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David McConnell, Founder & CEO

FIRST BASE FOUNDATION PRIMER Applied before foundation, First Base Primer goes one step further than your regular moisturiser by creating an invisible barrier on the skin.

Beautiful glowing skin, glamorous eyes, radiant cheeks & a touch of colour to your lips. The philosophy of Gorgeous Cosmetics is about using makeup to create a clean, simple look & embracing your own natural beauty. Over the past decade, Gorgeous has lead the way in providing advice & definitive direction for women on how to achieve glamour & confidence through makeup. The Gorgeous Cosmetics range of products embodies quality by utilizing superior ingredients & colour pigments,

as well as cutting-edge technology to ensure a reliable, professional result in makeup application. Our product development continues to seek out the new & innovative in order to meet our customer’s demands for a premium cosmetic offering. This Product Guide outlines each item in the Gorgeous Cosmetics range & includes product descriptions, shade names, colour swatches & ingredients.

The result? Foundation stays exactly where you want it, creating a long-lasting, smoother, flawless finish. Dosed with soothing Aloe Vera, antioxidants & hydrating emollients, First Base Foundation Primer helps to keep skin soft, supple throughout the day so your makeup looks fresh.


Aloe Vera Watch your natural pigment return to the surface as this water-binding agent reduces redness & smoothes the epidermis.

Silicone Formula Derived from Silica, a natural mineral, Silicone forms a protective barrier on the skin, smoothing over fine lines & wrinkles & diminishing the appearance of larger pores. Our Silicone based formula assists in keeping makeup on longer, locking in moisture & eliminating shine.

Nourishing Emollients Keeps skin hydrated, protected & smooth all day long, while also reducing water loss.

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Base Perfect is the perfect foundation for every skin.

A light-reflecting fluid to highlight the skin & brighten the complexion.

From dry & sensitive to extremely, oily our master formula is designed to suit all skin types & troubles.

Superstar Liquid Shimmer gives skin a dewy, sheeny look. It is enriched with antioxidants, Vitamin E & Aloe Vera, keeping skin soothed & hydrated while leaving you with a glowing complexion. Superstar is great used alone or mixed in with your moisturiser or foundation, & can also add instant glow to the body.

Dosed with light-diffusing pigments, Base Perfect Foundation delivers a flawless, photo-ready finish with a buildable coverage. Base Perfect blends seamlessly to lock-in smart silicones without patching or caking. Enjoy smoother, more luminous skin & diffuse fine lines & pores with 1 pump. FEATURES & BENEFITS

Special Silicones


Light Diffusing Properties

Disguise the appearance of imperfections & fine lines, giving skin a healthy, luminous glow.

Light-reflecting particles that diffuse the appearance of fine lines & create a luminous finish on the skin.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Improves collagen density & reduces the appearance of ageing. Tones skin & provides elasticity to each fine line.

Improves collagen density & reduces the appearance of ageing. Tones skin & provides elasticity to each fine line.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Protects from oxidant damage. Has anti-inflammatory & anti-aging properties. High in moisture, keeping skin smooth & hydrated.

Protects from oxidant damage. Has anti-inflammatory & anti-aging properties. High in moisture, keeping skin smooth & hydrated.
























Gold Dust Golden peach undertone Suited to all skin tones

Bronze Natural bronzed glow.


BB CREAM Five-in-one, multifunctional Beauty Balm that treats, moisturises, primes, camouflages & protects the skin for a flawless & radiant finish. FEATURES & BENEFITS

Aloe Vera Anti-inflamatory ingredient to soothe skin, prevent imperfections, redness & sensitivity.

Anti-Aging Properties Promote natural collagen production for a more youthful appearance.


Light Beige undertone Fair pigment

Medium Beige undertone Medium pigment

Dark Red undertone Deep pigment


Medium Pink & peach undertone

Light Neutral Pale pink & cream undertone

Medium Neutral Yellow & green undertone

ENDLESS SUMMER BRONZING POWDER This luxe, triple-milled, mineral bronzing powder boasts two shades that deliver a naturallooking tan for any skin tone. Endless Summer’s micro-fine bronzing powders give even the palest of complexions a sheeny glow, while light reflecting particles impart that healthy sun-kissed radiance. For an all over glow, sweep Endless Summer Bronzer over the face & dÊcolletage, concentrating on the cheekbones, forehead & the bridge of the nose.

