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SUCCOTH IN GUSH ETZION 7 Annual Jewish Theater & Music Festival in Gush Etzion TH

Date Tuesday Oct. 14

Wednesday Oct. 15




9 p.m.

"Ushpizin" In Gush Etzion Shuli Rand - "Nekuda Tova"; keyboard & vocals - Assaf Amdursky and 5 musicians

Matnas Gush Etzion

"Meetings with Our Forefathers" A celebration of theater & music for the entire family. 10a.m. - 5 p.m. "Interactive Museum", art, music & theater workshops, movie screenings, food booths & more

Giva Hazehuba, the lone Oak, "Derech Haavot", Biyar Aquaduct, Experience Center

4p.m. - 5 p.m. "The Rainmaker" - a play by" Psik Theater"

Giva Hazehuba Gush Etzion Center

8p.m. - 10 p.m.

Thursday Oct. 16

Saturday Night Oct. 18

Sunday Oct. 19

"Voices" - a Hasidic musical by "Ascapaleria" Celebration Hall, Theater Alon Shvut "Raise Your Spirits" - “Romema Theater” troupe by the women of Gush Etzion

Matnas Gush Etzion

8:30 p.m.

"Harvest on the Hill" Raanana Symphonette Orchestra, singercantor Tzudik Greenwald, Gush Etzion choir

Amphitheater, Alon Shvut

9:30 p.m.

Music on the Top of the World "Hamoshav" band and musical ensembles from Gush Etzion

Deer Land Ranch

9 p.m.

Kohelet A new one-man show by "Amuka" Theater Afterward, "A Pity on It All?" discussion & study

Matnas Gush Etzion

Kite Festival 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Kite building & flying, Workshops, Shows for the whole family, Food & crafts booths.

Gush Etzion Development Corp. Transportation, Construction, Fuel, Trade & Industry Graphics & Print: 02-9931387

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Pnai Kedem

AN ISRAELI CELEBRATION Hol Hamoed Succoth October 14-20. Date

Hoshana Raba Eve Sunday Oct. 19



From 7:30 p.m. till Monday morning

"Till the Break of Dawn", A night of study and much more in Tekoa An inspiring & spiritual event on the edge of the Judean desert Shlomo Gronich in concert "From the Source", plus a discussion with Rabbi Menachem Froman. The big"Tisch" with Moshe Lahav. "Hoshana Raba" with Yonatan Razel. Beit Midrash for Renewal Rabbi Zinger and friends. Ora Baranes and Ronit Kano in "Thin Webs" a play for women. Couples workshop, fencing, drama, creative writing, movement workshops and classes in philosophy & Judaism. Sunrise tour & prayers at Herodian. Additional performances, unique encounters, crafts fair and more….

Lots of Fun for the Whole Family ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH


Shlomo Gronich


Audio-Visual Presentation at Gush Etzion • Gush Etzion Winery • Deer Land Ranch • Gavna Restaurant • "Hapirim" Riverbed (Biyar Aquaduct) • "Alpha for Oil": Tourist olive pres • Herodian National Park • "Teva Naot" - outlet store • jeep tours • "Ruthie" - gift shop • "Pundak HaGush" - plant nursery • "Rye Bakery" (Maafiat Shifon) and more...

Artists Open their Houses to the Public at Succoth During Hol Hamoed Succoth, you are invited to the open succot of the Gush Etzion artists. Come and get acquainted, discuss and create together with the artists and enjoy a variety of workshops for the whole family. Scenic painting, intuitive drawing, jewellery making, herb tour, cooking & baking workshops, paper cutting, bongo drums, ceramics, gallery visits and more…. For times, prices and directions, visit our website at:

È˙Ïȉ˜ ÊÎ¯Ó ÔÂÈˆÚ ˘Â‚

Visit our website at: Tel: 02-9937999


Event Listings....6 The Mosaics of the Galilee Gil Zohar....8 Mt. Sartaba Daniel Ashkenazy....10


Event Listings....12 Zichron Yaakov Marina Shemesh....14 A Day in Haifa Ilan Levine....16

Merkaz Event Listings....18 Walking Through Tel Aviv ’s Yeminite Quarter Yona Wiseman....22

Jerusalem & surroundings Event Listings....26 Following in the Footsteps Tali Tarlow....32 The Venetian Sukkah Malka Ehrenberg....34


Event Listings....35 Sukkot in the Desert Rabbi Mordechai Weiss....36




4:36 PM 4:54 PM 4:35 PM 4:46 PM 4:55 PM 6:08 PM 6:04 PM

5:51 PM 5:51 PM 5:50 PM 5:51 PM 5:52 PM 7:05 PM 7:09 PM

Dear Readers,


ince the shmittah year has just drawn to a close, we have the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of Hakhel. During the time of the Beit Hamikdash, the Kohanim (priests) would blow trumpets and “redeem” the nation, just as the land had been “redeemed” from God. To celebrate, everyone gathered in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem; the King would stand on a wooden platform in the ezrat nashim (the women’s section), and read selections from the Book of Devarim to the Jewish people. Since 1945, mitzvat Hakhel has been commemorated in Jerusalem every seven years on chol hamo’ed Sukkot at the end of the shmittah year. (The only year it was not commemorated was in 1973, as we were amidst the Yom Kippur War.) Since 1987 (the largest celebration of Hakhel yet), the State of Israel has designated that the ceremony take place at the Kotel, where the President of Israel is invited to read from the Sefer Torah. In 1987 President Israel Haim Herzog read from the Torah, followed in 1994 by Rav Israel Meir Lau (Israel’s Chief Rabbi at the time— who read instead of President Ezer Weitzman), followed by President Moshe Katzav in 2001. Personally, I don’t believe that President Shimon Peres will read from the Torah this year (as I doubt he has read from the Torah since his bar mitzvah 67 years ago). But who knows? He may surprise us all yet! In any case, this very special celebration

Sukkot, Oct 3

Shmini/Torah, Oct 20



4:30 PM 4:48 PM 4:29 PM 4:40 PM 4:49 PM 6:00 PM 5:53 PM

5:45 PM 5:45 PM 5:45 PM 5:45 PM 5:46 PM 6:57 PM 6:56 PM 6:59 PM 6:57 PM

4:22 PM 4:40 PM 4:21 PM 4:32 PM 4:41 PM 5:50 PM 5:38 PM

should cause us all to gather and commemorate this amazing Israeli mitzvah. Each festival as an “appointment in time,” imparts a particular spiritual quality: freedom on Passover, wisdom on Shavuot, unity and hospitality on Sukkot. In this instance, we have the gathering of the people, with the political leader (king or modern leader), standing before HaKadosh Baruch Hu, sovereign of sovereigns, in order to “redeem” the Land together, and hopefully ourselves as well. The symbol that most clearly expresses this quality of unity on Sukkot is the Sukkah’s potential to embrace every Jew— all types, sizes and color— in its walls. Finite beings as we are, we are limited in time, resources, and capability. But whatever size our Sukkah may be, we ensure that it should be metaphorically large enough to welcome each and every one of our brothers and sisters, just as the Beit Hamikdash was able to accomodate all the Jews, so long ago. To my mind, mitzvat Hakhel is the finest ceremony to manifest our nation’s unification in our Land. Together with the presence of the national leader, we recognize the importance of making our spirit strong and our borders invincible. Wishing you a great Sukkot in Israel, and a sweet and successful year! Elie RUBIN

5:38 PM 5:38 PM 5:37 PM 5:38 PM 5:39 PM 6:47 PM 6:46 PM 6:45 PM 6:43 PM

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North EvEnts/FEstivals Motzash, Oct 11, 18 Tiberias Israeli folk-dancing on the shores of the Kinneret. Location: near Yigal Alon Promenade, area where the water levels are measured. Call 04-6739642. Fri, Oct 10- Mon Oct 13 Tiberias Fri: 08:00-13:00; Sun 08:0017:00; Mon 08:00-14:00. Four Species Fair (Yerid “Arba’at HaMinim”) For 3 days, experience the best and most beautiful holiday assortments of the four species. Rechov Gilboa, parking lot behind City Park, Call 04-673-9655 or 04-673-9642. Mon, Oct 13-Tues, Oct. 21 Golan Heights Guided Tours: Gamla, Majursa, Banias, Nimrod’s Castle, etc. Call *3639 for more info. Call Dalia at the Organization for Golan Tourism for more details: 050-7438444. Mon. Oct 13-Tues 21 Golan Heights 7 Species Exhibit at the Ramat HaGolan Winery. Artists from the Golan

exhibit their work on the Seven Species. Call for more info 04-685-1009 Mon. Oct 13-Tues 21 Golan Heights Bazaar-Magic of the Golan. Family attractions all in one central area. Original arts from Golan and Galillee, ceramics, unique clothing, jewlery. Enjoy fruits and veggies from local areas, in addition to cheese, olive oil, beer and honey. Call Dalia at the Organization for Golan Tourism for more details: 050-743-8444 Mon. Oct 13-Tues 21 Kineret. 11th Annual Bereishit Festival Holisitc village: street theater, circus, mud pools, digiredoo, drum circles. Acitivites appropraiate for all ages. Performances on five main stages along the beach of Lake Kinneret. Tantra and yoga workshops, prayer groups, environmental awareness workshops. Call 04-6678000 Golan Beach & Luna Gal area on Kineret Shore. Wed Oct 15-Fri Oct 17 10am Tiberias “Tiyul on Wheels” Leave archeological park in your cars, and follow convoy through the ancient cemetary where Reb Chaim Abulafia, followers of the Baal

k c a r t

l i l a g

Shem Tov and other tzadikim are buried. Guided tour (Heb.) of the Roman city, and through the Forest. Free. Call for more info: 04-672-5666. Wed-Thurs Oct 15-16 10-17:00 Katzrin Journey Through Time: Ancient times come alive! Activities for the whole family. Experience life during Talmudic times. Call 04-696-2412, 04-696-1350 Wed-Thurs Oct 15-16, Sun Oct 19 Tzuk Minra, Upper Galilee Three storytellers will enact Biblical stories and aggadot. Theatrical Biblical Tours. Guided tours to overlooks, views, etc. Entrance fee to Park. Wed-Fri, Sun-Mon Oct 15-17, 19-20 Tzfat 07:30 (Shacharit) 08:15 Hallel Beirav Synagogue hosts Carlebach-style davening with Musical Hallel. Bring musical instruments! Call Shmuel at 04692-1849 or Meir at 050-750-5695.See for more info. Wed-Thurs, Oct 15-16 Park Oravim, Tzomet HaAmir (West) Northern Golan Heights Besalt Scultpure Festival Perfect for families, best artists from Golan and

Adventure Action Adrenaline

20% discount for ShiurTimes readers

for an unforgettable motor experience with professionally trained and experienced staff for all levels of participants on all types of tracks 6 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

moshav elkosh 050-838-0740

North Galille chisel stone before your very eyes! Wed-Sun, Oct 15-19 10am-21:00 Moshav Aniam, Golan Arts Carnival in Artists Village Street galleries and performances, with family games, a petting zoo, and live music! Free entrance. For more info, call Etti & Doron at 052-6219992 Wed-Thurs, Oct 15-16 11:0017:00 Eden Springs, Golan Heights Jugglers in nature. Lively musical performances and family activities at the Cold Creek.Call 04-6962885 for more info. Wed Oct 15 Tiberias Simchat Beit HaShoeva, in the best of tradition! Beit Sefer Erlich. Hasidic band- live music! For details, all 04-673-8655. Thurs, Oct 16 20:30 Golan Heights Concert: Josie Katz & Gilad Segev in “My Loves”. 40 nis ticket price. Call 04-696-2885 or email il Call Dalia at the Organization for Golan Tourism for more details: 050-743-8444.

