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Provide The Gift Of A Patron Saint For Your Family Or Friends For those of us who have recently seen the movie Charlie St. Cloud, who could overlook the amazing message of the patron saint? There's a beautiful girl lost at sea dying of hypothermia that Charlie must locate and save. Charlie gathers all his strength and faith and is able to save the girl with a gift he got from his friend: a saint metal that had the picture of St. Jude, the Saint of Lost Causes. Anyone can find these saint medals that are in need of a unique request. Many people feel their lives have particular meaning, and they were meant to serve specific missions or to withstand particular trials. These women and men find faith through their intercessory saint. As they find out about the specific saints, who at one point were living human beings just like them, faced with different struggles, they'll find comfort in this specific saint that reflects their lives. Not everybody selects their patron saint based on trials or a life mission. One of the ways a person may select their patron saint is simply by selecting the saint that is linked according to their birthday. While some may decide to pick the patron saint that is connected with their country or city. Plus, there are also saints that are based on a specific occupation or a particular station in life. For example, for anybody struggling with some type of illness, there are saints that help with that sickness, disease or some kind of danger. Entire families frequently have their own patron saint that they revere throughout generations. There are many intriguing and inspiring stories of the saints. One of the more popular saints that people know is Saint Lucy, who is famous for the stories and songs as Santa Lucia. Lucy was one of the martyrs of the Diocletian persecution toward the end of the third century A.D. A powerful member of the government actually pursued Lucy during her maidenhood. Her unwanted amour was reported to be particularly drawn to the beauty of her eyes. After the intent of the New Testament scripture, as the story goes, she safeguarded her chastity by plucking out her eyes and presenting them to her suitor, telling him “now you have what you desired so much�. He retaliated by trying to have her burned at the stake. However, the flames wouldn't consume her flesh. Because of this, many individuals wear Santa Lucia protective saint medal to fend off any physical dangers. More popularly referred to as Santa Claus, among the more popular and loved saint medals is the patron Saint Nicholas. Everyone understands the miracle that Santa Claus provides, living on the North Pole with all of his little elves, making wonderful gifts to offer to all the good children on Christmas Eve. The living Santa Claus was Saint Nicholas of Myra, a 4th-century Bishop from an area now found in modern Turkey. He was well recognized for all his generous gifts that he would give to the less fortunate. He offered dowries, in one of several stories, for three daughters of a poor Christian, saving the ladies from a life of working on the streets selling themselves. In 1087, his remains were seized by Italian sailors and the relics brought to Bari where they can still be found today. Catholics love St. Nicholas for his status for generosity, his care of the poor, and his connection to a favorite holiday. Patron saint medals can be found in many styles at your local Catholic store. They are available in a variety of forms and various metals that will be perfect for many occasions and recipients. Iconeum, LLC

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Provide The Gift Of A Patron Saint For Your Family Or Friends These metals are perfect for your friends and family for any religious occasions, or perhaps for yourself when you want to increase your devotion and faith in the Lord. At Catholic Jewelry and Gifts, you can find a wide array of Saint medals from which to select. For more particulars on Catholic Jewelry and Gifts are obtainable on the organization's site,

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Provide The Gift Of A Patron Saint For Your Family Or Friends