CONCEAL IT CREAM CONCEALER Smooth & creamy concealer to easily disguise imperfections & give skin a perfectly even finish. Conceal It Cream Concealer is your go-anywhere solution to banish redness, dark circles & blemishes. Use this product either on its own for a naturally flawless look, or in tandem with your foundation.


Matte Formula Our matte Bronzer provides a natural amount of colour to the skin that mimics a healthy sun-kissed complexion. Also doubles as a contour product, leaving a naturally defined finish to the skin.

Mica Prolong the look of your bronzed summer glow by dusting Endless Summer over a fading tan, to highlight & even out skin tone.

Triple Milled Powder Control the depth of colour by softly building the desired tone. Add a little or a lot, the natural finish of Endless Summer assists to help control those with a heavy hand. Each milling process causes the powder to become finer & softer. The finer the powder particles, the more naturally the powder sits on the skin.

01-ES Warm tan 02-ES Deep tan


Rich & Creamy Formula Applies easily & keeps skin hydrated & supple, which means no cracking, creasing or caking.

High Pigment Content Dosed with intense colour pigment, only the smallest amount is needed to perfectly cover imperfections.



A luxurious triple-milled pressed powder that delivers instant silkiness to the skin. Boasting a supremely soft formula, Powder Perfect disguises imperfections & gives skin a soft velvety texture, while added illuminative properties even out any complexion. Wear over foundation or alone for a natural finish.

An extraordinarily finely milled foundation powder. Specially designed to be light & soft enough to set the flawless finish delivered by even Airbrush Foundation.


Mica & Titanium Dioxide Mica softens & brings a youthful sparkle to the skin & Titanium Dioxide is a natural mineral with healing properties.

Triple Milled Powder


Enriched with Silica Gives the product an extra silky touch & a comfortable application.

Micronised High Definition Texture

PRISM HIGHLIGHTER Pearlized, pressed powder, giving an ethereal look to the skin. Dusted lightly onto cheekbones, brow bones & collarbones, this luxe translucent highlighter adds an iridescent glow. Prism Highlighter’s finely milled powder adds a velvety softness to skin, while micro-fine, light-reflecting particles give the complexion an instant glow. Sweep Prism Highlighter onto bare skin for a naturally healthy look, or use it as the finishing touch to a more polished finish.

Helps to minimize the look of fine lines & wrinkles, conceal enlarged pores, & diminishes the appearance of uneven texture.


Mica A natural earth mineral that brings a soft, youthful sparkle to the skin.

Multi-use Prolong the look of your bronzed summer glow by dusting Prism Summer over a fading tan, to highlight & even out the tone. Use Prism Highlighter over cheeks & eyes for a soft subtle finish.

Finely Milled Each milling process causes the powder to become finer & softer. The finer the powder particles, the more naturally the powder sits on the skin.



Ultra fine particles sit smoothly on the skin, giving a fresh, natural appearance.


01-ASP Fair golden undertone

03-ASP Medium golden undertone

04-ASP Medium beige undertone

06-ASP Warm neutral undertone

07-ASP Warm tan undertone

10-ASP Deep golden undertone

Prism Soft golden/pink undertone

04-PP 01-PP 02-PP 03-PP Fair/gold Fair/beige Med/gold Med/beige undertone undertone undertone undertone

08-PP 05-PP 06-PP 07-PP Med/neutral Warm/gold Warm tan Deep neutral undertone undertone undertone undertone

12-PP 09-PP 10-PP 11-PP Dark Deep Deep Dark beige gold tan natural tan terracotta undertone undertone undertone undertone

Airspire 07-ASP Warm tan undertone

Powder Perfect 01-PP Fair golden undertone

Prism Highlighter Summer Warm golden undertone


CHEEK CRÈME CREAM BLUSH Dewy cream blush to give cheeks a natural looking flush. Lightly smooth Cheek Crème over the apples of the cheeks for defined cheekbones with a healthy glow. For those who like their rouge to make a statement, intensify your look by layering Cheek Crème.

