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SCADDAN PRIMARY SCHOOL With input from 2017 Scaddan School Principal, Reece Smith

In many ways, Scaddan Primary School is a miraculous

There have been numerous benefactors to the Primary

The Scaddan Parents and Children Committee have

survivor of the Cascade fire. Although directly within the

School, all likeminded in their efforts to assist the school

been amazing, and very proactive within the recovery

fire’s path at the apex of the blazes ferocity, by some sheer

and community to recover, by enriching the experiences

period. In winter 2016, the P&C organised a get together,

luck the flames managed to loop around the school’s

of the Scaddan children. There have been some quite

where parents and children re-planted new shade trees

thickly vegetated borders, leaving classrooms, oval and

significant direct donations including those from the

along the back of the school oval. The P&C also donated

play equipment virtually untouched. Just twenty metres to

Country Women’s Association Head Office, and the

shade sails, which were erected at the start of 2017.

the east, the town hall and post office annexe were burnt

Gibson CWA. Landmark have also been incredibly

Department funding and CWA donations allowed a fixed

to the ground. Shade trees that ringed the school were

supportive. Other community members have donated

shade structure to be erected at the same time.

reduced to blackened sticks. Yet to the western side the

funds toward specific items, including art supplies and

newly refurbished teachers house suffered nothing more

plants, or have contributed goods in kind.

than a melted air-conditioning pipe and burnt fencing.

In a short period of time, the school grounds have gone from having very little shade for students to play under,

The school’s survival, although unlikely, gave a point of

One of the most philanthropic gestures the school

to a great deal – something vitally important in our sunny

focus in the following rehabilitation period.

received, came from another regional Primary School.

regional environment.

Given the option, Yearling Primary School students Due to the full clean that the school had to undertake

forfeited their own Christmas presents from under their

Possibly the most significant monetary donation has

after the fire, many of the classrooms lost a large amount

Christmas tree. They donated the gifts to the students

come from Hale Boys School, who presented $26,000

of supplies for student activities. Whilst the clean was

at Scaddan, in a very selfless act of good faith and

plus change, to the Scaddan P&C. After a lot of

undertaken, students had to attend school in Esperance.

understanding. The act of kindness was well received by

conversation and numerous ideas on how best to honour

Both Castletown Primary School and Star of the Sea

both parents and students at Scaddan.

the monies, the P&C decided to put the funds towards a

Primary School made room for the Scaddan kids,

new nature playground. The Nature Playground was built

welcoming them with open arms. In a show of solidarity,

Restoring the school’s gardens and surrounds to their

at the end of 2017, with parents taking responsibility for

Scaddan School was cleaned and re-opened just three

former glory has been a high priority for students, staff

different parts of the playground, building them offsite,

weeks after the fire, with students happily returning to

and parents alike. Gardening Australia’s Josh Byrne

before installing them in situ. The playground now

see out the 2015 school year. The ability for the students

visited the site five months after the fire, lending his

includes a rope balance, cubby and mud kitchen. The

to return to an operational and rewarding learning

expertise to the recovery efforts.

Bunnings have also

school viewed the project as a way to once again involve

environment, has been in no small part due to the wider

dug deep and contributed a number of fruit trees to the

parents and the community with the school and promote

communities amazing generosity.

school. The trees were planted as part of Father’s Day

working together, as the tight knit regional community that

activities in September 2016.

Scaddan epitomises.

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