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Photography Compostition : Lines (Extra project)

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artist analysis

Leading Lines & Symmetry by Kevin Harber This is a very prominent and austhetically pleasing image. The first thing we notice is the straightlines all leading to one point. It reminds me of hypnosis because your eyes stare at that one point. The message tht this image is giving me is that everyting comes to and end, or even everything starts/begins from somewhere. I have been influenced by this in my project because I Have also looked at lines previously (documentary project) I found it very interesting and I believed that it gave an image a proffesional look which is what I like about it.

Initial set of photographs


Personally I am amazed by how this turned out. They look very proffesional and is austhetically pleasing. I like the shadows created by the origami which makes the image stronger. In the first one I like how I placed the origami slanted going against the lines. I also like the editing, the colours used really helps In the second image I like how I used the gritty black and white, it really puts an emphasis on the lines. I also think that the lighting I have used in all of them was effective which created the shadow as well as where the lines are clearer. If I was to do this project again, I would try and expand more on it or even make different origami's which would then have lead to more complex lines which could have been better.

nd 2

artist analysis

Outside In By Stephen Gill.

I find this image very interesting because you have to look carefully to see what's happening behind the layer. This way the audience will look at it carefully, this is a technique I want to use in my development. I want to place my image in a way where it's a little unclear and needs to be looked at carefully to see what the image is.


Although this developmental took a lot of thinking and I initially had other techniques that didnt work so well, I had to then think carefully and develop it. I am very pleased with my end results and I believe they're all prominent. Eventhough the lines in the background doesnt show so well. I used flour and food colouring to cover some of the picture which I think is aesthetically pleasing. I also used a black bin bag to create more lines which turned out well. I really love the different colours, it's very bright and exciting, reminds be almost of a carnival. I have also taken the pictures from an angle. I did this beacause if it was straight it would be obvious what the the audience need to look at, but when you crop little corners of a photograph and and take it around other subjects, the image catches the audience's eyes, which is why I took it in an angle. Overall everything turned out well and succesful, if I was to do this project again I would try make more complicated origami's which could have given me much more interesting lines.

extra projecy  

the extra projected that i have done after my set projects.

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