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DEMOFEST April 12 – 1pm-5pm

Selections from the following • SUP Boards – Doyle • Canoes – We-no-nah, Mad River • Kayks – Current Designs, QCC, Eddyline, Dagger, Wilderness Systems, Perception • Paddles – Werner • Lifejackets – MTI, Kokatat FREE ADMITANCE COUPON

Visit website for times and details:

CanoeSport now an ACA Pro School! Starting off our season we are so thrilled to announce that CanoeSport Outfitters is now a Pro School with the American Canoe Association! As instructors we appreciate the knowledge and structure of the ACA giving us guidance for how to teach kayaking and stand-up paddling to others. The ACA is a national nonprofit organization that serves the paddling community by providing education, aiding in the protection of paddling environments, and promoting paddle sport competition and recreation! Partnering with the ACA shows the paddling community we care about protecting the waterways as well as ensures that our instructors are qualified to safely and successfully teach paddlers of all skill levels! For 2014 there will be small changes in the way our classes are conducted and in 2015 we look forward to the possibility of becoming instructor trainers meaning we can train instructors to further grow paddle sports in Iowa! CanoeSport can help you become a member of the ACA and you can help show everyone the fun in paddle sports! Give us a call and we can direct you how to become a member of the ACA! For more information about the American Canoe Association visit or learn more about why taking instruction with an ACA instructor is beneficial


APRIL 2014

Instruction Season is HERE! As the weather warms and the ice melts current and future paddlers look forward to open water on our lakes and river! With the open water comes the opportunity for all paddlers to learn some new skills or refine those they already know. We’re all a little rusty and squeaky after our winter break. What a better time than spring to take some instruction. CanoeSport offers classes for canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddling for beginner paddlers to advanced paddlers. For new paddlers we offer the Fundamentals series (available in all paddling disciplines). These classes show the basics of each sport including how to get in and out of the water, basic paddling

strokes to get you paddling comfortably on calm water, basic self rescues, and safety information for your first trips. From there we offer River Fundamentals if you choose to spend more time going downstream. We also have Intermediate classes for kayaking which introduce more technical strokes, rescues, and sets you up to learn your roll. For those paddlers who are interested in traveling with your kayak we offer adventure travel trips to the Apostle Islands, Louisiana, the Everglades in Florida, and the Georgia coast! Check out our site for more information! .

Paddling Iowa By: Nate Hoogeveen Looking for a resource to find some new paddling places this summer? Check out Paddling Iowa! Written by Nate, the director of river programs at the Iowa DNR, this book highlights sections of many Iowa Rivers. Each section is presented with a detailed description of the route, multiple put ins and take out options, map with mile markers and landmarks, and water levels so you can determine if the river will be comfortable for your paddling. The best resource for finding places in Iowa to paddle this summer! 2


APRIL 2014

NEW CLASSES ADDED TO INSTRUCTION Red Rock Intro to Kayak or SUP Tours CanoeSport is happy to announce the addition of a few new classes this summer! We often get the comment from students that in addition to learning about paddling they want to enjoy the scenery. Well we have a class for you! ‘Red Rock Intro to Kayak and SUP Tours’ will be offered throughout the summer. These classes will be a very short introduction to the sports of kayaking and stand-up paddling while exploring the cliffs of Elk Rock State Park on Lake Red Rock. Tours are designed for new paddlers and will introduce very basic skills such as how to get in/out of your craft, how to use torso rotation to paddle forward, and more! Dates and prices are listed online at

kayak camping easy and comfortable and learn how to stuff the kitchen sink in your hatches! * Sat/Sun Jun 28/29 * Fri/Sat July 18/19 Day 1: We'll meet at Whitebreast Recreation area and spend time talking about how and where to pack your gear. We will then launch and depending on weather cross to Elk Rock State Park shoreline. Paddling skills from Fundamentals II will be incorporated, such as getting comfortable with an edge, new strokes, and skills pertaining to an open water crossing. During the afternoon and evening we'll talk about camping and what life is like camping out of a kayak. Smores will be provided!

