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My Daily Routine

get up 起床する take a shower シャワーを浴びる brush my teeth 歯を磨く shave ひげを剃る get dressed 洋服を着替える wash my face 顔を洗う put on makeup 化粧をする brush my hair 髪をブラシでとかす put away the futon 布団をしまう have breakfast 朝食をとる watch the News ニュースを見る check my E-mail メールをチェック

surf the net ネットをする do the laundry 洗濯をする leave home 家を出る go to school 学校に行く go to work 仕事に行く go grocery shopping 買い物に行く come home 家に帰る have dinner 夕食をとる do homework 宿題をする get undressed 服を脱ぐ take a bath 風呂に入る go to bed 床につく

Before, After, When and While の使い方 After 名詞, + 文   ∼の後 After breakfast, I do the the laundry After work, I go grocery shopping

        朝食の後、洗濯をします 仕事の後、買い物に行きます

Before 名詞, + 文  ∼の前 Before breakfast, I get dressed Before school, I do my homework After that, + 文   その後に、∼ (I get dressed.) After that, I put away the futon Before that, + 文   その前に、∼ (I have breakfast) Before that, I surf the net.

朝食の前、着替えある 学校の前、宿題をする

  着替える。その後に、布団を片付ける 朝食をとる。その前に、ネットをする

After 文 + 文 ∼の後 After I have dinner, I do my homework


Before 文 + 文 ∼の前 Before I go to bed, I take a bath


When 文 + 文    ∼の時に When I get up, I feel tired When I go to work, I take the train

起きた時に疲れている 仕事に行く時に電車に乗る

While 文 + 文    ∼の間に While I have breakfast, I watch the news. While do my homework, I listen to the radio

朝食をとる時に、ニュースを見る 宿題をする時に、ラジオを聞く

Basic 2

Reading When I get up, I feel tired. After I get up, I usually take a shower and when I take a shower, I shave. After that, I get dressed and I put away my futon. Before I have breakfast, I do the laundry. While I eat breakfast, I watch the News. After that, I check my E-mail. I leave my house around 10 o clock and I go to work. Speaking Try to talk about your daily routine using after, before, when and while. After, before, when and whileを使って自分の日常生活を話してみましょう

B2 Daily routine  

daily routine in present tense

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