Berry Cream Natural sheer mauve Sheer finish

The innovative, cream-based formula smooths onto skin for an easy to apply, natural flush.

Castor Seed Oil


Sculpt & define your cheeks, or simply achieve a healthy flush. With shades ranging from soft pinks to deep reds,

Micronization produces an extremely finely milled pressed powder, which blends effortlessly without patchiness. It creates a silky & rich eyeshadow, with incredible fullness.

Colour Pro Powder Blush’s silkysmooth, micro-fine particles blend with ease for a gorgeous result.

High Pigment Content

ALSO AVAILABLE IN: Strawberries & Cream Strawberry pink Opaque-cream finish


Finely milled powder which dusts onto the cheeks to provide a long-lasting & radiant finish.

Micronized Powder

Ensures for long lasting colour, with minimal creasing or fading.

Rose Glow Coral Blue based Baby peach pink

Apples Pinky/peach

Peach Glow Soft peach

A high-performing, softening emollient, which holds its structure & maintains its smooth consistency & finish, even during hot or cold climates. Aids in hydration & longevity.

Warm Glow Deep raspberry

Rhubarb Golden rose with a touch of red

Sesame Warm peachy brown

Peaches & Cream Warm peach Opaque-cream finish

Cosmopolitan Medium pink



A stable base to keeps lids looking flawless & vibrant all day. No smudging, fading or caking eye shadow - only the smallest amount of this creamy formula is required for long lasting makeup. Simply blend a drop into each lid & your eye shadow will glide on more intensely & true to its real colour. FEATURES & BENEFITS

Ivory Light Light Bronze Plum White pearl Warm bronze Muted purple

Charity Pinky-gold

Jet Black Charcoal Gold Digger Golden brown with green undertones

Toffee Shine Champagne Monkey Light golden Silver cream Red based highlighter highlighter brown

Mint Julip Light green

Nude Beautiful Peachy pink Silver-mauve

Beeswax Naturally formulated to hold oils & liquids of products together. It is a thickening & binding agent, & a super hydrator.

Silver Hue Light silver

Dune Sand

Natural Highlighter

Fab Chocolate bronze

Hedgehog Warm chocolate brown

Cream Coloured Base Slightly lightens the skin around the eye, making coloured eye product pop & come out true to life.

So Nice Golden Kiss True Taupe Fair golden Golden Grey bronze bronze brown

COLOUR PRO EYE SHADOW Richly pigmented, finely milled & silky smooth eye shadows, allowing for stunning, true-colour payoff.

Khaki Gold Peter Pan Matte Tan Smoky khaki Deep smoky Warm neutral green green brown


Micronized Powder Micronization produces an extremely finely milled pressed powder, which blends effortlessly without patchiness. It creates a silky & rich eyeshadow, with incredible fullness.

High Pigment Content

Gem Potato Cake Smudge Brown based Cream Brown taupe plum Empress Light Lavender Monique Dusk Rose Silvery brown Dark beige

DMC Black Smokey black

Ensures for long lasting colour, with minimal creasing or fading. Fudge Deep warm brown

Mocha Mauve

Submarine Concrete grey

iPRIME Eyeshadow base

Violet Satin Muted grape

4 & 8 PAN EYE & CHEEK PALETTES We offer you a new perspective into the world of Color, with these portable palettes.


Select from our professionally designed 8 pan palettes or the more compact 4 pan palettes, with shades specially selected to Ever Metallic enhance natural eye colour.

Expertly designed by Makeup Artists to suit varying eye tones to bring out your best assets.


