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List 5 words that describe your 20s.

dad, son, saddest, happiest, hardest

awkward, lonely, educational, satisfying, difficult

confusing, challenging, unsure, broke, exciting

What is the best memory from your 20s?

Birth of my son.

Cliche—my wedding day is my best memory. Even though stuff went wrong, I still got to marry my husband and none of it mattered in the end.

Moving from Atlanta to San Francisco to start chasing my dream at the age of 25.

What do you know now that you wish you knew in your 20s?

Working hard at something isn’t always the solution. You have to stick up for yourself and other people have to do things for you too.

That even though I was belittled by some, misled by others, and used more times than I can count, in the end, it gave me the ability to appreciate what I do have rather than what I don’t. If I could go back and tell myself one thing it would be the now overused phrase,“It gets better.”

That hard work and lots of sacrifice is required if you want to make it anywhere in this world!

Not sure I have anything... maybe just enjoy every moment!! If you are always thinking about the future or the past, you miss the present.

You don’t need to get married by 25 and have your first kid in the next year to have a fulfilling family life. You also don’t need to sleep around and party hard to enjoy your life. Move through your life naturally, and don’t feel like you need to please everyone around you.

If you think you’re working hard, you should probably be working harder. Don’t judge your worth by your paycheck, or if you have a job that’s “related to your degree” or not. Work hard, do what you love, and if you can’t, work hard to ALLOW you to do what you love on the side.

Amy Attaway, 29

Anonymous, 29

Joie Brown, 27

What’s your advice for those currently in their 20s?


The 20s are really a new “teen” age. I feel like people don’t really start getting their lives together until their 30s.

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A compendium of people's accounts of life in their 20s.


A compendium of people's accounts of life in their 20s.