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Our team

U Luis Loaiza Technology Director



Gabriela MejĂ­a Logistics Director


Miguel Torres Business Director

David Chang Innovation Director

Eduardo Raad API - Director

! Computer Science Engineer Co Founder of , ; Alumni of StartupChile, Venture Hive , Advisor in Innoventures, participant of SRInternational


Master in sustainable development, Co founder of EWY.Co,Genios en Potencia, Alumni of StartUp Chile, Unesco Collaborator, Writter Years of Exp. in Logistics QoS

Entrepreneur, Georgetown Scholar Co Founder of , Cuponity , Alumni of StartupChile & Next, collaborate with SRInternational part Global Entrepreneurship Week


M. Sc. & Computer Science Engineer Co Founder of Inventio , Kamareta Design Studio. Innovator founder of Idea Network , TEDX .


Entrepreneur , Economist , selftaught hacker. Co Founder of Inventio, Unicornio, DatilMedia Few Successful Exists in payment Ind,

What is the problem? If you own a Marketplace or Sell Online , You know that Shipping integration is a Painful Problem - Integrate out of date APIs of traditional Shipping Services #epicfail

& There’s ton of innovation around all aspects of Retail and Ecommerce Payments, storefronts, UX and UI — everything except for shipping logistics #fact

Our Goal Solve a true “problem” in to a scalable Market with a suite of APIs that powers a Community of Shippers to deliver goods with great service and best price.

Our Solution Shippify is a Shipping & Logistic cloud based Platform for E-commerce Stores. Our API allow users to easily Integrate delivery Services into their Stores and mobile apps by just adding few lines of code they will have access to a community or shippers, taxi drivers, bikers and soon droids

Our advantages Easy and Friendly API to Integrate

Fully Friendly for business Owners with Real Time Metrics & Dashboard - low cost of implementation

Verified Shippers

Our Shippers , guarantee a package on your hands by our verified community of shippers (Taxi Driver, Bikers, Delivery Boys)

Packages on Demand

Every time you have a package ready to
 be shipped send a “pickup request” from mobile or web and our shippers will take care of your deliver.

The Market

Market opportunity Opportunity is Big , there´s a rise increase of E-commerce & Storefronts, Marketplaces, SMB in LATAM. Shipping is essential in their Supply Chain. There’s ton of innovation around all aspects of Ecommerce , payments, “It´s time for shipping logistics”

80 Billion Market Size

15 billion USD TAM

1.7 Million Sales by 

Product overview We are creating a powerful platform that offers real time technology - strong API and tools, to fully serve developers, entrepreneurs ,business owners needs, commerces in order to implement efficient shipping without complicated processes and efficient fees.


Notification System. Pick Me Up Technology

Real Time

Tracking System.

Delivery Verification

A real time logistics service

How will we make money?


3.2MM 1.7MM



Y1 - Focus in Local Brazilian Marketplaces , Consolidate with SMB Goal, at leas 1 Big E-commerce.5 Most Important Taxi Companies.


Y2 - Focus on Leader Marketplaces in Brazilian Market. Top 10. Learn from SMB Achieve Important Customers. Build Presence in Brazil, Mexico, Chile.



Y3 - Focus Mexico, Chile in SMB & Marketplaces and Commerces. Focus 100% in Sales and Partnerships.

Y4 Expand and Consolidate as the Leader Provider of Shipping and Logistics Services.

Business model

Freemiun Marketing

Y1 - Strategy Expansion Freemiun Business Model for Marketplaces & Commerces until certain number of packages using our API. Revenue will come from flat fees charged to Shippers on first instance taxi drivers using mobile APP.

Subscription Training

Y2 - Consolidation Business Model for New Marketplaces - will paid a Monthly fee for usage of our API based on a specific number of deliveries. Early stage Marketplaces will continue with same Model.

Freemiun + Assesment Subscription

Y3 - Consolidation Mixed business Model. Subscription and Freemium. We will create 3 or 4 plans according to the demand of packages delivered and few premium features focus on SMB.

Y4 Technology

Y4 Explore and constantly learn form users expand business division of shippers to , Droids and explore nontripulated devices.

Investing Production




$ 500 000 USD

20% Advertising & PR

10% Reserve


Deck shippify 2014a  
Deck shippify 2014a