Ever Metallic Ever Metallic Custom Design

Neon Neon

Blush/Highlight Fashion Essential Shades Blush/Highlight Fashion Essential Shades Ever Matte Everyday Blush (Contour Palette is shown in in image onon thethe left) (Contour Palette is shown image left)

Portable & Convenient


4 PAN Blue Eyes Blue Eyes

Ever Metallic

Ever Metallic Ever Metallic Ever Metallic Ever Metallic Potato Cake, Nude, Peach Glow, Rhubarb, Natural, Toffee Shine, Sesame, Apples Ever Metallic Blush/Highlight Blush/Highlight Blush/Highlight

Neon Ever Matte Neon Ever Matte Neon Ever Matte Neon All-in-One: Ever Matte All-in-One: Buttercup,Blue EyesPotato Cake Brown Eyes OJ, Orange, Smudge, True Grapewine, Taupe, Blush/Highlight Mocha, Cosmopolitan, Nude, Matte Violet Satin, Tan, Sesame, Electric Dream, JetEver Black Neon Matte Fashion Essential Shades Fashion Essential Shades Leprechaun Fashion Essential Shades

Brown Eyes Brown Eyes

8 Pan Beauty Shades Included: Toffee Shine, Charity, So Nice, Light Bronze, Gem, Hedgehog, Plum, Beautiful

Everyday Beauty Everyday Beauty Everyday

All-in-One: All-in-One: Hazel Eyes Hazel Eyes

Ever Metallic Ever Neon Matte

Composing Color: Composing Color: Seasonal Seasonal

Neon Everyday Ever Matte Blush

Composing Composing Color: Green Color: Green Eyes Eyes

EverEveryday Matte Blush

Everyday Blush

Everyday Blush Everyday Blush Everyday Blush Composing Composing Composing All-in-One: Composing Color: Composing Composing Composing Smokey Smokey Smokey Composing Composing Smokey Smokey Smokey Colour: Colour: Colour: Hazel Eyes Seasonal Color: Green Color: Color: Eyes: Hollywood Eyes: Eyes: Color: Color: Eyes: Hollywood Eyes: Eyes: EyesEyes Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Noir Romance Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Noir Romance Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Green Peach Glow, Golden Kiss, Monkey,Fashion TofBlush/Highlight Blush/Highlight Fashion Fashion Essential Shades Essential Everyday Shades Beauty Essential Everyday ShadesBeauty

Everyday Beauty

Ever Metallic Neon

Smokey Eyes: Romance Shades Included: Charity, Dusk Rose, Violet Satin, Fudge

8 Pan Fashion Shades Included: Rhubarb, Hedgehog, Natural, Ivory Light, Submarine, Violet Satin, Khaki Gold, DMC Black

Natural, MonPotato Cake, fee Shine, Jet (Contour Palette is shown in imagePalette on theis left) shown (Contour in image Paletteon is the shown left)in image on the left) key, Mocha Jet(Contour Black, Black, Plum Hedgehog Everyday Blush Everyday Beauty Everyday Beauty Everyday Beauty

Composing Composing Smokey Everyday Blush Smokey Ever Metallic Neon (Contour Palette is Color: shown in image on the left) Ever Matte (Contour Palette shown image the left) (Contour Palette is is shown in in image onon the left) Color: Eyes: Hollywood Eyes: Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Noir

Smokey Eyes: Romance

Ever Matte Everyday Blush Blush/Highlight Fashion Essential Shades Everyday Beauty Blush/Highlight Everyday Blush Contour All-in-One: All-in-One: All-in-One: All-in-One: All-in-One: All-in-One: All-in-One: All-in-One: All-in-One: Composing All-in-One: All-in-One: Color: Eyes Brown Blue Eyes Eyes Hazel Blue Brown Eyes Eyes Eyes Seasonal Brown HazelEyes Eyes Potato Cake, Apples, Coral, PotatoBlue Cake, Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Hazel Eyes (Contour Palette is shown in image on the left) Nude, PeachBlush/Highlight Cosmopolitan, True Taupe, Dune, Natural, Matte Fashion EssentialToffee Shades Shine, Everyday BeautyTrue Glow, Rhubarb, Peach Glow, Matte Tan, Dusk Beautiful, Taupe, Peach Tan, Violet All-in-One: All-in-One: All-in-One: Composing Color:Submarine, Composing All-in-One: All-in-One: All-in-One: Composing Color: Composing All-in-One: All-in-One: Color: Composing Natural, Toffee All-in-One: Rhubarb, Rose Rose,isComposing Nude, Sunset, Fab Satin, (Contour Palette shown in image on the left) Blue Eyes Brown Eyes Hazel Eyes Seasonal Color: Green Blue Eyes Brown EyesSesame, Hazel Eyes Seasonal Color: Green Blue Eyes Brown Eyes Hazel Eyes Seasonal Color: Green Shine, Glow, Smudge, Fudge, Fudge Hedgehog EverSesame, Matte Everyday Blush Eyes Eyes Eyes Apples Warm Glow Mocha Essential Shades