Did you Know? Ushpizin and Tzfat

The Ushpizin custom originates in Tzfat, when the AR”I (Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, 16th century) “called up” Avraham to the Torah for an aliyah on Sukkot. He then continued to invite Yitzhak, Ya’akov, Yosef, David HaMelech, Moshe and Aharon to have aliyot, and all appeared. Since that time, Jews throughout the world have “invited” these seven Fathers into their Sukkas on the holiday of Sukkot. Each of the Ushpizin personifies a specific positive character trait. Avraham—chesed (love and kindness); Yitzchak—gevurah (restraint and personal strength); Yaakov—tiferet (beauty and truth); Moshe—nezah (eternality and dominance through Torah); Aaron—hod (empathy and receptivity to divine splendor); Yoseph—yesod (holiness and spiritual foundation); and David—malchut (the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth). According to the Italian Kabbalist Menachem Azariah of Fano, the “ushpizot” (women Jewish leaders), who are “invited” are Sarah, Rivkah, Rachel, Leah, Rachel, Ruth, Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, Abigail, and Queen Esther.

ational flag

istory rs. eum,

d discover otten!

Museum of Rishon Le-Zion ...when you’re looking for something new and interesting!

The museum is dedicated to the history of the early “First Aliya” pioneers. Touch the past at this quaint museum, located in the 120-year old buildings of the “moshava” (village). Discover a chapter of Zionism not easily forgotten! See: . where the national flag was first flown . where “Hatikva” was first sung . how Hebrew was taught in the first Hebrew school . the sights along “Pioneers’ Way” with all its historic sites Tel: (03)959-8862/90 Museum Hours: S, T, W, Th: 9am-2pm; M: 9am-1pm, 4-7pm; Sukkot: Oct. 15,16: 9am-2pm Sukkot Travel Guide 5769 | 7


The Mosaics of the Galilee By Gil Zohar


emember the romance of The Source, James Michener’s 1965 blockbuster novel about an archaeologist excavating in the Holy Land? While Michener’s description of Tel Makor was wholly imaginary, in Israel, real-life sagas of archaeology offer more adventure than any fiction possibly could. Forget Indiana Jones, and meet the Mona Lisa of the Galilee. The lady, whose enigmatic smile and mysterious provenance earned her the comparison to Leonardo da Vinci’s famous canvas, is the piece de resistance of an exquisite 40-square meter 3rd century mosaic from a Roman villa in the ancient city of Sepphoris (“Tzippori” in Hebrew), once the regional capital and largest city of the Galilee. The mosaic was discovered in August 1987 by an expedition led by Eric and Carol Meyers, husband and wife archaeologists from Duke University. Digging with them was Ehud Netzer, a locally-trained archaeologist who teaches at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After the group re-interred the masterpiece, they transferred it to the preservation lab of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. But how does one move a fragile work of art composed of thousands of tiny stone cubes? A layer of gauze and burlap was glued to the mosaic, which was then cut into seven pieces and rolled up onto wooden drums. In Jerusalem, the sections were unrolled onto a new underbedding, after which the glue, gauze and burlap were removed and the sections seamlessly pasted back together again. The mosaic became a major attraction while temporarily on exhibit in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, the Jewish National Fund developed the excavation as a tourist attraction, and built structures and roofed enclosures to protect the antiquities. Today it is a national park. The mosaic’s central portion consists of 15 panels all executed on an extremely high artistic level. The panels depict the life and times of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and revelry (also known as “Bacchus” in the Roman empire). Divans ringed the mosaic on three sides, and the parlour itself was presumably a drinking salon in keeping with the theme of the mosaic floor.

8 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

Ms. Mona Lisa is at one end of the mosaic, within a circular series of medallions, most of which depict flora and fauna. Since the work was not signed nor is there an inscription, the identity and origin of its artist remains under debate. He could have been a local Palestinian, though not likely a Jew since the second of the Ten Commandments prohibits making graven images (Exodus 20:3). Or he could have been an itinerant artist from Greece or Rome itself. Similarly, the portrait could depict the mistress of the house, or be a stylized picture of feminine pulchritude. The site (5 km northwest of Nazareth; 32 km southeast of Haifa) was opened as a national park in 1992. Other archaeological attractions in the forested park include a Crusader fortress rebuilt by Dahr al-Umar, the 18th century Bedouin warlord who controlled the Galilee, a 4,000-seat Roman amphitheatre, a church and monastery, a water system, and a plebeian residential district. Several other mosaics, equally exquisite to the Mona Lisa, have also been unearthed— including one depicting the Nilometer— the gauge used to measure the height of the spring flood of the Nile in the days before the Aswan Dam was built. According to legend, Tzippori has existed since the days of Joshua Ben Nun over three millennia ago. The archaeological record however, only goes back some 2,100 years to the Hasmonean period. Christian lore calls Tzippori the home of Joachim and Anna (the Virgin Mary’s parents), and a resting spot for the three Magi on their way to Bethlehem (Luke 13:32). Unlike most cities in the Galilee, Sepphoris did not join in the Jews’ revolt against Rome in 66 C.E.— a catastrophic uprising which led to the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem four years later. Thus Sepphoris was spared the destruction of so many other cities in Israel by Rome’s legions. The preserved metropolis soon became a flourishing centre for Jewish scholarship, and from 170 to 200 C.E. it was the famed seat of the Sanhedrin, the


Upon the Aliyah of its Rabbi, RABBI SHALOM ROSNER and founding families

NOFEI HASHEMESH is a 400-home community being created in the heart of the most popular part of Bet Shemesh. Kardan Real Estate and Yesodot Tzur, two of Israel’s leading builders, are developing the neighborhood. Tivuch Shelly, Ltd., is marketing the project and will be pleased to provide you with more details.

Nofei Hashemesh

Our new neighborhood, a dynamic, nurturing community driven by religious values, education, professionalism and top-quality lifestyle welcomes newcomers from North America and England, as well as veteran Israelis. We are proud to announce affordably-priced housing options for families sharing our vision. These include: • Villas: Extremely spacious, free-standing, with all the trimmings • 2-Family Cottages: 6 rooms, with finished basements • Townhouses: 5 rooms with gardens, separate entrance • Penthouses: 5 rooms with expansive balconies • Apartments: 4-5 rooms with Sukka balconies or gardens + duplexes


• Tel: (Israel): 02-566-2499 • Tel. (US): 516-684-9961 • •

North parliament of rabbis. Several synagogues and academies were established, while the pagan population favoured the diversions of the theatre. It was here that Rabbi Yehudah ha-Nasi (the Prince or President of the Sanhedrin) compiled the Mishnah (Oral Teaching) in about 200 C.E.

Yehudah ha-Nasi was buried in his home town of Beth Shearim, 20 km to the west of here. His home at Sepphoris has not yet been found— though some archaeologists believe the mansion with the Mona Lisa of the Galilee was where he conducted business with Roman officials. But unlike Michener’s novel, real-life archaeology is not a fairy-tale come true; no definitive evidence has been found linking the Mishnah scholar with the pagan mosaics.

Mt. Sartaba: Magnificent Views of Jerusalem from its Peak

Gil Zohar is a freelance writer and tour guide who lives in Jerusalem. He can be reached at

By Daniel Ashkenazy


re you interested in hiking in the Jordan Valley and exploring the desert terrain? Perhaps you want to climb up to an amazing observation peak to view the valley below? Read on about how your hiking tour can be realized. This 2-hour hike up the mountain of Sartaba, a peak of 776 meters, affords you an incredible view of the Jordan Valley and beyond. Forty-one years ago, in July 1967, a young Menacham Marcus convinced a group of friends to join him on a hike up the steep cliffs of Sartaba to explore the ruins of Hashmonean and Roman/ Herodian fortresses. The hike took about three hours up rugged and treacherous terrain. They spent a day exploring the hills and the ruins. The young geologist and tour guide spoke for several hours, and the group trekked down the steep cliffs at night under the cover of darkness. Forty-one years later, the older and wiser guide continues to lead groups of up the same trail, now clearly marked with black and white markers of the Israeli trail. Sartaba (or Alexandrion,) is a horst in the Jordan Valley in which a Hasmonean castle or fortress was built by Alexander Yannai. After Yannai passed away his sons fought over the kingdom. Within a short period, the Roman emperor Pompeii took control over the area, spurring the Roman conquest of all of Judea. Herod the Great built many fortresses and probably expanded and reinforced this one too. After the Jewish revolt, Sartaba was destroyed by the Romans. In 1837,

10 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

an earthquake basically destroyed what remained. We can still imagine the grandeur of the design and majestic view it held. Be sure to take in the fresh clean air unpolluted by modern civilization. There are ten cisterns around Sartaba (about 60 meters from the peak) which were filled by an aqueduct built from the springs near Gittit. Sartaba has further historical significance as one of the cities mentioned in the Mishnah. The Mishnah mentions that after the bonfire was lit in Jerusalem to signal the new moon, a fire was then lit on the peak of Sartaba to inform other areas that the new moon had been sighted. From there, fires on other hilltops were ignited until the whole country was lit up. (Tractate Rosh Hashana, Chapter 2:4)

Beacons of light were lit by tying string to long poles of cedar, reeds, olive wood and flax fluff. Someone would then go up to the top of a mountain, set fire to them and wave them to and fro until he saw the someone doing the same thing on the top of the next mountain, and so on. Just like the beacons of the Second Temple period so you will alight with the experience of viewing the Jordan Valley where so much of our Biblical history occurred from the Yabok River to the ancient city of Jericho in the distance. Directions: Go north on Highway 90 until the turn off to Sartaba and follow dirt road until the marked trail to climb the Sartaba. The trail is moderately difficult but many high school students and IDF soldiers climb the mountain. It takes about two hours to climb up and an hour and half to climb down if you are in reasonably good shape. Daniel Ashkenazy is an educator, writer and future guide. Born in Montreal, Daniel has a degree in education and history from McGill University and has lived in Israel for the past ten years. He currently lives in Jerusalem, Israel.

