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Movies I love - Dead Poet Society One of my favorite movie is Dead Poet Society . The movie was released in 1989 and it was directed by Peter Wier. I watched it when I was in High School and really inspired me to think for myself. The story is about a teacher who begins teaching at an ultra conservative prep school. He inspires his students to think for themselves and not to just conform to the values and the ways that the adults have set for them; like getting into an prestigious university and getting respectable jobs as bankers, doctors, or lawyers. We often allow people to make decisions for us because it is easy and we don t have to take on any responsibility. Making a decision can be hard because we have to think for ourselves and take full responsibility for our action. When I was in High School, I watched this ďŹ lm and really made me think what I wanted to do with my life. The answer did not come so easily but this movie helped me to always think and learn when I did not know the answers to many of life s questions. I shared a lot of the feelings that the young men were going through. Anxiety about the future, falling in love, rebelling against parents and self discovery are some of the themes of this movie. I feel that we all go through this hard times in our life to become adults. For me the biggest problem I had growing up is trying to know what I wanted to do with my life. I struggled to understand who I was and what I needed to do? I felt that we are all here for a reason. We are put on this earth to do something special. I still believe that. There s a scene in the movie where the teacher, Robin Williams, throws a question to the students. Life is like a play and we are all actors in this play and we may contribute a verse. What will your verse be? I have watched this movie many times and it always made me think what is my verse in this play called life. This movie can be seen over and over and you still get something out of it. You can see parts of it on You Tube but I highly recommend that you see the movie in whole. The Japanese title is Ima wo ikiru . If you have a chance to watch it, tell me what you think. I love to talk about things that are inspiring.

inspired me


think for myself ultra conservative prep school conform  the adults have set for them prestigious respectable going through

自分で考える 超保守派の予備校 考え・方針などを順応させる 大人が決めつけたこと 一流の 尊敬すべき 困難・試練・つらいことなどを〕体験[経験]する






もがき, 必死の努力

contribute a verse


get something out of it


Questions When you were in high school did you think about your life? What kind of emotions does your high school life evoke(呼び起こす)? What were you concerned with in High School? Did you think about your future? Were you in love? If life is like a play, what will your verse be?

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