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Coursework Project 1

Brief You have been commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery to produce 3 photographs for an up and coming exhibition entitled: ‘In front and behind the lens – a contemporary look at photographs of females models by female photographers’. The only constraint in this project is that the photographs must feature the models in a close up view, with very little background distraction.    

Fashion  By  Michael  David   Adams    

Michael  David’s  use  in  ligh7ng  and   background  is  good  which  is  a  technique  I’m   going  to  use.  The  shadows  on  one  side  of   her  body  and  face  makes  the  image  look   aesthe7cally  pleasing.  It’s  a  very  catchy   image.     To  me  there  is  no  specific  message  message   being  communicated  to  the  audience,  but   the  ar7st  made  something  so  simple  look   amazing.  Although I don’t really think that this photo is not entirely important it doesn’t give much information out to the audience about what the photo is trying to explain which gives the audience that freedom in having their own thoughts on what they think it’s communication to them. It gives the audience the chance to think about children in different ways.    

Initial Set Of Photographs

In  my  first  image  I  took  a  close  up  picture  of  the  face  with  liFle  background  that  is  plain.  What   is  similar  between  my  work  and  Michael  David  Adams  is  that  there’s  not  much  emo7on  in  the   face  and  there  is  no  specific  message  being  delivered  to  the  audience  which  means  that  it  can   mean  different  things  to  different  people.   I       I  like  the  way  I  used  the  ligh7ng  in  all  my  photographs  and  I  think  makes  a  beau7ful  ‘beauty   portrait’.  However  this  could  be  improved  by  moving  the  light  source  further  away  next  7me   so  it  doesn’t  turn  out  that  bright  on  one  side  of  the  face,  I  tried  lowering  the  brightness  using   Photoshop  which  improved.       Overall  I  am  very  pleased  with  what  I  have  achieved,  it  took  me  some  7me  to  achieve  the  end   results  but  managed  to  get  to  what  I  had  ini7ally  planned.  I  also  think  the  composi7on  and   edi7ng  done  to  this  has  worked  successfully  for  me  to  make  the  pictures  look  beFer  than  I  had   expected  they  would  be.  I  also  personally  think  these  will  work  well  as    developmental  which  I   am  looking  forward  to.          

2nd  ar7st  analysis  

‘Un7tled’  By  Stephen  Gill  

Stephen  Gill’s  work  has  inspired  me  several   7mes  during  my  course.  What  I  find  really   interes7ng  is  he  tells  a  story  in  his  picture  and   each  individual  has  a  different  story,  he   places  objects  on  top  of  a  photograph  and  re   photographs  them  which  is  a  technique  im   going  to  use  in  my  developmental.     Even  though  this  image  is  not  important   many  of  his  work  display  different  messages   to  different  people.  It  can  be  viewed  in  many   different  ways.  Stephen  Gills  places  objects   on  the  most  important  part  of  the  picture   which  makes  the  audience  think  of  what   could  be  happening  in  the  picture.      

Developmental  set  


My  developmental  set  have  turned  out  beFer  than  I  thought,  I  went  along  and  added   new  things  on  what  to  do  to  the  images  which  improved  my  final  results.     Rather  than  placing  objects  I  wanted  to  be  a  bit  different  and  I  thought  liquid  would   work  well  with  food  colouring,  and  it  did.  I  also  s7ll  wanted  to  con7nue  applying   Michael  David  Adams  technique  in  keeping  the  shadows  so  what  I  did  was  get  a  cloth   and  place  the  picture  in  the  middle,  crea7ng  shadows  in  some  parts  of  the  image.     In  my  first  image  I  like  how  the  tones  of  colours  blend  in  with  each  other,  the  food   colouring  especially.  Covering  some  of  the  parts  of  the  image  also  helps  focus  on  the   face  which  is  the  most  important  part.     The  third  picture  is  my  personal  favourite.  The  liquid  is  spilled  in  the  perfect  place  and   also  the  shadows.  This  makes  this  picture  prominent  and  aesthe7cally  pleasing.     Overall  all  my  developmental  images  turned  out  beFer  than  I  had  expected,  and  im   proud  of  it.  If  I  was  to  do  this  again  I  would  probably  see  if  I  could  develop  on  this  and   make  it  even  beFer.          

Close up beauty