Everyday Blush Everyday Blush

Designed for convenience with everything you need in the one place. Palettes are also ideal for travel & come equipped with Fashion Essential Shades Everyday Beauty a large makeup mirror. (Contour Palette is shown in image on the left) All-in-One: All-in-One: All-in-One: All-in-One:


Ever Matte Ever Matte

Composing Composing All-in-One: Color: Composing Composing Color: Color: Hazel Seasonal Green Eyes Seasonal Color: Green Eyes Eyes

Composing Color: Green Eyes

Everyday Beauty

Composing Composing Composing Smokey Composing Composing Color: Color: Color: Eyes: Hollywood Color: Color: Brown Eyes Color: Blue Brown EyesEyes Brown BlueEyes Eyes All-in-One: All-in-One: All-in-One: Composing Composing Blue Eyes Brown Eyes Hazel Eyes Seasonal Color: Green Eyes Composing Composing Smokey Smokey Smokey Composing Composing Smokey Smokey Smokey Composing Composing Smokey Smokey Smokey Essential ShadesAll-in-One:Color: Everyday Beauty Color:Shades Eyes: Hollywood All-in-One: Eyes: Composing Eyes: Essential Composing Smokey All-in-One: Color: ComposingEyes: Color: Color: Eyes: Hollywood Eyes: Eyes: Color: Color: Eyes: Hollywood Eyes: Eyes: Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Noir Romance Blue Eyes Brown Eyes Hazel Eyes Seasonal Color: Noir Green Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Noir Romance Brown Eyes Gold Blue Eyes Noir Romance Monkey, Colour: hownDigger, in imageFab, on theDMC left) Eyes Seasonal Champagne,

hown in image on the left)

Black, Smudge,

True Taupe, Fudge,Color: l-in-One: Composing Composing azel Eyes Jet Black Seasonal Color: Green Composing Composing Smokey Smokey Eyes Color: Color: Eyes: Hollywood Eyes: Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Noir Composing Composing Smokey Color: Color: Eyes: Hollywood Brown Eyes Blue Eyes -in-One: Composing Color: Composing zel Eyes Seasonal Color: Green

Mint Julip, Dune, Jet Black, Smokey Peter Pan Eyes:

Romance Smokey Eyes: Noir

Smudge, Beautiful, DMC Black Smokey Eyes: Romance

Smokey Composing Smokey Eyes: Eyes: Color: Hollywood Noir Blue Eyes

Smokey Smokey Smokey Eyes: Eyes: Hollywood Eyes: Romance Noir

Smokey Smokey Eyes: Eyes: Romance Noir

Smokey Eyes: Romance

Smokey Eyes: Hollywood Ivory Light, Submarine, Silver Hue, Jet Black


Sand Shimmer Neutral sand

Make an impact with intense, high shine, finely milled glitters. Use Colour Flash Glitter in tandem with Gorgeous Cosmetics Glitz Fix to create a liquid eyeliner effect. You can also apply to the entire eyelid to rock up any eye shadow, or paint glitter onto lashes for a shimmering flutter.

SHIMMER DUST Add instant luxe-appeal to lids with our utterly adaptable, finely milled loose mineral powder.

Mousse Grey brown

Ruby Bright red


Soft Round Particles


Rich, Loose Pigments Creates strong intensity, shine & depth to any application on the eyes. Loose pigments are easy to work with, & give flexibility with level of colour. Vast range of finishes, including pearlescent, sheen & metallic, to suit varying makeup styles, tastes & ages.

Unlike craft glitters, Colour Flash Glitter is a lightweight, rounded glitter, making it safe to use around the most delicate parts of the eye area. It won’t scratch or harm if fallen into the water line of the eye area.

