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affected and exaggerated, Ty is authentic and ever so slightly scary, a hard to impress hipster. It's no stretch of the imagination to picture her pouting her way around that office on her temping job and frightening the executives. Ty cites one of her musical heroes, PJ Harvey, as an influence on the album. Harvey’s a notorious recluse who hates doing press whereas other singers give the impression they only went into music in order to talk about themselves the whole time in interviews. Where does Ty place herself on that spectrum? “Well there’s the side of me who loves the attention, then there’s the other side who wants to be holed up at home, reading books and knitting. I don’t mind doing promotion, but for me, fame isn’t why I do this. I do it because that creative urge is so strong, I’d be making music whether or not other people wanted to listen to it. I’m also aware of the transience of fame, just how fickle people are and I don’t want to put myself in a situation where I feel hollow. I had an odd upbringing, moving around a lot so I don’t want to have to rely on something as temporary as the crowd’s adulation to make me happy” Which begs the question what do you rely on then, Ms Bulmer? “It’s been a tough year for me, and one I’m glad is ending in a way. But it’s already started getting a lot better, I’ve cheered up a lot”. Charmingly, the album title reflects this.

Tahita Bulmer, these are your FIRSTS! To celebrate the fact that this is Shirley’s FIRST issue, we get to the bottom of some of Ty’s formative firsts . . . First item of clothing bought with my own money: “probably a typical indie-kid peacoat. Forty quid from Miss Selfridge”.


My first flat away from home: “Was dreadful. Lodging with a crazy family in Brighton with a suicidal mother. Every time I went out I was scared to come home in case I found her in a pool of blood. Luckily I managed to move in with my friend Claire and straight away started having a lot more fun”. The first time I realized I wanted to be a performer “was probably at school, auditioning for the choir. We all had to sing a little solo and I’m not being conceited but I knew I had the best voice. The teachers put me through straight away and it felt amazing! Just for that moment they made me feel beautiful and it was then that I thought ‘Maybe I could do this. . .’ That must have been the start of something”.

The Optimist, by New Young Pony Club will be out in March.



Ty2 The Optimist, by New Young Pony Club will be out in March. Tahita Bulmer, these are you...

Ty2 The Optimist, by New Young Pony Club will be out in March. Tahita Bulmer, these are you...