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Saller check list for animations :

- the saller logos shouldn’t be mirror-inverted or false - the mouth should opened and closed more precisely - pay attention on the mimic of the figures (included Michl and Bossi). Are the figures happy,angry, sad or whatever. Please show this. - the sound of the beginning of the story should clearly and not to loud or gimp - all human figures should have five fingers. Animals could have more or less. It's not that important. - Pay attention on the sound in the animation. Speaking text shouldn’t clipped or it shouldn’t give missing words at the end of a sentence. - Pay attention on the music sound, too. Don’t play back the sound. The background music shouldn’t repeat after each new speaking sentence. Either play no music or let the music play completely. - the writing text of the end (Leo) should be big and please us a font without serifs (this for example is arial, verdana etc.). Don’t use distracting elements or effects.


nothing gon achange our life

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