Coastal Events/Festivals

Dylan. 054-770-1443 for cost Irit, Kibbutz Gevaram M.P. Ashkelon Shore. Call 08-677-0593

Fri-Mon Oct 10-13 Haifa Four Species Fair. Rechavat Beit HaKnraot. Along Rechov Herzl.

Tues, Oct 21 19:00 Matnas Neve Ilan, Ashkelon Sisu V’Simchu B’Simchat Torah. Celebrate Simchat Torah with the residents of Ashkelon! Free admission, hakafot shniyot, cooperation with the synagogues and neighborhood committees of the area. 08-6755914

Tues-Tues. Oct 14-Oct 21 Haifa 24th Annual International Film Festival. Includes 70 new films, performances, in the audirorium plaza, artists’ fair in Gan Manya, film screenings free in Gan Ha’Em. For full schedule, see Tues-Tues. Oct.14-21 Haifa French Book Festival. Conferences, panels, Erev Shirah, refreshments, special guests from France. 04-8353526 Neta Drori Wolf, netadw@ethos. ’S NOTE

Tues, Oct. 14 20:30 rtunity Knocks Ashkelon

Simchat Beit HaShoeva. Singer blisher muses on how the world situation Yaniv Ben-Mashiach & Band, fire activities us preparejugglers, for a new year. for kids, fireworks, etc. Beit Aharon Synagogue, Shai Agnon 187/30, Shimshon area. (Sfardi)08-6748657.



Octstate 16buying 8:00-16:00 n Thurs, the upcoming all the bad loans [the homes], days we will be and rescuing Ashkelon National Park large insurance companies gathering with such as AIG for trillions of dollars? Artists, stage performers, our friends and families in pedestrian The most democratic country jugglers, mall and in capitalist the Park our shuls with our is now becoming the newest Soviet financial during Chol HaMoed. Much to see in machzorim in our sovereignty in the world. How? By trying rampart, trail at thethefoot hands the andpark:ancient talitot to prevent economic collapse, US is not on our shoulders lettingwall the market itself views. naturally nor of the Crusader with fix lovely and we will start letting the players learn from past mistakes the centeror of the park are remnants prayingInfor a sweet frauds. ew year, in which we should from the biblical Tel Ashkelon, and happy, united, successful and So many questions, so many different ancient Roman relics andfor statues!(08) living in peace with our own answers, all good a perfectly enjoyable from our neighbors and strong debate. But I’d rather focus on the 673-6444; . Entrance enemies. We will pray for importance of the month of Tishrei. All fees. Contact the Parks Authority for f our children serving in the these questions come at a perfect time info. for us. All this incertitude is exactly the r Jewish state to more be politically e and righteous. We will pray feeling that we should have as we start m to be united, to remain the davening Kol Nidrei. Our future is really Thurs, Oct.being 16weighed on the heavenly scales, and al of Israel (recognized in the world), and for Haifa the Land of they can incline so easily to one side or the main our irrevocable property. other. Street Party along Moriah St. Artists,

for justice and forjugglers, forgiveness,clowns, Tishrei isstage a monthperformances, of deep tefillah (prayer) hink about all we have done to which is the miraculous power each of us entire street will become festival what has been done to us this has. Through this gift of tefillah, Hashem mall! rsonally and as apedestrian people. places in our hands the key to the Heavenly storehouse of blessings, and gives us d have liked to write about the precise words that can release these Frithese Oct 17th much to talk about days. treasures into our lives. And what treasures elections, PrimeHaifa Ministerial Port they are… our health, our ability to find a cCain vs. Obama, etc. Who do spouse and build a Jewish home, our success Prix. Decoration and ho is going to runMini our city,Grand our in raising our children, our safety, security, eryday lives? livelihood. Everything. From Toy where do Design Competition of Children’s we learn this? From Moshe Rabbeinu! As Cars. liked to talk about economics, it is written: And I prayed to God. (Deut. w that we are in the middle of 9:26) And it is written afterwards: And God economic uncertainty. Should listened to me that time as well. (Deut. October 17th, 21:00 n the market? If so which 10:10) Gevaram ur money in theKibbutz bank secure w much is our property May our Mindy tefillot bring blessings Larryreally Fogel and Burns singto our much are the properties in thoughts, actions and decisions. In this new acoustic renditions oftobeloved Valley, Moscow warm or Tel Aviv year 5769 I would like wish all of our ? Who sets thesongs appreciation friends and families, and by all ofnoted Am Yisrael from the 60’s and 70’s at is it based? Should the Bibi- a Shana Tova Tikatavu, v’Tchatamu. May folk rock/soft rock artistsand such as: James ies on private investments in you be blessed inscribed for a good, valuated in light of the sudden healthy, prosperous May we all Taylor, Carole King,andPeter Paulyear. & Mary, of the banks in the US? witness the final redemption speedily in our John Denver, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob this be seen as a crisis or an days. Amen. ° What about the US federal

12 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

Tues, Oct 21 20:30 Bat Yam “Ampi Payis” Simchat Torah in the Ampitheatre. Experience a taste of Israel that you might not know! Ben Gurion St. & Sderot HaAtzmaut, Tues, Oct 21 20:30 Ashkelon Hakafot Shniyot. Yisrael Saban & band, pyrotechnics, stage performances, and more. Free entrance. 08-6748657.

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34 Ben Yehuda

(corner of King George) down the stairs near the Mashbir



Jerusalem’s 1st Comedy Club



The Cycle of Yamim Nora’im: Transgression & Confession Politics 2008: An American Abroad

Trevor Asserson: Breaking the Aliyah Mold

Racism in Israeli Schools:

Education: Ease the Anxiety

Segregation or Integration?


Shanah Tovah!

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5:48 PM 7:02 PM 7:01 PM 6:05 PM 7:02 PM 7:01 PM 5:47 PM 7:02 PM 7:00 PM 5:58 PM 7:02 PM 7:01 PM 6:06 PM 7:03 PM 7:02 PM 6:23 PM 7:20 PM 7:18 PM 6:24 PM 7:30 PM 7:27 PM

Vayeilech, (Sh”Sh)Oct 3 LIGHT


5:43 PM 6:57 PM 6:00 PM 6:57 PM 5:42 PM 6:56 PM 5:52 PM 6:57 PM 6:01 PM 6:58 PM 6:16 PM 7:13 PM 6:15 PM 7:20 PM

Ch”h Sukkot, Oct 17

Ha’azinu, Oct 10 LIGHT

4:34 PM 4:51 PM 4:33 PM 4:44 PM 4:53 PM 6:05 PM 6:00 PM


5:49 PM 5:48 PM 5:48 PM 5:49 PM 5:50 PM 7:02 PM 7:05 PM



4:26 PM 5:41 PM 4:43 PM 5:41 PM 4:25 PM 5:40 PM 4:36 PM 5:41 PM 4:44 PM 5:42 PM 5:54 PM 6:52 PM 5:45 PM 6:51 PM

Breishit, Oct 24 LIGHT


4:18 PM 5:34 PM 4:36 PM 5:34 PM 4:17 PM 5:33 PM 4:28 PM 5:34 PM 4:37 PM 5:35 PM 5:44 PM 6:42 PM 5:30 PM 6:37 PM

Noach, Oct 31 LIGHT

4:12 PM 4:29 PM 4:11 PM 4:21 PM 4:30 PM 5:35 PM 4:17 PM


5:28 PM 5:27 PM 5:27 PM 5:28 PM 5:28 PM 6:34 PM 5:25 PM


| OCTOBER 2008



Zichron Yaakov By Marina Shemesh


t the southern tip of the Carmel Mountains overlooking the Mediterranean Sea lies the town of Zichron Yaakov. The name means “memory of Yaakov” and refers to the father of the Baron Edmund Rothschild. Hoping to become farmers in the Holy Land, Romanian Jews bought the land in 1882 in Zammarin. Many of these settlers left due to malaria and the local rocky soil that made it hard to plant crops. In 1883, Baron Edmund Rothschild took the settlement under his wing. The farmers received a salary, and the planning for the town began. A beautiful synagogue called Ohel Yaakov was built right in the center of the town. It is open to tourists and visitors, but is also an active synagogue with services during the week, Shabbat, and holidays. The original town was built in the style of old French country towns. The first houses on Rehov HaMeyasdim (“Founders’ Street”) all had large yards in the back for farm animals and equipment. There was even living space for the workers. Today this street is one of the main tourist attractions. Many of the old farmhouses have been turned into restaurants, pubs and boutiques. Visitors must be sure to stop at the Aaronson residence. Members of the Aaronson family, the daughter Sarah, her brothers Aaron and Alex, and a family friend Abshalom Feinberg formed the NILI underground for spying. They reported Ottoman positions to British agents during the First World War. The dramatic story of NILI’s exposure and the sad consequences are told at the old Aaronson house which has been turned into a museum. The house also shows how people lived in Israel during Otttoman rule. Another museum in Zichron Yaakov is the First Aliyah Museum. This museum was founded to honor

14 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

the 30,000 immigrants who came to Israel between 1882 and1904, otherwise known as the “First Aliyah.” A black and white film from 1913, which may be the oldest in Israel, can be screened at the museum. Across the street from the beautiful old building of the First Aliyah Museum is a park called “Gan Tiyul.” The first settlers of Zichron Yaakov strolled here in the evenings. The park has two playgrounds for children, a water lily fishpond, and benches for picnickers. Huge ancient fig trees shade Gan Tiyul. The rocky soil of the hills surrounding Zichron Yaakov led to a number of economic failures, however it was ideal ground for growing grapes, which led to the town’s most famous success: the country’s first winery called CarmelMizrahi Winery. Edmund Rothschild helped to establish the winery in 1885, together with a bottling factory. There are a number of other wineries in town, including the Tishbi Winery, found on the road between Zichron Yaakov and the neighboring town of Binyamina. Both wineries offer guided tours and wine tastings. You can pay your respect to Edmund Rothschild and his wife Ada who are buried just outside Zichron Yaakov on Ramat HaNadiv, or “Benefactors Hill.” Their crypt is surrounded by a huge garden that attracts many visitors. The Rothschlid Trust looks after the grounds and hosts musical festivals during the summer. A picturesque town surrounded by the mountains, and stunning views of the Mediterranean, Zichron Yaakov is a must for all visitors. Marina Shemesh is a freelance writer living in Zichron Yaakov. She can be contacted at


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Join us in our Sukkah over Chol Hamo’ed!