No prerequisite is required and we provide all the necessary equipment. You need to provide a willingness to get wet and a smile! :D ~~~~~ Red Rock Overnight Tours One of the thrills of kayaking is the possibility to go on multi-day trips and camp under the stars! For many of us learning how to camp out of your kayak is a mystery. (I mean how much stuff can you really pack in those small hatches?!?!) In preparation for your own adventure or joining us on a trip we welcome you to take part in our Red Rock Overnight Tours! In addition to taking part in classes at Red Rock we’ll introduce and teach you how to live out of your kayak. We’ll camp at beautiful Lake Red Rock and enjoy a sunset and sunrise over the lake. Learn tips and tricks to make

Day 2: Rise and shine and have some breakfast! During the morning we'll stay near camp and work on our rescues from Fundamentals III. Be prepared to get wet and be in and out of your boat a lot! We'll return to camp and pack up. During our paddle back to Whitebreast we'll cover any questions about paddling and camping. Upon returning to the boat ramp we'll pack up and head home. 3


APRIL 2014

Ahquabi Boat Rental Opens in May Open weekends in May 7 days/week after Memorial Day Hard to believe, but it’s that time of year again! We’re opening the rental early this year! Boat rental will be available during the weekends in May and then full time starting May 23 (Memorial Day weekend). Rental options include paddleboats, rowboats, canoes, kayaks, and SUP boards.

SUP Yoga - June Tuesdays 6:30-7:30 at Ahquabi

Looking for a new relaxing challenge? Join us every Tuesday in May for some SUP Yoga! We’ll start on land with a warm up then move to the water and enjoy the tranquility and movement of yoga on SUP boards. Poses are presented at an easy pace with options for extra challenges! $5 registration fee, please bring towel for mat for on shore portion.

Discover Paddling Clinics Saturday 6:30pm May-September Join the staff of CanoeSport Outfitters as we discuss the variety of ways you can enjoy paddling and the variety of places you can go to take part in the activity. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddleboards and why there are so many different designs within each category. This clinic will help you decide what type of craft best suits your paddling interests, provide a brief look at the skills and knowledge required to stay safe, and provide specific actions you can take to become an active paddler! 4


APRIL 2014

New Faces at CanoeSport! Hello Malinda After taking a gamble on a Groupon offer and then buying her first SUP board she got hooked on paddling and cycling. So hooked she got her husband into SUPing as well! She actually quit her real job to come paddle and pedal more. Now her 2nd real job is as a massage therapist (the real reason she was hired here ‘wink’ ‘wink’). She spends her time helping in the store, soaking up all things paddling and pedaling, and looks forward to helping on the water this summer as an assistant guide. When she’s not paddling or massaging Malinda is an official Kansas City BBQ Judge!

Hello Tucker Tucker joined us last fall with an interest in learning more about bike mechanics and helping Casey around the shop. While mostly focusing on cycling Tucker also enjoys the paddling side and literally plans on getting his head underwater this summer in classes. He has been on 18 RAGBRAI’s and is looking forward to going again this year! Tucker is a sophomore at DMACCC and loves, no really LOVES orange ice cream shakes!

Lake Ahquabi Concession is Hiring! Are you or do you know an outdoor loving high school or college student who is looking for a part time job this summer? Lake Ahquabi Concession is currently looking for a parttime person to assist customers at the boat rental building. Duties are helping people in/out of boats, selling food, with the possibility of helping with instruction. Hours will vary based on weather and demand, but would range between 10 and 20 per week with the possibility of next summer adding more responsibilities! 5


APRIL 2014

Current Designs Whistler Used $725 Traded in by a customer, the Whistler is a plastic touring kayak. At 14’ long is has good tracking and good stability. The thigh braces allow the paddler to develop more intermediate skills if desired and 2 hatches allow room for an over night or weekend trip!

Mad River Duck Hunter Used: $1099 Traded in by a customer, this Royalex boat has wood trim and is 16’ long. The wooden gunwales and seats give this boat a classy look. Light wear and tear with all the wood and seats in great condition make this boat a steal for anyone. A paddler could easily use this on rivers, lakes for day-trips or a weekend adventure!

Doyle Discovery Sport $999 This fiberglass/epoxy board is 11’ long and with a little rocker makes this a great board for people looking to SUP down rivers in Iowa. With the fin the Sport will work great on flat-water as a way to exercise or relax and enjoy a lazy summer day. This board was lightly used as an instructional board in 2013. 6

Scott Bicycle Discount 25% off any in-stock bike

2014 brought a change in bicycle companies for us and as a result we have all in-stock Scott Bicycles marked down 25%! Bicycles available include hybrids and road bikes. We still have quite a few sizes left but they are going quick! Stop in to pick up a new bike at a good discount! Female and male designs and colors are still available!


