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Elie RUBIN, Managing Publisher, ST/IT

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In the world of independent magazine publishing, two years is worth celebrating! shiurtimes: the israel maGaZine is celebrating its second birthday with a major overhaul: we are changing our name to IsraTimes. This change reflects our desire to expand the magazine’s reach to a broader audience. The content has evolved progressively to include more issues that pertain to Israeli society, as a whole. The goal of IsraTimes is to appeal to Anglo olim and tourists, observant and non-observant alike. As an oleh (immigrant) myself, it is a dream to create a magazine that focuses on the community in Israel. Being a property developer, the profits that I made in the last good economic years helped me realize this dream. Born in France, I made aliyah from Toronto ten years ago and still see myself as a new oleh. I have a very profound belief that Eretz Yisrael is the only place for the Jewish people to live, and so I moved to Israel to make my dream come true. During my college studies at Hebrew University, I was involved with promoting aliyah, went on Shlichut to the US and England, and was an educator for teen groups from abroad. As each magazine prints, I feel the same excitement I used to feel in my involvement at the Jewish Agency, for I believe I am continuing to fulfill my Jewish and Israeli responsibility. Launched as shiurtimes in January 2006, the magazine has consistently prided itself on being mostly composed of a great team of new olim. This allows us to address very interesting and unique issues to our readers. The December issue of IsraTimes begins tackling topics previously unapproached by shiurtimes, and has expanded them to reach more people in Israel and abroad. On behalf of the IsraTimes team, I would like to thank all of our readers, subscribers, writers, website contributors, advertisers and distributors, for your great care in the development of IsraTimes. Chanukkah Sameah, Elie RUBIN, Managing Publisher

December 2008: Chanukkah 5769 6 Letters 9 Opinion by Vera Resnick, RCHom

10 Finance by Doug Goldstein

12 Pure Zealotry, Pure Commercialism by Yael Unterman

14 Food Shorts 16 Legalese by Russell Meyer, Adv.

18 5 Questions for an Educational Consultant by IsraTimes Staff

20 Chanukkah: Holiday of Spin by Ozer Bergman

22 The Truth About Nikkur Achoraim by Ari Zivotofsky

24 Modern Macrobiotics by Ginat Rice

26 Consumption Reduction by Aaron Potek

28 Where’s the Beef? by Tamar Schriger

30 Kosher Wars by IsraTimes Staff

34 Travel: Walking History by Rabbi Mordechai Weiss

36 Proud Jew, Proud Israeli by Yishai Fleisher

44 Classifieds 49 Only in Israel by Rafi Farber

50 Community Profile: Mitzpe Yericho by Ilene Bloch-Levy

52 Food-a-licious by Irène Sharon Hodes

54 Health: NLP/EFT 56 Society: Afikim by Shlomit Ben-Michael

58 Contributors

38 Archaeology: Riddle for Chanukkah by Danny Herman

40 Professional Profile 42 Builder of Zion by Yehudit Singer

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