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Personal Communication in a Group In a group setting communication between the members of the group are important to keep the group focused and on the same level. There is entire branches of science that study all the different variables that affected by the communication or lack thereof among members in a group. There are three key areas that most of the researchers look for. Some of the them study the cohesiveness of the group which is the bonding of the individuals among the group that case them to work as a team and remain a group. Other researchers study the different levels of participation in the group by each individual members efforts.

Researchers also look into manners within the group, the style that the group utilizes to maintain its effectiveness, and the tone at which they work or communicate. The most frequently studied aspect among all the collective behaviorists is the actual raw communication between the members of a given group. (aka how to work a room) They use this information to determine many things such as who is the leader of the group, who is the extrovert, who the shy one is, and who has all the ideas.

These small groups of individuals otherwise known as primary groups play a role in influencing the attitudes and the outlook among the members. The research that was mentioned above has determined some major conclusions about the relationships involved between the group members. When a person belongs to the same group for a longer period of time the communication amongst the members causes changes in opinions and attitudes. These changes are usually made to establish uniformity within the group. The amount of uniformity that can be achieved within a group is a direct reflection of how “attractive� it is to be a part of a certain group. In most cases the members that don't lean toward the majority when it comes to prevailing matters of opinions are then usually rejected by the group.

How much rejection that an individual will experience depends on how attractive belonging to this particular group is and the importance of the issue at hand by the group that the individual is not conforming to.

However, this still does not clarify how the social influence in the group is accomplished. This is in part due to the continuous informal communication between members of the group and members that are not among the group that put influence to the member of the group therefore causing turbulence. To fully understand the dynamics of communication among the members of a group you have to determine what does and what does not get communicated in these social groups and who in these groups are actually receiving the information



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Personal Communication in a Group In a group setting communication between the members of the group are important to keep the group fo...