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The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Beauty Treatment Injuries and Claims in the UK October 8, 2016 | No Comments Beauty treatments are becoming more and more the norm these days – and probably for good reason. Not only does society place certain expectations on modern men and women, the fact is that undergoing a beauty regime not only makes us look good, it also makes us feel more comfortable and gives us the feeling that we are special. We deserve to be pampered, after all. However, it doesn’t always go according to plan, and when things go wrong we are wondering what can be done about it. Here’s what’s important to understand: there are laws and there are things we can do if we have suffered injuries through no fault of our own. Ever been a victim of a beauty treatment gone wrong? Here are the most frequently asked questions (and answers) about beauty treatment injuries and claims in the UK. How common are injuries? Beauty treatments are, unfortunately, on the rise. Often the beauticians are not qualified or the wrong products and tools are used. The most common injuries arise from practices by unqualified personnel or misunderstood chemicals. What are the most common injuries? There are many kinds of injuries, but the most common ones involve: Cuts or bruises Allergic reactions to chemicals or dyes Burns due to waxing, laser treatment, facials or steam treatment What are the risks of negligence? The therapist who uses equipment, tools and products needs to exert a reasonable amount of care. Furthermore, the person administering the treatment must consult you regarding allergies, etc. He or she must also follow the manufacturer’s instructions of the product. Unfortunately this does not always happen – in which case there is negligence. The risks are various and can have lasting consequences. What should I do if I am a victim? Immediately seek professional help and consult a solicitor who is an expert in these kinds of cases. Document everything and make sure you have all the details, such as the name of the therapist, products used, procedure employed, etc. Here’s an interesting fact to consider: although each case is different and should be judged from one to the next, a victim can often claim “general damages” for beauty injury claims. This is compensation for damage caused and injuries sustained. The amount of compensation received depends largely on the nature and seriousness of the injury. However, there are often other claims involved, such as for psychological and emotional distress during and after the injury, as well as “special damages” that aim to cover the financial loss or expenses that occurred due to the incidents. Remember that legal help is always available, and that you are entitled to compensation if you have been a victim through no fault of your own. Skin Care ← Diamond jewellery shopping made easy on the Internet Search...

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The most frequently asked questions about beauty treatment injuries and claims in the uk