A Day in Haifa By Ilan Levine


he city of Haifa is truly unique in Israel. It is the only coastal city built on the evergreen Mt. Carmel. More than anywhere else in Israel, Haifa is known for its religious and cultural tolerance. This has allowed the area’s religions to prosper without the antagonism found across the globe. This exceptional combination of nature and culture offers the traveller some of the most exciting city and nature walks in Israel. The righteous biblical prophet, Elijah, was active on and around the Carmel. This has made the mountain and a number of its sites sacred and often visited. It is common to go to Elijah’s Cave— the most important religious site in Haifa— and see a Jew, a Christian and a Muslim (no this is not the beginning of a joke!) praying side-by-side for good health and prosperity. Some will no doubt be praying for a “shidduch” (match) for a son or a daughter. The best way to visit Elijah’s cave, in my opinion, is to take the long route. Yes, you could drive to the entrance of the cave but where’s the fun? Instead it is best to start from the top of the mountain. Here you can explore the Carmelite monastery of Stella Maris, its turbulent history and its 19th century basilica. The nearby observation point offers stunning views of the bay of Haifa and the Galilee all the way to the border with Lebanon. On a clear winter day, the snow-covered peaks of Mt. Hermon can be seen far to the north east. From the monastery’s parking lot there is a clear (though unmarked) path leading to a nearby chapel overlooking one of the Carmel’s most ancient sites: Tel Shikmona. A short walk to the east and the mystical realm of Elijah’s cave and its stream of pilgrims becomes visible. Haifa’s most popular walk by far though, is through its landmark symbol— the Baha’i Gardens. The Baha’i religion and that of the Druze, which have communities further south on the Carmel, are offshoots of Shi’a Islam. Contradictory to today’s perception of the parent religion, the Baha’i and Druze religions are harmonious,

16 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

peaceful, and even pacifist (particularly the Baha’i). This desire for peace dictated the geometrical set up of these spectacular gardens and structures. Haifa is the Baha’i religion’s world centre, drawing believers and visitors to its beautiful buildings, magnificent gardens and the shrine in which are interred the remains of the Báb (the gate), one of the faith’s leading founders. Alongside, an impressive span of Greco-Roman buildings house the religion’s governing body— the Universal House of Justice— and other cultural facilities. An organised tour through the gardens takes place once or twice a day and is a must for visitors of Haifa. Leaving the Baha’i Gardens from its lower gate, the legacy of another very well organised and wellstructured society comes in to view. The stone houses on either side of the wide avenue leading down to Haifa’s port make up Haifa’s German Colony. The Templers, a German protestant movement, founded the Colony in 1868. It was the first of several built in the holy land and was honoured with a visit by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1899. A walk through this thriving neighbourhood of neatly built stone houses and red rooftops can be refreshing and surprisingly appetising. With the Templers long gone, today’s German Colony’s main thoroughfare, Ben-Gurion Avenue, is home to some of Haifa’s finest restaurants. Lunch anybody? After refuelling and resting, it is time to continue. Wadi Nisnas (Nisnas means mongoose in Arabic), with its churches, markets and vibrant community is minutes away. If you are visiting around November / December you can enjoy the annual festivities celebrating Jewish Hanukah, Muslim Ramadan, and Christmas. This is the best example of Haifa’s leading role in promoting co-existence and better understanding among Israel’s communities. Ilan Levin is a Haifa-based tour guide with a degree in politics and philosophy from London University. His passion is for the connection between nature, history, and the spiritual and political evolution of Israel. See his website for more information:

5P  P V S  D V T UP N F S T    B M M  P G  * T SB F M


Merkaz Events/Festivals Sun, Oct. 12 “Ampi”, Park Raanana Music including Mosh Ben-Ari, Lee Biran. Kicks off the “Earth is in Our Hands” Festival in Park Raanana during Chol HaMoed. Workshops & activities with recycled materials. Call 09-741-5566, 09-7610648 or see Wed-Sat Oct 15-18th Holon 8th Annual Sounds of Childhood Festival hosted by the Children’s Museum & the Holon Theater. Hundreds of musicians, actors, dancers, singers. Animals, audio-visual show, workshops, movies, outdoor fairs, percussion & drum fest. Activities for entire family. Best Israeli artists in every area of the arts special for kids, in an air of fun & excellence. SunThurs 9 am-9 pm, Friday and holiday eves until 2:30 pm, Saturdays and holidays from 10 am-9 pm. Sderot Kugel 11, Holon. See for more info. Museum for the Blind Holon Get to know the world and other people without the benefit of your sense of sight. Dialogue in the Dark: about human nonvisual awareness. Need reservation, tickets 45 NIS. Call 03-650-3000. Mifratz Shlomo St. Peres Park, Ussishkin 11, Wed-Thurs, Sun Oct 15-16,19 Neot Kedumim Biblical Landscape Reserve: see what the forefathers saw. Panorama and power of the landscapes that helped shape the values of the Bible. Bring your Tanach (Bible) for greater understanding. Call: 08-977-0777 Reservations: 08-977-0779 See 08-977-07761 or 052-347-4130. Wed-Thurs, Sun Oct 15-16,19 Moshav Mevo Modi’in Tour the Carlebach Moshav. Biblical, historical, musical, artistic and botanical wonders. Bird garden with parrots, trees, goats, sheep, and more. Cheese-making, olive grove trekking, wine press, meet artists at work, live Shlomo Carlebach nigunim! 0544 283 646 or 08 9264680 Judy Avraham Chai, Tues-Sat Oct 14-18 Tel Aviv 12th Annual Science Fiction, Fantasy & Role-Playing Festival. Film festival, exhibit, Outdoor Festival, activities, awards and more. At the Tel Aviv Cinemateque 03-6060800. For more info, see www.

18 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

Sept 18-Oct 25 Yoav-Yehuda Yoav-Yehuda Wine Festival. Renowned for wine-making for some 3000 years, the region is made up of several different winegrowing areas. See column for details. Call 03-5023001/2/3 or see www.touryoav. Wed- Sat Oct 15-18 Holon Holon Theater. Part of Sounds of Childhood Festival. Film workshops, dance premieres, music performance. See www. for full updated calendar. Wed Oct 15 11:00 Ra’anana Shirah B’Tzibur with over 600 kids from the HaYovel School. Join the community in song and dance that has become a city tradition. With Shirl’e Sharon at the Beit Sefer HaYovel. Wed-Thurs Oct 15-16 08:00-23:00 Hevel Park, Shoham Muses at Sukkot Festival. Uniquelydesigned Sukkah booths host musical, theatrical, vocal and dance performances in a variety of styles, including klezmer and opera. Arts and crafts fair and children’s activities. Free entrance. www.tourism. for more info Tues, Oct 21 20:00 Kikar Rabin, Tel Aviv Hakafot Shniyot Live music, dancing, refreshments and more in the heart of Tel Aviv. Tues, Oct 21 21:00 Jaffa (Yafo) Simchat Beit HaShoeva Parade through the streets! Live music and more! Starts at Nachal HaBesor in Jaffa. Wed, Oct 15 & 22 09:30 Jaffa Free Walking Tour: Walk through the alleyways of the Old City of Yafo. Bible Stories come alive. Meet at Clock Tower. See for list of tours. Call or 050-326-7277 Thurs, Oct 16 17:00 Ra’anana “Sing & Dance in the City” Raanana Street Festival with live performances along Ahuza St. Latin, jazz, Jewish music, and more. Sun, Oct 19 18:00-22:30 Rechov Bloom 26, Holon Guided Tour: Samartans’ Sukkot (Heb.) Have a look into how the Samaritans of Holon celebrate the holiday. Under auspices of “Beit Herzfeld” Museum of the History of Holon. Advanced registration required. Call Ella for details 03-5050425.

Sun Oct 19 Noon-23:00 Meor Modiin Moshav Country Fair. Concert with Ben Zion Solomon & sons, Shlomo Katz., Yehuda Katz & more. Activities for all. Women’s tent. Healing, Torah, Spirituality. Off Road 443. Call 08-9264-688 for more info.

10th Annual Wine Festival of the Yoav-Yehuda Region Kosher Winery Listings

The Wine Route has 26 wineries in one flourishing area of the Land of Israel, where wine has been made for the past 3,000 years. Each winery tells its own story, with different aromas. Below is a listing of the kosher wineries on the Wine Route. See http://www. Carmi Yosef-Bravado. Located in the vineyards of Moshav Carmi Yosef. Chol HaMoed Sukkot: vineyard open on Mon, Oct. 13, Fri, Oct 17, Wed, Oct 15, Mon, Oct 20th. Between 11:00-15:00. Come tour the vineyard to taste the wines and enjoy the view. 10/15 Lecture: The influence of global warming on wine. Professor Ben Ami Barvado.11:30 and at 13:00 Guests will receive refreshments of wine and cheese. Call 050-2207022 for more info. Elah Valley Vineyard. Located at the entrance of Kibbutz Netiv HaLamed Hey. Friday: Open to public for tours, guided tastings, etc. Mon- Thurs 9-15:00, Fri & holiday evenings 9-13:00, last tour at 12:00. Chol Hamoed Sukkot: Symbolic price of 20nis/per person, returned with purchase of wine. Tel: 054-6600599 02-9994885 Teperberg Winery. Next to Kibbutz Tzora, in the heart of the Judean Mountains. The Teperberg Winery 1870 is the oldest family-owned winery in Israel. It bears the name of the family who founded the winery in the Old City of Jerusalem, and is still under the family’s ownership to this day. Call 02990-4118 or 054-677-4118 for more information and events. Katlav Winery. Taste the atmosphere of a real, quite, pastoral winery. Enjoy the taste of the wines. Every Friday from 9am until Shabbat. Advanced registration required. Call 054-759-1866.

La Guta

Chef Restaurant

Chef Guy Ben-Simhon

Open in Sukkot (Up to 50 guests in the Sukkah)

La Guta Chef


18 Yossef Rivlin st. Nahalat Shiva, Jerusalem Tel 02-6232322


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Politics 2008: An American Abroad

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Rabbeinu Avraham: Time for Pious Heroes

Spotlight on Libyan Jews Safety in the Sun Real Estate Classifieds Inside END

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Superfoods: You are what you eat!