Antique Pink Golden pink Ms Vegas Metallic golden black

Highly Reflective Popcicle Light silver with blue flecks

Talc & Paraben Free

Each glitter particle is highly reflective for enhanced sparkle & shimmer.

Get Creative

Super fine formula for longevity. Gentle texture for use on sensitive skin.

Wet to Dry Formula Use straight from the pot as an eye shadow dust, pop over your favourite eyeshadow for an enhanced finish, or mix with a drop of Cake Eyeliner Sealant to create a sparkling liquid liner.

Colour Flash Glitter can be used in a variety of ways. Make your smokey eye sparkle with a touch of glitter applied to the centre of the eye or sprinkle over wet nail polish to make your fingernails sparkle for days.

Aqua Bold blue


Steel Luminessence Steel grey Ice gold

Mardi Gras Hot pink with blue flecks

Soft Grape Purple raspberry Gold Yellow gold

iINK LIQUID EYE PENCIL The ease & convenience of a pencil; the sleek finish of a liquid liner. iINK’s gel formula is richly pigmented, creamy & blendable, ultra long lasting & water-resistant. iINK Liquid Eye Pencil lasts on the eyes for up to 8 hours without smudging, fading or smearing. The ultra intense pigment allows for fierce statement lines or softer smoldering & smudging. While intense in colour, iINK glides on silky smooth so there’s no risk of harming the delicate eye area.


Smudge-Proof Formula Water resistant & will not transfer throughout the day.

Wet to Dry Formula Apply & smudge to create a dramatic smoky eye, or let it set for a bold & intense finish that will stay in place.

Soft & Creamy Gel Formula Glides onto the eye area with ease. Suitable for use on upper & lower lash line, & around the entire eye area.


iLINE LIQUID EYELINER PEN Precision lining made simple.


This revolutionary product combines the sheer ease of an everyday felt tip pen with the dramatic black definition of traditional cake eyeliner. Achieve a blacker than black effect from this innovative waterproof formula that dries in seconds. Enjoy more than 6 hours of eyeliner bliss without reapplying. This super hightech formula is made up of colour pigments suspended in liquid, which results in the product being extremely dark & long lasting on the skin.

Smudge-Proof Formula Water resistant & will not transfer throughout the day.

Capillary Technology iLine is dispersed from the tip as you apply. A unique capillary system ensures the ink continues to flow, even when the pen is held upside down. The resulting effect is a strong, continuous & precise line, exactly as you intend it.

Felt Tip The felt tip & unique length give greater application control & stability & makes lining the eyes easy to achieve.

Royal Purple

GLAMALASH VOLUMISING MASCARA Get instant bombshell volume with individually plumped lashes that are fuller, fatter & more dramatic.


Glamalash Volumising Mascara naturally enhances the look of lashes, making them appear noticeably thicker, darker & more glamorous, without clumping or smudging. The luxuriously rich, creamy formula dries in seconds to produce an intense, bold result that lasts for hours.


Vitamin E Protects & regenerates lashes.

Regulates moisture balance.

Bamboo Extract Smoothens lashes.

Precision Wand The small precision wand thickens lashes from root to tip. Ideal for getting into the corners of the eye & lower lash line.

MADISON AVENUE LENGTHENING MASCARA Treat your lashes to ‘New York’ style & sophistication. In a simple swish, coat each & every lash in the creamy, black Madison Avenue formula. The thick, bristle-packed ‘belly brush’ wand gives lashes glamorous levels volume, length & curl, & creates an ‘eye-opening’ effect through three sections of hollow-fibre bristles.


Water Resistant & Smudge Proof Formula Keeps lashes looking world-class for hours.

Belly Brush Wand Packed with hollow-fibre bristles for extra volume, length & curl.

Vitamin E, Olive Oil & Depanthenol Protects, moisturises & conditions lashes.



Rich & creamy eyeliners that are oh-so-easy to apply. Our intensely coloured Eye Pencils are spiked with powerful moisturisers, so they apply soft & velvety with no dragging. They dry for a long wearing finish with no smudging or feathering.