APRIL 2014

How to Demo a Kayak By Shireen Cave So you have decided to try out paddle sports and possibly purchase a kayak. Wonderful! Paddling is a great way to get on the water and explore our lakes and rivers! The best way to choose a kayak is to try them out or demo them. Just like you would try out a car before you buy it, you need to test a kayak’s bells and whistles to make sure it will fit your needs. The first thing to try, before you even put the kayak in the water, is how the boat fits your body. When you sit in a kayak you should sit up straight, rest the balls of your feet on the foot braces, and slightly splay your knees out and under the thigh braces (if your boat has them) or rest against the combing. Your seat and foot braces should be adjustable, ask your local paddle shop or person to help you adjust them to your needs. The space between your hips and the side of the kayak should be no more than the thickness of your palm. The cockpit combing should not be much higher or lower than the top of your hipbone. This allows your body to flex around the boat, to develop full edging and eventual rolling technique. If a boat does not fit you comfortably it will feel too big and your body will feel sloppy as you paddle. If the boat is too small you will likely feel tippy and paddling will be harder for you to enjoy. Now you can put your kayak in the water. While sitting in the kayak and staying close to shore test the boats stability. Use your hips to gently rock side to side and see how far and easy it is to balance yourself. Some may prefer a very wide and stable boat while others may like the feel of something narrower. Remember there are advantages and disadvantages to each! Once you feel comfortable with your balance, start paddling in a straight line. Pick a point on the horizon and try paddling straight towards it. How well does your boat track? A shorter boat is more likely to zig-zag towards your target while a

longer boat will remain more “on target.” Also note how efficient you are. Does it really feel like you have to work with each stroke to move through the water or does it seem like you glide across the surface. Which do you prefer? Now take the opportunity to turn your boat in circles. How easy is it for you to turn? Can you turn your boat in 5 strokes or 20? Now lift the knee in the direction you will turn, edging your boat to one side. (Ex: lift left knee to drop the right edge into the water and turn left) The ability to hold an edge will help longer boats turn quicker than shorter boats. The ability to edge a boat will also help down the road as you learn more technical strokes and maneuvers. A longer boat will have more volume which will be important if you plan to take longer trips requiring more gear to be carried in your kayak Check out the stern of your kayak. There are three options skeg, rudder, or nothing. Try deploying the skeg or rudder and try a few maneuvers. A skeg deploys beneath the water and will reduce the effects of cross winds helping the boat track. A rudder also helps you stay on course, but allows for directional corrections without altering your stroke. Rudders can increase wind effects when not deployed by effectively becoming a wind vein on the stern. It can also get in the way or cause injuries when re-entering your boat after a capsize. The longer the boat is the more likely it is to have a rudder or skeg. Some short kayaks will include a skeg to make up for poor tracking. While the skeg 7


APRIL 2014

will make you go straighter it will not improve the efficiency. These short kayaks will still plow through the water and be less efficient than a longer kayak. Ask your local paddle shop for more details and benefits of each option.

Don’t forget to check out our calendar of paddling and pedaling events throughout the summer!

When you make it back to shore the last thing to do is test the weight of the boat. Pick it up and try carrying it around on your shoulder. Remember that every time you want to paddle you must load and unload your kayak 4 times! That could be a total of 200+ lbs you lift each trip. Weight is also a factor on the water, so even if 60lbs doesn’t seem bad it may affect your performance in other areas. There are many things to consider when demoing a kayak. If this is your first time trying out kayaks and you still aren’t sure what kayak will work best check with your local paddle shop and take a class. Spending time and learning in a boat will make your buying decision a lot easier and you’ll be more comfortable with your new purchase! Shireen Cave has been an avid paddler for over 5 years. She is a certified sea kayak and stand up paddleboard instructor who loves long, open coastal water adventures. Initially she started on small lakes and ponds, thinking this would be the biggest water she’d ever see, but she graduated up to sea kayaking within a year. Currently Shireen works at CanoeSport Outfitters. Check out more about Shireen and different kayaks by visiting

Old picture of the store circa late 90’s

Free Admission to Demofest! Clip and Save $2! April 12 * 1pm-5pm 8

CSO Newsletter April 2014  

Check out what's going on at CanoeSport Outfitters. Learn about Demofest, instruction season, new staff, and More!

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