Aliyah for the Elderly Spotlight on Tunisian Jews Classifieds Inside




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Dvarim, Aug 9, 2008 LIGHT


6:51 PM 8:09 PM 7:08 PM 8:08 PM 6:50 PM 8:08 PM 7:01 PM 8:09 PM 7:10 PM 8:10 PM 7:45 PM 8:46 PM 8:18 PM 9:33 PM

Va’etchanan, Aug 16, 2008 LIGHT

6:44 PM 7:01 PM 6:43 PM 6:54 PM 7:03 PM 7:36 PM 8:05 PM


6:44 PM 7:01 PM 6:43 PM 6:54 PM 7:03 PM 7:36 PM 8:05 PM

Ekev, Aug 23, 2008 LIGHT


6:36 PM 7:52 PM 6:53 PM 7:52 PM 6:35 PM 7:52 PM 6:46 PM 7:53 PM 6:55 PM 7:54 PM 7:25 PM 8:25 PM 7:50 PM 9:01 PM

Re’eh, Aug 30, 2008 LIGHT


6:28 PM 7:44 PM 6:45 PM 7:43 PM 6:27 PM 7:43 PM 6:38 PM 7:44 PM 6:47 PM 7:45 PM 7:15 PM 8:13 PM 7:35 PM 8:44 PM


„ÒÁ È¯Ú˘Ø‰È·Á¯

ÏÂ΢‡ ˙Ó¯ Miriam Drori

‰˜È˙Ú‰ ¯ÈډدÈÚ‰ ÊίÓ


Education: Ease the Anxiety

Segregation or Integration?


Shanah Tovah!

choosing the right leader in an economic crisis

Elul Z’man: ...what does that entail? AUSTRALIA . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5.00 CANADA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5.00 EUROPE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .€3.00 ISRAEL. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NIS 15 SOUTH AFRICA . . . . . . . . . . . R20 U.K. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £ 2.50 U.S.A.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3.00


054-668-4111 052-842-4083

Racism in Israeli Schools:


Shoftim, Sept 5, 2008 LIGHT


6:19 PM 6:36 PM 6:18 PM 6:29 PM 6:38 PM 7:03 PM 7:20 PM


7:34 PM 7:34 PM 7:33 PM 7:35 PM 7:36 PM 8:01 PM 8:27 PM

Ki-Teitzei, Sept12 LIGHT


6:10 PM 7:25 PM 6:27 PM 7:24 PM 6:09 PM 7:24 PM 6:20 PM 7:25 PM 6:29 PM 7:26 PM 6:52 PM 7:49 PM 7:04 PM 8:10 PM

Ki-Tavo, Sep19 LIGHT

6:01 PM 6:18 PM 6:00 PM 6:11 PM 6:20 PM 6:40 PM 6:48 PM


7:16 PM 7:15 PM 7:15 PM 7:16 PM 7:17 PM 7:37 PM 7:53 PM

Netzavim, Sept 26 LIGHT


5:52 PM 7:06 PM 6:09 PM 7:06 PM 5:51 PM 7:05 PM 6:02 PM 7:06 PM 6:10 PM 7:07 PM 6:28 PM 7:25 PM 6:31 PM 7:36 PM

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R”H 5769, Sept 29-Oct 1* LIGHT




5:48 PM 7:02 PM 7:01 PM 6:05 PM 7:02 PM 7:01 PM 5:47 PM 7:02 PM 7:00 PM 5:58 PM 7:02 PM 7:01 PM 6:06 PM 7:03 PM 7:02 PM 6:23 PM 7:20 PM 7:18 PM 6:24 PM 7:30 PM 7:27 PM

Vayeilech, (Sh”Sh)Oct 3 LIGHT


5:43 PM 6:57 PM 6:00 PM 6:57 PM 5:42 PM 6:56 PM 5:52 PM 6:57 PM 6:01 PM 6:58 PM 6:16 PM 7:13 PM 6:15 PM 7:20 PM

Ha’azinu, Oct 10 LIGHT


4:34 PM 5:49 PM 4:51 PM 5:48 PM 4:33 PM 5:48 PM 4:44 PM 5:49 PM 4:53 PM 5:50 PM 6:05 PM 7:02 PM 6:00 PM 7:05 PM

Ch”h Sukkot, Oct 17 LIGHT


4:26 PM 5:41 PM 4:43 PM 5:41 PM 4:25 PM 5:40 PM 4:36 PM 5:41 PM 4:44 PM 5:42 PM 5:54 PM 6:52 PM 5:45 PM 6:51 PM

Breishit, Oct 24 LIGHT


4:18 PM 5:34 PM 4:36 PM 5:34 PM 4:17 PM 5:33 PM 4:28 PM 5:34 PM 4:37 PM 5:35 PM 5:44 PM 6:42 PM 5:30 PM 6:37 PM

Noach, Oct 31 LIGHT

4:12 PM 4:29 PM 4:11 PM 4:21 PM 4:30 PM 5:35 PM 4:17 PM


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‰˘È‰ ÔÂÓ˘

Asaf Kuhn



˙ÂÈÙÏ˙؉Â¯‡ ˙È˙Ù¯ˆ ‰Ú·‚ Sigal Galil


ÍÏ˘ Ô“Ï„‰ Èίˆ ÏÎÏ È˘È‡ ÒÁÈ


Walking through Tel Aviv’s Yemenite Quarter By Yona Wiseman


el Aviv’s Yemenite Quarter or Kerem HaTemanim lies between the Carmel Market and the Mediterranean Sea. If you just happen upon it or find it by mistake it is hard to believe that it is part of Tel Aviv. Personally, I think of it as a village within the city. Why and how did “The Kerem” come about? When the country was still under Ottoman rule and Jaffa was an overpopulated, unhygienic city without proper water or sewage facilities, and rife with cholera, Pasha Chasan Bek ordered that all those who died of cholera were to be buried outside the boundaries of Jaffa. So the deceased were carried out of the city. The Muslim bodies were buried where the Hilton Hotel stands today. There are actually still Muslim graves in the park next to the hotel. The Jews buried their dead in what is now known as the Trumpeldor Cemetery. Legend has it that due to the distance of the cemetery from Jaffa, an enterprising Yemenite built a little booth as a half-way station to the burial grounds in 1904 (approximately). He provided drink and a rest for the mourners before they continued their arduous journey carrying the corpses through the sand dunes. He was lonely, so his family came to join him and slowly, more and more family or “landsmahn” came and built little huts in the area, which eventually turned into today’s Yemenite Quarter. The Yemenites were not accepted by the Eastern European Jews so they tended to keep to themselves. They were hard-working, industrious people capable of making the best of everything. At first they built their homes out of whatever they could find (which was usually corrugated tin lined with cartons).

22 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

At one stage the Kerem was known as the “Tin Shanty” neighborhood or the “neighborhood of the cartons.” The massive airlift in 1949 called “Operation Magic Carpet” brought 50,000 Yemenites to Israel. The Yemenites called the operation “On Wings of Eagles,” similar to what was written in Exodus 19:14: “You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself.” Some of the Yemenites found their way to the Kerem. Today, as you walk through the little streets of the Kerem, you can meet people who tell stories of how they trekked through the desert to get to Aden where planes waited to take them to the “Promised Land.” Stories are told of intense poverty and overcrowding. Sometimes as many as twelve or more people lived in one room in each of the little huts. There were no beds. People slept on the floor, made of reeds with a covering, with the head of one person at the feet of the next person. Meals were eaten cross-legged on the floor. A shower was a great luxury. But the Yemenites were blessed with a unique human spirit. Little children had work to make some money, but on Shabbat they were little princes and princesses around the Shabbat table.

own street.

One person who grew up in the Kerem related that children from one street did not play with the children on the adjacent street— there were enough children to play with on your

And one still hears about all the characters that made this neighborhood so special: Dabani, the man who drove Theodore Herzl around in his carriage upon

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Merkaz Herzl’s visit in 1888; Rav Nuni who wrote the Sifrei Torah and mezuzot by hand using quill and black ink; his daughter Geula Nuni who became an actress and a singer. The home of Professor Yehuda Ratzhabi bears a plaque. He received the Israel Prize for literature for his research on the “Songs of Spain.” And one hears the story of the orphaned boy who survived by selling humus and sunflower seeds outside the courtyard on Yehuda HaLevy Street. He also distributed newspapers, picked up eight languages in the street and then went on to open a printing press. Very highly regarded not only by the residents of the Kerem, but also by the British, he acted as a spokesman and became known as the “Mufta” of the neighborhood. People addressed him by the name “Malan” which was derived from the initials of his full name: Moshe Levy Nachum.

and bushes dot the passageways. Old habits never die and the oldtimers with their children and grandchildren still use the streets as their front yards. During Sukkot, the traditional temporary huts block the streets. On Shabbat a special quiet reigns as you see people strolling to the various synagogues spread throughout the neighborhood. The Yemenites of today don’t need the Kerem anymore. Their great contributions to music, folk dancing, jewelry and art have made them an important and much loved part of Israel. Yona Wiseman is a seasoned tour guide who resides in the Yemenite Quarter of Tel Aviv. She is an expert guide on the TA-Yafo area. See www.yonawise. net for details or call 050-326-7277

During the last eight years the streets of the Kerem have been newly paved with cobble stones and trees,

10th Annual

SHEMESHFEST Jewish Rock and Soul Music

Wednesday W eddnesdday - FFriday riiday 115th-17th 5th-117th O October ctt b 220 2008

Kachal Design

Dailyy Nature Activities for the whole familyy from 10:00am Evening performances from 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm Bet Shemesh Amphitheater Thursday 16.10.08 Wednesday 15.10.08 Rockiah Simply Tsfat A Groise Metsie Yood Udi Davidi The Moshav Band Meir Banai

FREE Entrance

Dovid Yehoshua Para Aduma Shlockrock Naftali Abramson Shlomo Katz Yonathan Razel Aaron Razel w ww.sshemeshfest.ccom TTel. el. 0077-2164436 77-2 2164436 24 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

Nof Ayalon

A luxurious religious community in a Jerusalem suburb

2 very large 3-story houses with a beautiful view. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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Jerusalem & surroundings EvEnts/FEstivals

market, artists, actors, activities for children. 02 -997-5516.

A Pick! Fri Oct. 10th (8:00-14:00) Sat Oct 11th (Motzash- midnight) Sun Oct 12th (8:00-23:00) Mon Oct 13th (8:00-13:30) Shuk Machane Yehuda Four Species Market (‘Shuk Arba HaMinim’). If you thought Machane Yehuda was interesting before, you should check it out during holiday season. In the days leading up to Sukkot the shuk expands outwards, taking over neighboring Valero St. (right next to Bank Discount) where vendors set up stands selling palm branches, myrtle, citron fruit and willow branches (the four species).