Shape, define & enhance your brows without a visit to the salon.


Rich in Moisturisers

This mineral free formula has intense colour pay off, & great temperature stability, meaning it won’t melt on your brows when it heats up. Fill in sparse areas or sculpt amazing brows in no time at all.

Nourishing & gentle on delicate skin.

Full Pigment Colour transfers to the eye area effortlessly & does not bleed or feather.


Rich in Moisturisers Nourishing & gentle on delicate skin.

Full Pigment Colour transfers to the brow area effortlessly & does not bleed.

Soft Tip

Medium-Firm Tip Pencil

Medium soft tip for a gentle application around the delicate eye area, whilst not too soft that liner will blend or transfer.

Designed especially for the brow area. Perfect to use for a natural application by feathering & emulating the natural growth.

EYELASH CURLER Safely & gently curls lashes, with a quick & simple squeeze.

Black Jack - Rich black / Matte finish

PENCIL SHARPENER Miss G - Mossy green / Pearl finish

Coco - Chocolate brown / Reflective finish

Chocolate - Deep chocolate / Matte finish

London - Dark grey / Matte finish

Ocean - Deep sea blue / Matte finish

Highlite - White / Matte finish

Safely & gently curl your lashes, with a quick & simple squeeze. Padded grips firmly catch each lash at the base. The smooth operating curler snugly fits the eye, without pinching or catching lashes.

Keeps pencils in optimum condition, ensuring professional results & precise application. FEATURES & BENEFITS

Double blade system Cuts pencils to a round point for a smooth & comfortable application.


FALSE EYELASHES Enjoy lush, beautiful lashes & experience the dramatic effect that Gorgeous false lashes can have. Gorgeous Cosmetics False Lashes come in all lengths, shapes & finishes, fit for any occasion. Add a sparkle to your eye & take your look from ordinary to extraordinary in a wink.

Liza Spikey, long & dramatic

Maxi Long, dense & angled

Dual Flair Individual lashes

Glamazon Length & natural thick

Hepburn Medium length & side sweeping

Miss Naughty Subtle, natural & soft

Mini Short, natural & thick

Mischievous Glamour, full & long

Miss Glam Long, medium thickness & glamour

Jane Lashes Soft & natural

Miss Flirty Lashes Subtle, natural & flicked

Miss Cheeky Full, thick & graduated


Reusable Can be used multiple times & reapplied with ease. A cost-effective accessory for every occasion.

High quality Due to the superior quality of the lashes, you can be confident that they will stay on & look natural for as long as you need.

Angelique Natural & defined

Hollywood Thick, medium length & side sweeping

Range of styles There is a False Lash Lash for every eye shape & event. Ranging from natural styles through to high fashion & haute couture collections.

Tokyo Natural & dense

Twiggies Fun, spikey & classic 70s

LIP PENCIL Velvety soft lip liners with added moisturisers & pigments so colour glides on easily. Our Lip Pencils solve lipstick dilemmas, from embarrassing colour bleeding & feathering, to annoying colour fade, & now-you-see-it now-you-don’t vanishing gloss. FEATURES & BENEFITS

Rich in Moisturisers Nourishing & gentle on delicate skin.

Barely There - Beige mauve

LIQUID LIPS LIP LACQUER Full Pigment Colour transfers to the lip area effortlessly & does not bleed or feather.

Soft Tip Medium soft tip for a gentle application around the lip area, while not too soft that liner will blend or transfer throughout the day.

Creamy Matte Texture Pencils are so pigmented & creamy they can be used alone as a matte lipstick without drying the lips.

A lipstick & gloss hybrid, combining the colour pay-off of a lipstick & the sheeny goodness of a lip gloss. A liquid lipstick! Also doubles as a lip treatment & plumper. Its glide-on, creamy formula is enriched with collagen peptides to speed up cell renewal & give the pout irresistible fullness, while its high moisture levels keep lips smooth & kissable. This long wearing & non-sticky lip lacquer is available in a selection of colourful glosses & natural sheens.


Vitamin E Each shade is enriched with anti-oxidant Vitamin E & super moisturisers for full & soft lips.

