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QUESTION 1. What is Communication and Information Management?

ANSWER 1. Communication in an organization or for a network is formal and informal exchange of ideas and information, which is required for there everyday processes. Information Management System is a system in which all the relevant resources & knowledge is stored, available for use and is accessible by the members.

QUESTION 2. Why Internal Communication and Information Management structure need to evolve?

ANSWER 1. We are Growing! Our Processes needs to be developed in smarter ways and delivered efficiently.

Internal communication has to have a structure which is inclusive of all the members. Making the process delivery and knowledge acquisition efficient.

QUESTION 3. How will we take Information Management and Internal Communication forward?

Policy guidelines for Information management and internal communication, AIESEC Delhi University.

Focus areas & operational overview -Information Manager (Local Committee)

• IM is responsible for Design and management of internal communications channels • To admin the organizational climate & culture management. • To admin and support all IT resources in our local entity. Also to develop new IT tools with support of MC VP IM. • To raise the needed information for the Knowledge Management project to assure the sustainability of knowledge and proficiency of our local entity. • To resolve all issues about accessibility and other problems of platform in our local entity.

Focus areas & operational overview -Information Manager (Portfolio Specific)

• Implementation and Assistance for Design and management of internal communications channels • To ensure proper usage of Information channels and tools in your respective portfolios. • To support all IT resources in your portfolio. • Maintaining the basic tool for your portfolio, admin your portfolio wiki and assist in managing the Virtual Learning Center Wiki. • Uploading all relevant information on the platform. • Ensuring the communication channels are accessible and are accessed by your membership. • To assist and support the IM team for your LC in all IM projects, development and updating of all available IM resources to the IM LC.

IM tools & related Areas

Tool News

Purpose Communication at the level of LC and Departments

Profile LCP, EB, IM Team leader

Responsibility/Job Ensuring that all the formal information is delivered to the membership on time.

Conversation Formal and informal s communication, virtual spaces for discussions and sharing.


This tool is more of assistance where AIESECers can connect beyond the formal lines of communication, aid to IR.



Developing networks for smart process delivery, nationalized projects, matching and GEPs.

Information sharing and IR between entities globally.


Sustainability in LCP, VPs Team Knowledge leaders Management, Process Efficiency for operations.

Ensuring all the relevant information, resources and case practices, minutes of the meetings, conference and meeting outputs are updated on


Primary data storage and retrieval.


Establishing contact Membership groups with right target audience within network.

.net email

Operational Communication.

Uploading files on .net and assigning scope so that information is accessible. to membership Ensuring that contact groups are created for efficient and effective operations and process delivery. Ensuring that the channel is leveraged to its potential.



Measure of Success - IM LC • Policy Guidelines driven down to the LC members • Educating LC members for use of, IM tools, KM, internal communication and policies. • KM - Number of files, wikis, teams on • Internal Communication – local Newsletter, usage of email • Number of TMP/TLP on platform Vs. Real TMP/TLP

Measure of Success – IM (Portfolio Specific) • Policy Guidelines driven down to membership • Bi weekly update of portfolio wikis. • Bi weekly update of “news" for the respective departments. • Number of files uploaded on • Establishing and enabling file directory on

Plan of Action. • Learn and understand how to use • Change your primary email to a functional email account. • Establish terminology for your wiki and file names, tags, email labels (these are very crucial to retrieve information on ) • Integrate the platform in everyday operations. • Create Team wikis for VPs and Team Leaders. Including vital links to all external forums. • Upload files and create groups for process delivery. • Understand and rely on Virtual Learning Center for any information and knowledge resources.

God lies in Details.

• Structure your Content, last thing that we would like to see is badly put information. • Make it look presentable, its value added plus looks more professional. • Follow visual branding guidelines. Use descriptor and other visuals very carefully. • Terminology is very important, naming and tagging is also very crucial for data retrieval

INformation Management Training Document  

This is the training document

INformation Management Training Document  

This is the training document