Wed-Thurs, Oct. 15-16 Liberty Bell Park. City Center 3rd Annual International Festival Over 100 artists, pantomimes, jugglers, fire jugglers from Israel & around the globe, circus, 12 meter circus tent, artists’ stands, paintings, jewelry stands, refreshments stands, live music. The park turns into a carnival atmosphere! Entrance fee: 20nis. Jerusalem residents (with ID): 10nis

Oct 11-19 Comedy Basement, City Center Marathon of Comedians & Sukkot Comedy Slam MC David Kilimnick showcases all of the great comedians of Israel & some of Off The Wall’s Music Acts. 34 Ben Yehuda (corner of King Georgedown the stairs, near the Mashbir). 02624-3218 See Sun-Wed Oct. 12-15 Bat Ayin Sukkot Seminar in Bat Ayin Ever wonder what was really happening in the Beit HaMikdash during Sukkot? Bring your own instrument to sing and dance within a special atmosphere as we celebrate Sukkot by building and decorating the B’erot Sukkah. Entrance fee. Call for more info 02-993-4945 Mon-Tues, Oct 13-21 National Park at Qumran Audio-light show at the visitors center. Souviner shop,cosmetics and Dead Sea products. Path that goes through the oldest water sources in the desert area.Entire site is handicapped accessible, and appropriate for the elderly. Commemorate the 60th anniversary of finding the Dead Sea Scrolls! 02-994-2235. or dial *3639 Jerusalemite Pick! Tues-Wed Oct 14-15 12:00-22:00 Abu Tor T:Market 2008: Shop til you Drop. Tshirts & accessories galore, DJs providing entertainment. Designers from across the country...see and be seen. 02-629-2000 10 NIS. H a m a ’ a b a d a (The Lab) Hebron St. 28, Old Train Station, Abu Tor. Wed-Thurs Oct 15-16 Tel Shilo Ancient Capital city of Israelite Kingdom. Biblical times come to life in a living museum, street characters, open-air

26 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

Wed-Fri Oct 15-17, Sun Oct 19 W,T, Sun 10am-3pm. F 10am-1pm. Israel Museum Sukkot at Israel Museum “Those were the Days” Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Shoshana Damari & Yaffa Yarkoni come for a visit. 25 nis per child. Storytelling in the Library: Original puppet theater with Mia Gross. Wed, Thurs, Fri & Sun 12noon. A Pick! Wed-Fri Oct 15-Oct 17 10:00-15:00; Fri. 10:00-14:00 Nayot Sukkot at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, Free with regular admission. he tour is free, although admission to the Gardens themselves is 25 NIS. In Hebrew. Buria Street Naot 02-679-4012 Wed-Thurs, Sun Oct 15-16, 19 City Center Museum of Italian Jewish Art. Meet the Artists Behind the Glass Sukkah. Inspired by Venetian glass. Guided tour through the museum and the ‘Venice of Wind and Fire’ exihibit. Advance tickets 25 nis and 10 nis for adults. Guided tours on Oct. 15, 19, 20 at 12 P.M through Museum for 10 NIS. (Hebrew only) Evening guided tours on Oct. 15, 19 from 4 - 6 P.M of museum and ‘Venice of Wind and Fire’ exhibition. 02-624-1610 Motzash-Monday, October 18-20 Abu Gosh 34th Annual Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival, Choirs and soloists perform in concert at churches throughout the village. Venues include: Kiryat Ye’arim Church, The Crusader Church and five other venues around the city. Call 02-622-2333 Sun Oct 12 10am-23:00 Jerusalem Municipal Sukkah, Kikar Safra The Green Sukkah: Israel’s Largest Sukkah! Opening Ceremony for the sukkah that cares for the environment! Exhibit of art pieces made from recycled items by schoolchildren. Throughout Chol

HaMoed, a number of activities will take place for workshops for kids on recycling, film screening on environmentalism, Klezmer performance, charicturists, Pirchei Yerushalaim choir, drumming workshops, etc. Activities and workshops from17:00. 16:00 Marcus St. 20, Talbieh “Journey Behind the Scenes.” Discover the magic on stage. (Heb.) Jerusalem Theater. 02-560-5755 www. 20:30 Marcus St. 20, Talbieh “Oh, God” Jerusalem Theatre, 02-5605755 Comedy Basement, City Center 20:30- The Jerusalmy Comedy Show: What your tour guide didn’t tell you! Starring David Kilimnick & Other Genuine Jerusalem Comedians 22:15- Jerusalem Style New Comedians Special Starring Carl Teper, Benny Firszt, David Sidman, Elazar Brandt, Vera Resnick & MC David Kilimnick www. Dead Sea Variety of Guided tours: springs, mountain peaks, views of the Judean desert, migration of the birds, commemorating the Qumran scrolls. As it gets cool around the country, it’s still warm and dry at the Dead Sea. Vsitor’s website for more info or call Israel Nature & Natural Parks Association: *3639. A Pick! Tues Oct 14 11:00 Liberty Bell Park Yemin Moshe/Talbieh Theater for Children: “Gulliver: Journey to Lilliput,” (Heb) Interactive kid-friendly retelling of Jonathan Swift’s beloved satire Gulliver’s Travels. Wandering hero Gulliver washes up on Lilliput, a nation of upwardly mobile but extremely tiny people; the story of what results is recounted by way of models, film, small machines, puppets and more. For ages 4 and up. 02-5618514 40 NIS 20:30 Kikar Safra Concert: Hanan Avital & Pirchei Yerushalaim at the Municipality’s Green Sukkah. 20:30-22:30 Sanhedriya Simchat Beit HaShoeva: Aaron Razel in Concert. Yeshivat Tichonit Horev.

Nature Calls at

Deer Land Ranch

Home of the Longest Omega (Zip-line) in Israel & the Second Longest in the World! This magical spot nestled in the heart of the forest includes a huge wildlife reserve, with many types of deer and other animals from parrots to ostriches, and can be the perfect setting to celebrate weddings and other lifecycle events! Come visit and participate in a wide variety of outdoor/extreme activities like our rope park and our climbing walls.

Contact Lior: 050-538-8705 (he’s hanging around waiting for your call...)

Jerusalem & surroundings 20:00-22:00 Gilo Simchat Beit HaShoeva: Barni Merinbach & Band. Mashab Synagogue (HaTirosh),Gilo. 20:00-22:00 Ramot Simchat Beit HaShoeva: Yossi Vardi & Band in Concert. Synagogue on HaHoresh 9. 21:00 Comedy Basement, City Center Frum From Birth Religious Manifesto, starring David Kilimnick. 21:30 Matnas Gush Etzion “Ushpizin” with Shuli Rand. Keyboard, 5 players, vocals. Fee: 110nis/ Gush Residents: 100nis/Advanced Tix: 90 nis. Wed Oct 15 City Center Second Day Yom Tov Davening with Arachim &CRYI at the Great Synagogue, King George St. Activities for kids, lectures, uplifting davening, kiddush and meals. Advanced reg. required. Entrance Fees. Rechov haNassi, Talbiyeh Beit HaNassi Every year, the President opens his house to guests over Chol HaMoed in the spirit of “Ushpizin.” The lucky ones will get to shake the hand of President Shimon Peres. Kotel Carlebach Minyan. Under auspices of the Jerusalem Soul Center. Meet at mechitza near Kotel for an uplifting, musical Hallel and davening experience. For info on holidays meals, music and activites in the Old City throughout the week, contact Jerusalem Soul Center- Rabbi Ezra Amichai:054-596-9598 10:00 British Park, Beit Shemesh Between Holes & Wells: Family Trip in British Park. Historical sties & sites of the Bible. Kay L’Yaar 1-800--350-550. 10:00-17:00 Gush Etzion Israeli Festival, “Encounter with the Avot” Arts& Crafts, Theater performances, workshops, donkey riding, pita baking. For families! Play price 45 NIS, 180 NIS for family + extra for play. 10:00-20:00 44 King George St., City Center Beit Avi Chai Sukkot Exhibition: The Next Generation; “Abraham, Isaac, Jacob” by Avraham Ofek., 02-621-5300

28 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

11:00-23:00 Russian Compound International Art Fair at the Underground Prisoners Museum. Featuring 50 galleries and artists from Israel and abroad. Highlights from Sotheby’s upcoming auction of Israeli art. Also hosting a new exhibition, “But the Just Shall Live by His Faith”, bringing together 36 artists, representing three generations of Israeli art.For more details, visit: 16:00-17:00 Givah Hutzbah, Psik Theater, Gush Etzion Israeli Festival, ‘Morid Hageshem’ 50 NIS, advanced sales 40 NIS, with ticket for ‘Encounter with the Avot’ 20 NIS. 16:30 44 King George St. City Center Beit Avi Chai Sing-Along for the Whole Family “Here in Our Yard” sing-along with Yoni Eilar, featuring holidays songs and songs of the Land of Israel. Free admission. 02-621-5300 19:00 Rechov Straus 1, near Kikar Shabbat & Yaffo Ateret Shalom Jerusalem’s leading organization for autistic and developmentally disabled youth and young adults. Open to the public with appearances by renowned musicians and performers including Mona Rosenblum! 20:00-22:00 City of David (Kfar HaShiloach) Simchat Beit HaShoeva Pirchei Yerushalaim Band 20:00-22:00 plaza outside Yeshivat Ateret Kohanim Muslim Quarter, Old City Simchat Beit HaShoeva: with Aharit HaYamim in Concert. 21:00 Mishkenot Sheananim Bach: Goldberg Versions. Jerusalem Music Center. 02-624-1041, www.jmc. 02-624-1041 21:00 Comedy Basement, City Center HaOleh HaChadash: Find Me an Israeli Wife (Heb) starring David Kilimnick 22:00-23:00 Gush Etzion Israeli Festival, ‘Voices’ musical performance ‘Aspaklaria’. See ad for more details. 20:30 44 King George St., City Center Beit Avi Chai: The Voices of the Levites. , 02-621-5300

