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One day, Superman was flying around the world to save the planet from the evils.

While he was happily flying, he heard a loud noise.


His tummy was growling!

He decided to go to France.

Oh, I see some croissant. Let’s have some!

He felt that the bread didn’t make him full.

I want to eat some meat. I heard Germany is famous for its frankfurter.

Oh, too much meat. I’ll lose my six packs!

Now t hat I’m i pizza come n Italy, s to m mind. y Let’s h ave so me!

He decided to go to France.

What a beatiful and colourful country India is! Look! The curry looks yummy! Let’s try some!

I heard dimsum is a famous food in China. Look! It looks very tempting. I have to try some!

Superman flew so fast and he did not realise that he had reached China. His tummy rumbled again.

I’m now in South Korea. I heard the food here is scrumptious especially bibimbap. I could smell it from here. Let’s have some!

I Iwant wantto totry try something somethingdifferent. different.I I heard heardthat thatSushi Sushi tastes tastesnice. nice.

I’ve I’vehad hadenough enough heavy heavyfood. food.It’s It’snow now time timefor fordessert! dessert!Let’s Let’s try tryais aiskacang kacangin in Malaysia. Malaysia.

Oh OhDear! Dear!I Ican’t can’tfly flynow. now. I’m I’mtoo tooFULL!!!!!!!!!! FULL!!!!!!!!!!

Hungry Superman  

child's story about hungry superman