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Can Pheromones Really Cause Attraction? People have always joked about pheromones causing sexual attraction. However, the fact of the matter is that pheromones truly do cause sexual attraction. Pheromones have been proven to truly attract members of the opposite sex and also function to increase sexual desire.

Pheromones are found

naturally in the body, but they aren’t strong enough to truly cause an attraction from the opposite sex. Pherazone, Nexus Pheromones, and Attract-RX are three products that are proven and effective pheromones.

Pherazone is an extremely highly concentrated formula utilizing over 36 milligrams of pheromones per an ounce. This is very high! This product contains seven effective pheromones including 5alpha-Androstenone,


Androsterone, Androstadienone, Androstadienol, beta-androstenol, and beta-epiandrostenol. This product has been tested and is proven that it makes members of the opposite sex go absolutely nuts! A free DVD is also included with this product that is entitled “Satisfy Every Time”. Info here:

Do the research! Nexus Pheromones is another very effective proven pheromone product.


Pheromones have been proven to last for between eight to ten hours, satisfying even the longest of intimate encounters. The “pulse spots” of the body is where this product is applied. Heat is emitted from these spots, and this heat aids the pheromones to have their maximum effects. The wrist, neck, and forearm areas are the spots where Nexus Pheromones can be applied to in order to have the most maximum effect. Check out the website here:

Can Pheromones Really Cause Attraction? Attract-RX is an extremely effective pheromone product.

Attract-RX contains an

extremely natural herbal blend. This product works for men, women, and those that are in between the two main genders. It is your own unique scent because this product enhances your own pheromones. This product improves the pheromone production of your own body, and is proven effective and useful because it is easily washed off. Furthermore, this product is very popular because it has proven to be 100 percent safe. Furthermore, for maximum comfort of mind, this product is manufactured in an FDA approved lab.

These products will have a great effect on your sex life and your social life as a whole because it will make people throughout society more attracted to you. Just try it and see the wonders that pheromone products can have on your life. Lastly, we are so confident that you will find these pheromone products so effective that we offer a money back guarantee on all of them just because we know how much you will like them and want to use them forever!

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This product contains seven effective pheromones including 5 - alpha - Androstenone, 5 - alpha - Androstenol, Androsterone, Androstad ien...