22:30 Comedy Basement, City Center Jerusalem Style New Comedians Special Starring Hani Skutch, Jeremy Man, Reuven Frank & MC David Kilimnick Thurs, Oct 16 CIty Center Jerusalem Parade! Thousands from all over Israel and the Diaspora will march through the streets of Jerusalem. Army units, army veterans, flagbearers, bands and dancers. Starts in Gan Sacker, Approx. 14:30. Efrat Park, Efrat Children Story Telling Festival (Heb.). Story telling circles, creative art workshops, face painting, costume and mask making, hair braiding, food Stands and Sukkah, musical concert with the Hallel band. “Hashibolim Halochesot” Across from the Matnas. Fee: Children 25 shekels (Age 2+)/Parents free. Rabbi Yehoshua Rubin 050-867-0697 for details. Near Tzomet Pat Tour Jerusalem’s Gazelle Valley. A walk in the gazelle valley near Tzomet Pat, home to a herd of gazelles that live completely surrounded by the city. Suitable for all ages. A 2 hour easy walk. Cost : Adult 25 nis, child 20 nis; SPNI members adults 20 nis, child 15 nis. or call 052-3869488 for more info. 09:00 & 10:00 Kotel Annual Mass Birkat Kohanim Not to be missed! Experience thousands of Kohanim blessing the Jewish people. Happens only twice a year! Shacharit at 8:15, Birkat Kohanim at 9am. Musaf at 9:45, Birkat Kohanim for Musaf at 10am. 11:00-13:00 Old City Outdoor Simchat Beit HaShoeva in the Jewish Quarter. Central plaza near Hurva synagogue in Jewish Quarter, with Rav HaGaon Mordechai Eliyahu, music, food and more. 13:00 Hebron Annual Mass Machpela MusicFest! Featuring: The Moshav Band, Shlomo Katz, Aharon Raziel, Udi Davidi , Mordechai Yitzhar Baumol, Chizki Sofer, Chaim Yisrael, Shalhevet Orchestra, Shalev Ben Yaakov and lots more. An unforgettable experience. See 15:30 Kotel Hakhel & Hachnasat Sefer Torah

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Jerusalem & surroundings 20:00-23:00 Kiryat Moshe Simchat Beit HaShoeva at Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav Featuring: Mussa Berlin & Akiva Margaliot. Rechov Zvi Yehuda, Kiryat Moshe. 20:30 Kikar Safra Klezmierim: Boris & Friends at the Green Sukkah 22:00 Comedy Basement, City Center Stand-up Starring: Daddy ‘The Walker’ Ophir (Heb) 20:30 Jerusalem Night Safari at the Bird Observatory. A night hike to see the night life in the center of the city – owls, porcupines, bats and more. Suitable for age 5 and up. A 2 hour session. Cost: Adult 25 nis, child 20 nis; SPNI membersadults 20 nis, child 15 nis 052-386-9488, Friday, Oct 17 10:00 Adulam Park, Beit Shemesh area Tour as part of Beit Shemesh festival. Walk new 2km trail, visit ancient burial sites, hiding places from the 2nd temple period & Bar Kochva rebellion. Bring flashlight & plenty of water. Kav L’Yaar 1-800-350550. 8am Kotel Carlebach Minyan at the Kotel. Under auspices of the Jerusalem Soul Center. Meet an mechitza near Kotel for an uplifting, musical Hallel and davening experience. For info on holidays meals, music and activites activities in the Old City, throughout the week contact Rabbi Ezra, Jerusalem Soul Center. 054-596-9598 Motzash, Oct 18 20:00 Comedy Basement, City Center Stand-up Jerusalem Style Starring Charley Warady. 20:30-22:30 Beit Sefer Horeb, Rechov Kovshei Katamon Simchat Beit HaShoeva: Kids from “Ezra” with “Shabbat Achim” Choir. 20:30-22:30 Beit Knesset Moriah, Rechov Goitman 12, Pisgat Zeev Simchat Beit HaShoeva: Klezmerist Eliezer Rozenfeld & band. Sat Oct 18 22:00 Comedy Basement, City Center Stand-up Jerusalem Style Starring Charley Warady.

30 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

Sun, Oct 19 Wadi Kelt Festival at Wadi Kelt Spring. Hike through Nachal Prat, see the communities of Gush Adumim (Kfar Adumim, Maale Adumim, Mishor Adumim, etc), Jeep Tours, music performances, Klezmer musicians, Storytellers along the Nachal. Call the Ofra Field School for more info: 02-997-5516. Sun Oct 19 21:00 Abu Tor HaMakor Band in Concert. The Lab (HaMaabada) Derech Hevron 28. Call 054-209-2158; jamproevents@gmail. com. Entrance fee. Sun Oct 19 8am Kotel Carlebach Minyan at the Kotel Under auspices of the Jerusalem Soul Center. Meet at mechitza near Kotel for an uplifting, musical Hallel and davening experience. For info on holidays meals, music and activites activities in the Old City, throughout the week contact Rabbi Ezra, Jerusalem Soul Center. 054-596-9598. 17:00 Comedy Basement, City Center Family Show: Uncle ‘D’ Hits Back- On Ice. 17:30 44 King George St., City Center Beit Avi Chai “These and Those”. Lecture by Dr. Micha Goodman on the disagreement between Beit Hillel & Beit Shammai and its meaning for our generartion. (English) 20:30 Marcus St. 20, Talbieh World Orchestra for Peace. 90 leading players from 70 of the world’s major orchestras join together from 40 countries under conductor Valery Gergiev. Mendelssohn, Mahler, Symphony No. 5 & more. 02-560-5755, 20:30-22:30 German Colony Tikun Leil Hoshana Rabba with Rav Benny Lau. Ramban Synagogue, Rechov Amatzia, 20:30-22:30 Har Homa Tikun Leil Hoshana Rabba with Klezmer Eliezer Rosenfeld & band. Homat Shmuel, Matnas Rechov Shaul Avigor 7, Tues, Oct. 21 21:00 44 King George St., City Center Jewish Music Marathon Beit Avi Chai. The event, which starts at 21:00 will feature Oy Division (those Tel Aviv darlings

who strive to recreate shtetl-era klezmer music), Hatizmoret Haamamit, BTA and various instrumentalists. If you can’t make the Beit Avi Chai show, or you’re a huge Jewish music fan, the marathon will be repeating itself in Tel Aviv on the 22nd. 20nis.

20:00-22:30 Hakafot Shniyot

Matnas Pisgat Ze’ev: Kikar Tunic Matnas Talpaz: Rechov Olei HaGardom 13. Matnas Gilo: Zeidenberg Park. Matnas Homat Shmuel (Har Homa): Bait Sefer Ilan Ramon: Yitzchak Nisim 3. Matnas Shmuel NaNavi: Rechov Magen Aluf 3. Matnas Gonenim (Katamonim): WIZO Community Center, Yosi Ben Yoezer 20. Matnas Katamonim Ezra: Rechov San Martin, commercial center. Matnas Baka: Rechov Yissachar 3. Kiryat Menachem: Rechov Dehomei 23. Givat Mordechai: Matnas Beit Ross Matnas Nachlaot: Yonatan & Aharon Razel. Shchunat Pat: Rechov Rosenstein 3 Beit HaRav Kook: Mussa Berlin & Band City Center: Heichal Shlmo: Women’s Dancing with Odelia Berlin & Band Kiryat Moshe: Machon meir, Sderot HaMeira, Dov handler & band. Ramat Shlomo: Synagogue on Rechov Klachiem with Rafi Berkowitz + band Ein Kerem: Yeshivat Har Hamor Ramot: Neve Avraham Synagogue Kiryat Shmuel: Ohel Nechama Kiryat Yovel: HaRav Simchon Sunaggue Guest Paytanim & Andalusian band. Ramat Sharet: Zechtut Avot Synagoge

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Jerusalem & surroundings

Following in the Footsteps of Avram and Lot By Tali Tarlow


he Dead Sea Area is prime stomping ground for the traveler because of its stunning desert and sea views, fun hikes along river beds and through caves, and other awesome natural phenomenon. However even more than that, a drive along the Dead Sea with a Bible in hand can take us back hundreds of generations to the events that shaped us as a nation! This article will guide you through a scenic and historical route (don’t forget to bring your Chumash Bereishit, the Book of Genesis), and will suggest some family activities along the way. For the sake of clean chronology, we recommend that you start at the South Dead Sea area. Lookout point 1: Avram and Lot part ways On the DimonaSedom road (Road #25) stop your car at the first lookout point next to the memorial on the bend of the road by the 108th km. Leave your car, and climb the hill, leaving the road behind you. Before you is a breathtaking view of the Southern Dead Sea area and the badlands which in the Bible are called the Sidim Valley. On your right is the arava wilderness, and facing you are the mountains of Moav and Edom. The green area is part of Jordanian lands which has been identified as the biblical city of Tsoar (which will be mentioned in the texts that you will read). This area, South Dead Sea, is the southern border of the Judean Kingdom and was called “Gei Hamelach” in the Bible. Read Bereishit 13: 1- 13. Lookout point 2: The Destruction of Sedom Continue on the road towards the Dead Sea (at the Arava junction, it becomes Road #90). You will pass the Dead Sea Factory Works and arrive at the Mount Sedom area. Just after the 193rd km sign, turn left and follow signs to the flour caves and Mount Sedom lookout. Go on the dirt round (blue hiking sign) and turn north at

32 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

the sign directing to Mishor Amiaz. Those interested in a fun walking tour can continue to Nachal Portzim and the Flour Caves, and pick up back here when you have finished. Follow the black painted signs to Mount Sedom. Park the car at the sign directing to the lookout and to the step path, and climb the path. You are now on Mount Sedom, which is a mountain that is made of pure salt spanning a width of a few kilometers. Before you are the steep slopes of Mount Sedom and the southern banks of the Dead Sea, which today are no longer sea but steam pools of the Dead Sea factories. Open your Chumash Bereishit to chapter 19 and read until pasuk (verse) 28: the story of the Lot and his narrow escape from Sedom. Lookout point 3: The birth of Edom and Moab Leave the lookout point and return to road 90. Turn north and travel towards the Dead Sea. You can stop at the 197th km at the enclave. On the left of the cement structure there is a cave, where we will complete the tale of Lot and his family. The caves of Mount Sedom are made from salt. If this cave is closed then find a place at the shores of the Dead Sea to tell the rest of this story. Read from your Chumash Bereishit chapter 19:28—38. As we look to the mountains of Edom and Moav, on the other side of the Dead Sea, we can contemplate the complicated relationship the Jewish People have had with the people of Moav and Edom, the roots of which are in the biblical story we have just read. However, our ancestor David HaMelech, traces his family line back to Edom. Chazal tell us that this is no coincidence— his humble and even dark background reveals both the strength of his position and his purpose of mission. Tali Tarlow lives in Elazar in Gush Etzion with her husband and 3 daughters. She teaches Torah, and works at Lifnim: Tours of Jerusalem running the Scavenger Hunt in Nachlaot Program. Tali can be contacted at with regard to any of the above activities! (Tiyul taken from ‫)לטייל עם התנך מאת גליה דורון‬

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Jerusalem & surroundings

The 18th Century Venetian Sukkah By Malka Ehrenberg


he resilience of the Jewish people manifests in countless respects. Our history points to the magnitude of our small nation’s great achievements, and highlights the unique manner in which Jews took their predicament in one hand, the Torah in the other, and soldiered on. One such area that unmistakably exemplifies Jewish steadfastness and creativity is in Jewish artwork. For centuries, the joy and dedication that the Jewish people found walking on the path of Torah have been displayed through their art. Often adopting the style of the countries and periods in which they lived, Jews chose to glorify their traditional lifestyle in this way. Italian Jewish art in particular is an interesting subject because the scrupulous attention to detail and clear Italian influence are truly stunning, yet do not outshine the Jewish essence of the art. The periods during which Jewish art in Italy expanded and flourished extends from the end of the 15th century to the end of the 19th century, with the most extraordinary pieces dating from the Renaissance and Baroque period. There are beautiful collections of Torah scroll decorations, menorahs, arks, wine goblets, basins for washing hands, etc., all manufactured using precious metals and fabrics combining ancient and traditional Jewish motifs with the Italian culture. Still, there was not quite complete freedom for Jews to express their beliefs, whether in practice or in art. There was a prohibition on Jewish craftsmanship that was widespread across Europe, forcing many Jewish families to commission the artwork from non-Jewish artisans, influenced by their own tastes and expertise. This seeming stumbling block in the development of Jewish art actually led to the construction of a very unique piece— a sukkah that once belonged to the Sullam family that dates back to 18th century Venice. It is now on display at The U. Nahon Museum of Italian Jewish Art, in Jerusalem.

