all relatives and friends at one time convenient price of INR 5000 for 30 years. As of now the portal has more than 240 paid profiles and around 85 complimentary profiles of martyrs, film stars, social leaders, politicians and other public figures.

Visit for more info


Unique Indian Ventures India’s No.1 Puja Booking site Your prayers are being brought to enlightenment via Manokamna, India's most unique one stop Online Puja Booking Portal. One Click and it’s done, your puja is booked!!

Achal Srivastav & Raghav Sharma Co-Founders of


About started in late 2012 when Achal Srivastav felt the need of Puja and pandit very complicated in Ghaziabad of NCR. He was not able to find the mango leaves, banana leaves, pujan samagri etc. It took 3 hours for him to search for the samagris and leaves; still he was not able search the banana leaves. So as they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions. He came back from Ghaziabad to Delhi and discussed this event with this friend Raghav Sharma. They started working on this project by doing surveys from temple to temple, priest to priest. They ultimately found this project worth doing and interesting, so they registered the firm in the name of Global Drishti Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The name is the mix of the companies name from Achal & Raghav, where they were working that time. Achal was working for a Hong Kong based firm and Raghav was working Gurgaon based firm. They quit their job and started, in order to facilitate the puja in a hassle free manner/ way. Since Puja plays a vital role in Hindu sanskriti and there is a lack of time in people life to search for Pujan samagri and Pandits. They have created a blue ocean strategy for the nation where one can easily book their puja of choice and everything will be delivered at their door step with Pandit ji at the muhurat time. They hope, in coming days some more startups will follow them and will start giving service like this for the country. Meanwhile, when they were providing the service for the country they also started getting orders from U.S.A and Europe. They are shipping the CDs directly to the devotees internationally and also have provision for the live puja darshan directly from Indian temple for a particular puja. Now they have also started their services for Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune in India. Their brand has the tagline ‘BRINGING PROSPERITY TO LIFE.’

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Let’s Talk Interview with Surendranath


Founder of REDD ROBOTICS From Robotics to Automation, Embedded systems to Prototype Development Redd Robotics do it all. Founded by Surendranath Reddy, a technology geek from Chennai has an interesting startup story. RoughPolish brings you an interview with Mr. Reddy.

Reddy says, “Studied electronics and communications, but never really graduated. Technology always interested me, especially when it’s more than just software. Driven by the same passion, joined an electronics startup “Simple Labs” and worked for 2 and half years. When I quit, I founded Redd Robotics.”


Q. Introduction about your Startup & Team! Founded in Jan 2013, Redd Robotics is into the Research and Development of advanced technologies like Robotics, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, Home Automation and 3D printing. We’re a small team of technical people highly passionate about Technology. This year, we’re also pushing into Consumer Electronics. Q. How and when your entrepreneurship journey started? Quitting my previous job wasn’t planned. It just happened over a few minutes discussion on a Saturday evening. And then I was jobless. When I posted the same on Facebook, a few companies came to know about it and offered me jobs and then there was one project. I chose the project and then I decided to go ahead the same way. 10 days after I quit my job, I founded Redd Robotics. Q. What led you to be an Entrepreneur? The business part aside, I just wanted to follow my passions, and the best way I saw was to startup. The huge support I got from people around pushed me even further. Q. Who is your source of Motivation/Inspiration? That’s a difficult question to answer. I get inspired from every good thing on how to be and every bad thing on how not to be, be it a person, product, technology, anything. That said, my previous job plays an important role in whatever I do today. Q. Which type of services you offer? To keep it simple, we offer technological solutions related to all the fields mentioned above. Q. What are your future expectations? This year we’re scaling up. We’re moving into products, rather than being just a services company. That way we’ll have our own line of products coming up and also serve clients with our technical expertise Q. What makes you distinct from other established robotics companies/Startups? We are a company who are not just into robotics. Like I said, we’re working on many other relevant technologies as well, which are helping ourselves build a strong technological portfolio. On one dimension, we’re working on the Research and Development of advanced technologies and on the other; we’re working towards making existing technologies better and affordable. Q. What are the sources of your funds (present/future)? Started off with the little money I had saved from my previous job and a bit of help from parents. At bad times, a lot of friends helped me out. Investors have been approaching us now and then, but we haven’t accepted any YET and have stuck to bootstrapping. We may or may not accept investments in the future. Q. Your valuable suggestions for budding Entrepreneurs! I’ll quote Steve Jobs here: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish...” Visit to know more


TECHNOBITES BY NIRMAN DAVE Nirman Dave, a techie, an innovator, a blogger, a coder, a programmer, a 17 year old teenager from Rajkot. You will be amazed to know that this young innovator entrepreneur is surprising all with his fantastic innovations like ANTable (a multi-touch surface table) and many more.

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Antable A device where they converted a piece of paper into a multi-touch surface table . "The Ant" is a multi-touch table created by two Indian high school students - Nirman Dave and Anuj Vaishnav. With this you can make your computing experience more flexible than ever before. The idea is to create a simple, powerful and brilliant multi-touch system which can be cheaply available for all. Its applications can be stretched widely from school blackboards to restaurant menus. This multi-touch table is worth a shot! The amazing part about this table is that it has been made using a very simple idea. When you place your finger on a piece of paper, there is shadow of your finger formed underneath the paper. The idea is to track this shadow using a webcam and move the cursor with the shadow. Every activity on the computer is the projected back on the paper. Hence, making a multitouch surface table.

Nirman Dave with his creation ANTable


Software by Nirman Dave

CoverBeats is a simple and easy-to-use windows desktop application that allows you to search and listen to your favorite music covers.

CoverBeats Search engine for Music/Song covers!

Snick Snick is programming language for computer science beginners

“CoverBeats is an interesting and useful application whose main function is to provide you with the ability of quickly finding a wide range of covers for your favorite songs, from other artists, be they famous or unknown.” -Marina Dan, Softpedia

Snick (programming language) introduces a completely different concept of programming. It comprises of modules which are imported each time a code is to be written. The module can be executed within the main frame. Snick GUI allows the user to both code and run the program within. The program runs at the ‘snick’ of the written code. Snick is aimed at beginners who have absolutely no expertise in programming and are about to enter the vast field. Hence, develops a base for such novices so that they can learn further coding with ease.

MathBlend MathBlend is an educational software for mathematics students

Demisco Joky A Song remixing software!

Weberks A web browser

Quazitt World’s first format based encryption system

Techrowatch To watch TV on your PC!

Klassic Carz A crazy racing game

Quiz Mania#Series1

Q-1 Identify this Famous Personality.

Q-2 Expand the following: A} CRR (economics) B} NABARD C} BMW (Automobile) D} CIBIL

Q-3 What is the Tagline of YATRA.COM?

Q-4 With which company ITC enters in to health biscuits?

Q-5 Who is the Brand ambassador of Coca Cola, India?

Q-6 Why ADANI is in NEWS?

Q-7 Who owns the FUTURE GROUP?


Q-8 Identify the name of Company by viewing its LOGO?

Q-9 In 1943, who became the first Indian to be appointed as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)? (A) H.V.R. Iyengar (B) K.G. Ambegaonkar (C) Benegal Rama Rau (D) C.D. Deshmukh

Q-10 Which among the following is known as Wealthiest city of India? (A) Panaji (B) Surat (C) Chandigarh (D) Chennai





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