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HP Administering HP CloudSystem Matrix Solutions

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Question: 1 A small college is considering a cloud environment where the infrastructure is hosted by a third-party provider and shared with colleges and universities with similar research needs. All of the colleges and universities share the associated costs. Which type of a cloud delivery model does this scenario represent? A. Community cloud B. Private cloud C. Public cloud D. Hybrid cloud

Answer: A Explanation: Reference:

Question: 2 DRAG DROP Drag and drop the boxes. Drag and drop the correct component onto its representative functions within the HP Insight Management suite. (Note – Not all choices will be used.)

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Question: 3 Which HP software offering or tool consists of optimized and tested templates for use with an HP CloudSystem to automate the deployment application in the cloud? A. HP Cloud Content Delivery B. HP CloudSystem Enterprise C. HP Cloud Service Automation D. HP Cloud Maps

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Answer: D Explanation: Reference: (page 2, Introduction, second paragraph)

Question: 4 CORRECT TEXT Which icon on the HP SIM home page, when clicked, displays the contract and warranty for the GbE2c, switch installed in the SESD2_emc enclosure? DRAG the purple marker and place it on the appropriate icon.

Answer: The i icon

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Question: 5

Which HP software enables multi-site Matrix OE recovery management for HP CloudSystem Matrix that uses the HP P6000 EVA storage solution? A. HP Navigator B. HP data Protector C. HP ServiceGuard D. HP Continuous Access E. HP Business Copy F. Company 2

Answer: C Question: 6 What is the purpose of HP SiteScope within the HP CloudSystem Matrix Solution? A. Provision application B. Monitor availability and performance C. Secure the environment D. Provision infrastructure

Answer: A

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Explanation: Reference: download%2Fgid%2C7802%2F&ei=mdWwUP24D87Vsga03IDwDg&usg=AFQjCNHyc2TqvLcBMzItuerd8 5g53I2DnA (page 3, first paragraph)

Question: 7 DRAG DROP Drag and drop the boxes. Drag and drop the correct HP software product onto its respective position within the HP CloudSystem Matrix. (Note- Not all products will be used.)

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Explanation: Prepackaged templates – HP Cloud Maps

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Agentless Monitoring – SiteScope Server and app lifecycle mgmt. – Server automation Infrastructure provisioning – Matrix OE Storage provisioning - SPM

Question: 8 A private cloud environment increases its capabilities to handle peak loads or unanticipated activity by using additional built into the implementation. Which term describes this action? A. Brokering B. Local bursting C. Exception provisioning D. Dual bursting

Answer: B Question: 9 What differentiates Platform as a Service (PaaS) from infrastructure as Service (IaaS)? A. Full cloud services lifecycle management B. Virtualization technology C. Application development environment D. Approval mechanism

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Answer: A Explanation: Reference:

Question: 10 Which HP infrastructure Orchestration portal is used to approve a service request within the HP Cloud System Matrix? A. Admin Portal B. Organization portal C. Designer Portal D. Self Service Portal

Answer: D Explanation: Reference: (page 5, service provider users)

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HP Administering HP CloudSystem Matrix Solutions

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HP0-D15 Real Exam Answers (pdf)  
HP0-D15 Real Exam Answers (pdf)