34 | Sukkot Travel Guide 5769

The Sullam family, similar to most Jews of Venice, built their sukkah on the balcony of their home, overlooking narrow, flowing canals and swaying gondolas. Unfortunately, clotheslines hung across the canals presented an unpleasant view for those sitting in the sukkah. In place of despairing, the Sullams were innovative and found a way to stop the laundry from dominating their view. They had a non-Jewish artisan paint large simulated windows on the walls of the sukkah, with scenes from Exodus visible through them. Four panels are found in the museum today. Each depicts another scene from the Torah: the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai, the song of Miriam, the gathering of the manna, Pharaoh and his horse drowning in the Red Sea, and Moses striking the rock to obtain water for the Israelites.

The beautiful oil paintings and ingenuity of the sukkah alone are noteworthy, but what’s additionally distinctive is the personal way in which the commissioned artist interpreted the Biblical events. If one looks closely at the panels, one will notice the Venice lagoon portrayed as the Red Sea and in the background of the scene, the city of Venice itself. Also, the Israelites in the oil paintings were painted wearing the traditional garb of 18th century Italy! This remaining piece of art gives us an insight into our history, reminding us of the fervor of the Jewish people in the face of hardship. Our nation is always and has always been striving to upkeep the Torah laws, while beautifying it, keeping its spirit alive, and cultivating it, without straying from the Jewish identity. For more info on hours, call 02-624-1610 or see http://

Malka Ehrenberg made aliyah in Sept 2008. She was a student at Midreshet Harovah, and will begin her mechinah studies at Hebrew U. after Sukkot.

South EvEnts/FEstivals Wed-Fri Oct 15-17, Sun. Oct 19 11:00, 16:00 Beer Sheva Live Museum & guided walking tours to various sites in the Old City, meeting characters from the past. Creative Workshops for Children. 08-620-6570 for more info. Wed-Sun, Oct 15-19 Masada Various family activities, light-sound show, Ancient characters in “The Last of Masada” show, music, theater. Fee 61nis (adult)/ 34 kids. Call 08-6584207/8, dial *3639 (Parks Authority) or see www. Thurs-Fri Oct 16-17, 05:00 Timna Park, Negev Travel in the Sky: 2nd Annual Festival of Hot Air Balloons, England, Spain, Morroco, Phillipines. The balloons will fly at 5am, and at night they will be illuminated with colored light using special effects at 20 meters above the ground. Activities for families, and especially for kids, arts & crafts, etc. Free. Call Israel Parks Authority at *3639 for more info. Wed-Fri Oct 15-17, Sun. Oct 19

9:00-16:00 Beer Sheva Special Light-Sound Show on the history of Beer Sheva. In English, Hebrew, Russian, German & Spanish.08-620-6570 for more info. Wed-Thurs, Oct 15-16 9:00-15:00 Beer Sheva Negev Museum of the Arts. Special exhibit: “60-90-60: The Flourishing of Beer Sheva”. Variety of exhibits on painting, sculpture, photography, historical preservation, etc. Call 08620-6570 for more info. Tues, Oct 14-Wed, Oct 22 Beer Sheva Zoological Garden. 150 types of animals! 08-641-4470 and 08-6414777 for more info. Petting zoo, guided tours, activities, creative workshops special for Sukkot. Zoological Park in Beer Sheva.Located at the NorthWestern entrance to the city, this Zoo displays many indigenous animals. Thurs, Oct 16 10:30-16:30 Sderot Full-day tour. See the new one-ofa-kind rocket-proof Beit Medrash, meet victims of Kassam attacks, festive Simchat Beit Hashoevah. For prices, times + details:Josh Hasten at jhasten@ or at 054-750-1808.

Wed, Oct 15-Sun Oct 19th Neve Zohar, Dead Sea The Tamar Festival in Nahal Zozar near Dead Sea with sunrise concerts on Massada. Tickets 150 nis. Lineup includes: Yehuda Poliker, Mosh Ari, Beri Saharof, Yehudit Ravitz, Gidi Gov and many others. Check out : www. Thurs, Oct 16 07:30 Ashdod Overlook onto Ashdodian Birds. Birdwatch for the whole family in Lachish Park in Ashdod. Includes signs for birds and a walking tour. Free. www. Ramat Negev Sukkah in the Desert. Gorgeous lodging site. No cell phone reception, no sirens or alarms, absolute silence and serenity you can allow your mind to rest. Y. Treatments, workshops for groups and horseback riding (at Alpaca Farm). Call 08-6586280. Wed Oct 15 21:00 Kibbutz Revivim Beit Lessin Theatre: “Apples from the Desert”, by Savyon Librecht, internationally-renowned author. Call for more info: 08-656-4161/2 (Hebrew)

located at the entrance to Kibbutz Farod, next to Moshav Amirim, Galil Heights

Farod Park MINI GOLF 050-869-7802



Challenging Mini Golf Courses Giant Jumping Jack Arts & Crafts for children Paintball Target Range

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South Wed-Thurs, Oct 15-16, Sun Oct 19 Chai Negev Opening of the Olive Harvest in Chai Nege, the Negev’s Ecological Village. or call 054-240-1150 or 08-656-2688. Wed-Thurs, Oct 15-16, Sun Oct 19 Mitzpeh Revivim Pioneering the Negev. Return to the life of the pioneering settlements of the Negev. Activities for the entire family. Call 08-6562570 or see

Maayan HaNeurim, Ramat HaNegev Guitar Lovers festival. In the mountains of the Negev Desert. Amazing lineup. Mehadrin Sukkah, too! Bring guitars, tent, camping equipment and very warm clothing. Tix and entrance from Noon on 10/15. See website for full details: or email Call 03-7526830 or 054-300-8800 for details.

Wed-Fri Oct 15-17

Sukkot in the Desert: Kadesh Barnea By Rabbi Mordechai Weiss


ell, first the bad news. It doesn’t look like we’ll be visiting the ancient site of Sukkot this year. Archaeologists suspect that the location known as Deir Alla, east of the Jordan River, is in fact the location of Biblical Sukkot. This is where Yaakov Avinu (our forefather Jacob) built a house for himself and made sukkot (booths) for his cattle on his return from Padan-Aram after his meeting with Esav. A series of excavations made its most dramatic discovery there in 1967 when an ink wall inscription relating a hitherto-unknown prophecy of Balaam was discovered.

as well. Be sure to phone ahead: 08 655-8992, 052 8991807 or 052 392-7085.

And so I figured instead of visiting Sukkot, I’d visit the ancient Israelite city of Kadesh Barnea down in the western Negev. It was from Kadesh that the twelve spies were sent to survey the Land of Canaan. Forty years later, the tribes of Israel were gathered together at Kadesh for a second time. At that time, Miriam died and was buried. Following Miriam’s death, the Israelites complained to Moshe Rabbeinu about the lack of water.

While you’re down in the area, be sure to visit the solar park in Nitzana. The giant exhibits at the solar park protrude from the desert like colorful amusementpark rides. Here you’ll find a classroom covered with wing-like panels that convert the solar energy into electricity, nets that collect the night dew, an enormous installation that focuses the intensity of the sun’s rays, and other structures that demonstrate the ecological and economical use of the main resource with which this area is abundantly blessed: sunlight. The visit also includes a guided tour of a garbage-collection center for recycling, and a small archaeological museum. Phone the Nitzana Youth Village at 08-656 1468/35 or see

Moshe subsequently sent envoys to the King of Edom from Kadesh, asking for permission to let the Israelites pass through his terrain. The Edomite king denied this request. The modern day settlement of Kadesh Barnea, known today as Nitzanei Sinai, was founded in 1980 by the Ramat HaNegev Regional Council. It is located near Nitzana on the border with Egypt. There is a wonderful family attraction in the area today: The House of Honey. You can learn all about the process of making honey and enjoy some tastings

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In addition, be sure to visit the Kadesh Barnea Winery, a Negev Desert winery established in 1999. For details, call 052 267-2552. Another fun family activity nearby is tomato-picking in Kemehin. In the hothouse, you can listed to an explanation about tomato-growing and pick some for home or for a picnic. Call 08 655-1524 or 052 8450201 for details.

For a more detailed listing of events in the Negev, visit Rabbi Mordechai Weiss is a licensed tour guide. Originally from New Jersey, he and his family currently live in Mitzpeh Yericho. He can be contacted at

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Jerusalem’s Newest Neighborhood

Chanoch Kass, CEO of Nofei Israel, has also helped to develop affordable religious neighborhoods in Givat Ze’ev and Har Choma. He explains: “When Western Olim dream of returning to Israel, they should not have to compromise on their comfortable lifestyle to do so. Everything that they have in their communities in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore or even in European cities should be on their doorstep in Jerusalem, and that’s how we have designed Nof Zion.” The negative trend in Jerusalem’s crucial demographic statistics has increased the pressure to create affordable communities which will attract professional middle-class religious families from America to move here. While many young, Anglo families have left Jerusalem for other areas such as Beit Shemesh or Modiin, Nof Zion is the ultimate answer to maintaining a strong Jewish presence in Jerusalem. Nof Israel is doing its part to build projects that will help maintain a Jewish solidarity in Jerusalem, but it falls upon Jewish families to move into the developing neighborhood in the city. The project offers great value for your dollar, high quality homes, breathtaking views, and a “chevra” that fits your family’s lifestyle – all for the lowest price on the Jerusalem market. Nof Zion is a must for the American family making Aliyah today.

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