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Aug 27, 2010

PAY OUR FANS PROGRAM Why Pay Google When We Can Pay You? With every sale at least 10% of the sale goes towards marketing. So instead of paying some other company for marketing, we would rather pay you. Below is a very easy 3-step commission program, which pays you for sales and all you have to do is complete step 1! Step 1: E-mail a list (excel doc) with the following information for potential buyers:  

Name E-mail

  

Phone number Type of organization Date they plan on getting shirts

Step 2: A representative will contact the person(s) or organization(s) on your list and quote them for shirts (hoodies, hats, sweats...) Step 3: If the person or organization purchases shirts from us we will send you 10% of the final receipt, not including taxes. Example: If a person on your list orders 125 red Gildan Ultra Cotton shirts with 1 color front and 4 colors back at $10.50 each, then this would be a $1312.50 order. You would get a check for 10%, which is $131.25. Not bad for just sending us an e-mail. Notes: 

If the same client comes back again and again to order shirts, we will send you 10% every time.

 

This only applies for screen printed and inkjet produced products, not embroidery. When you e-mail us your list do not forget to send your mailing address.

We will be accepting lists until January 1, 2011, to see if the program works. After January 1, 2011, reserves the right to terminate this incentive program if it is deemed unproductive. If the program is successful we will continue to extend the program’s expiration date. If your client keeps coming back after the expiration date, we will continue to send you your 10% commission. Pay You Program  

Why pay google when we can pay you. Here is a program that lets you earn money by helping find customers.