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1)The writings of Hippocrates were preserved by

2)At the beginning of the 21st century approximately _______ _______ Americans do not have health insurance

3) The discoverer of vitamins A and B (which played an important role in the advancement of medicine of the 20th century)

4)The first incorporated hospital in the U.S. was founded in

5) The person often referred to as the first hospital administrator

6) The first psychiatric hospital founded in the U.S. was located in

7) As early as 1134 B.C. these ancient ruins demonstrate evidence that patients were being treated holistically

8) The inventor of the electrocardiograph, which marked the beginning of medicine in the 20th century

9) Two of the significant influences in the development o surgical procedures

10) Common law in the United States had its origins in

11) Body of law consisting of principles derived from judicial decisions

12) Extensive body of law issued by state or federal agencies to direct the enacted laws of the federal or state government.

13) Laws governing relationships between people

14) In common law, the term referring to that which has been acted on or decided by the courts

15) Federally sponsored health insurance program for persons over 65 years of age and certain disabled persons

16) The federal Food and Drug Administration is an agency within the

17) The U.S. Supreme Court consists of

18) Legal obligation that requires a person to conform to a specific standard of care to protect others

19) Liability of a manufacturer, seller, or supplier to a buyer or other third party for injuries sustained because of a defect in a product is called

20) The commission or omission of an act, as judged against the actions of a hypothetical “reasonably prudent person� is

21) The spoken form of defamation is

22) A defense in a case where the patient uses a product in a manner in which it was not intended to be used.

23) The improper performance of a legal act, resulting in injury to another is

24) Failure to act when there is a duty to act

25) Medical malpractice is negligence committed by a HSA 515 Midterm Exam Part 1

Hsa 515 midterm exam part 1  
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