Emollients Soothes & softens the lips. Reduces the drying effects of the elements by providing a protective barrier for lips.


Warm Coral Glossy orange

Malted Medium mauve

Allure Sheer pink with gold shimmer

Qiana - Light beige mauve reflective pink

Glam Girl - Deep Magenta

Bitten Blue-based red with gold shimmer

Red Carpet - Bright Pink

China Doll - Hot Pink

Tangerine - Bright Orange

Clear Clear Gloss

Powder Pink Natural Bright pink/ Dusty Pink coral with gold shimmer


LIPSTICK Creamy & nourishing lipsticks with a pigment-packed, long-wearing & vanilla scented formula. Each lipstick shade is enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E, super moisturisers for full & soft lips, emollients to protect lips from environmental factors such as wind, dirt & pollution, & is free of Parabens. Formulae include matte, cream, sheer & pearl finishes.


Mauve Paris Christine Mauve beige Medium rosy pink Dark beige

Plum Deep raspberry

Vixen Deep Plum

Tango Blue based pink/red

Man Trap Blue - based red

Musk Stick Bright coral/ orange

Gorgeous Red Deep blood red

Bombshell Warm hot pink

Muse Dusty pink

Shiraz Deep Wine

Lola Magenta

Vitamin E A powerful anti-oxidant to moisturise & protect lips.

Super Moisturisers & Emollients Protect lips from harsh environmental factors. Especially good to protect lips from the damaging effects of the wind & sun.

Full Pigment

Bloom Bright pink

Quinn Bright coral/ orange

Cotton Candy Baby pink

Colour works effortlessly to be long lasting without bleeding or feathering.

Jelly Bean Cool bright /pink purple



Contains 29 professional quality, full sized makeup brushes to suit any occasion.

Designed for the true professional, or the makeup junkie!

#010 Liquid Liner Brush

#014 Small Chisel #016 Large Chisel Brush Brush

#022 Brow & Lash Comb

#028 Blush/ Contour Brush

#023 Mascara Wand

#026 Eye Wash Brush

#011 Angle Liner Small Brush

#012 Angle Large Brush

#013 Mini Chisel Brush

#017 Medium Chisel Brush

#018 Bullet Brush

#019 Concealer Brush

#024 Small Powder Brush

#025 Foundation Brush

#027 Large Chisel Brush

#029 Medium Powder Brush

#030 Large Powder Brush

#031 Synthetic Lip Brush

Each Gorgeous brush is made from the finest quality natural & synthetic hairs, & features cream, wooden handles to establish elite control & quality. Achieve professional results every time. Includes black brush roll & 23 brushes. 23 PIECE BRUSH COLLECTION* contains: • #010 Liquid Eyeliner • #011 Small Angle Liner • #012 Large Angle • #013 Mini Chisel • #014 Small Chisel • #016 Large Chisel • #017 Medium Chisel • #018 Bullet • #019 Concealer • #022 Brow & Lash Comb • #023 Mascara Wand • #024 Small Powder • #025 Foundation • #026 Eye Wash • #027 Large Chisel • #028 Blush/Contour • #029 Medium Powder • #030 Large Powder • #031 Synthetic Lip • #032 Lip Pull Apart • #033 Sponge Tip • #B111 Small Shadow Blender • #B112 Shadow Blender • Empty Brush Roll

PERFECT 7 BRUSH COLLECTION Allows you to blend, contour & shade your way to Makeup Artist perfection. This convenient collection features the top 7 brushes any makeup user needs. PERFECT 7 BRUSH COLLECTION*contains:

#032 Lip Pull Apart Brush

#033 Sponge Tip Brush

#035 Kabuki Brush

#037 Foundation Buff Brush

L111 Brow Shaper Brush

L112 Multi Liner Brush

B111 Small Shadow Blender Brush

B112 Shadow Blender Brush

B113 Blender Brush

B114 Angled Blender Brush

• #012 Large Angle • #016 Large Chisel • #017 Medium Chisel • #024 Small Powder • #025 Foundation • #029 Medium Powder • #B112 Shadow Blender • Brush Roll * Subject to change

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